Streamline is an award-winning IT-driven software development and consulting firm, specializing in customized solutions for small to medium-sized healthcare organizations. Our approach towards design and development is grounded in the fundamental belief that systems succeed or fail based on how well they serve the people who depend upon them.

Our innovative solutions help clients easily adapt to the demands of fast-paced change driving the healthcare sector. We are best known for our development of Myoutcomes a powerful evidence-based therapeutic tool that won the United Kingdom’s Mental Health Innovation of the Year Award and has been validated in over 13 randomized clinical trials. Used in over 23 countries, MyOutcomes doubles the effectiveness of behavioral health treatments.

Our team of engineers, consultants and healthcare personnel are led by founders Chris Sherback, Farida contractor and Vic LeBouthillier.

Streamline supported by over 50 people working in our Canadian head office and our US office. Streamline has years of proven experience implementing successful projects for clients in the healthcare industry. We pride ourselves on the personal investment we make in each client’s operational and strategic goals—particularly in the area of improving patient outcomes—and our commitment to following through until those goals are met.

We encourage you to take a look at the many successful projects that we’ve delivered for organizations like yours. Please contact us to find out what Streamline can do for you .