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The demands of behavioral health care organizations to help more people has never been greater. Streamline works to support your organisation to ensure the utilization of advanced behavioral, social and neural sciences are being implemented. We accomplish this through the use of our MyOutcomes and The Resilient Mind products and other third party intellectual property.

The Resilient Mind (TRM) is a facilitated game played during lunch hours in the workplace for seven weeks with a group of 10 people. Tailored to train participants to build resilience, valuable mental health strategies are developed in a safe, non-judgmental and encouraging environment. Minimal work is required on the employer’s part to host a The Resilient Mind program. TRM is licenced to clinical groups who desire to offer resilience training to their clients.
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MyOutcomes is an advanced outcomes management solution that supports therapies effectiveness reporting and offers organizational end to end implementation. Over 13 randomized clinical trials indicate a doubling of effects size.
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