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    Discovery Workshops

    Shaping your ideas into tangible results, streamline helps you define the precise scope of work and actualize it in solution-oriented manner. Our discovery workshops have proven useful in reducing overall project costs, increase in production speed, minimal risks and challenges, and quick go-to-market.

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    and SRS

    We help to maximize the success potential of your project(s), by minimizing the oblivion right from inception. We believe in detailed, precise, self-explanatory wireframes to eliminate confusions. Our effective project management flows from the initial SRS Document- the spine of effective back-end development and front-end design.

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    Rapid POC

    Innovative projects can be tricky, especially with pressure around ROI and delivery timelines. Our solution architects and business analysts can help you check the feasibility, accelerate time-to-value, amplify team & project effectiveness, and make delivery more reliable. Working on the core concepts of your business the project goes through rapid concept testing before full scale solution for unlimited possibilities.

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    Go-to-Market MVP

    Balancing Risk to gain rewards, minimum viable product is a simplest core feature or functionality deployed to deliver high customer value. We help you define your early customer groups to estimate customer feedback in shortest possible time before further product development. With an ideal user-focused design approach Streamline can turn your high-risk investment into high ROI.

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    Our projects are divided into two parts Discovery & Implementation. Discovery is our chance to dig in and understand your business, your problems and your customers. We know exactly what problems we are trying to solve and a strategy plan outlining our recommended solutions – we call it the “Blueprint”

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    Give us 30 min of your time to draw your vision on paper, and we can save you anxiety and hundreds of hours of redevelopment time.

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