Our most popular tandem tripper. $275 cash only. 1986 built. Width: 36 gw / 36 mx / 32 wl. $275 cash only. Clear gel coat, bow slider, Kevlar portage yoke. This classic canoe is a must! Weight 55#. Pretty dusty in the pics because I haven't attempted to clean it yet, See the details and pics. Used Royalex & Kevlar Canoes For Sale available Sept 2020 Solo, Tandem, 3-Person, and 4-Person from Wenonah, Souris River and Northstar Call: 800-328-3325 | Email: Outfitting@gunflint.com Canoes must be picked up in the fall (mid September to early October 2020) or in the spring (late April If it is stored outside, store it upside down on saw horses or the like. The bow and stern height are kept low to catch less wind, and curved webbed seats offer a very comfortable, flexible seating option. Thanks so much! This hull isn’t flat across the bottom, and underway it rolls slightly side to side – but with a load, there is absolutely no instability. For a 17 ft long canoe! There are no ribs or foam core, only layer upon layer of unidirectional cloth. 18 foot fiberglass Sawyer Canoe for sale. For sale 1979 Sawyer Champion 1. The heat will raise the grain and restore the gunwale to its original shape). Toll-free 1.800.661.1429 Includes paddles and life jackets. There are many reasons to choose a Souris River: We use epoxy resin, which is many times stronger than the polyester and vinylester resins used by our competitors. Store your canoe out of direct sunlight. Remarkably maneuverable, yet reassuringly stable. Although this canoe is praised as a tripping canoe, it also makes a good family canoe because of its large capacity. compare. The boat that started it all, the original, the 17 Wenonah. Rated at 710 pound total capacity or 4 people and gear. For those that want significantly greater durability than StarLite, yet value a lightweight canoe. Add a footbrace if you want the ultimate river tripping canoe. Rob Roy E6 trim includes carbon gunwales; contoured foam seat; supportive backband mounted to white ash curved thwart; adjustable foot pedals; stem mounted tie down loops. A few simple steps will protect your investment for years of enjoyable paddling. Turns feel smooth and secure. Description. Proprietary carbon outer with Aramid reinforcements. Northstar Canoes will repair or replace hulls or components at our option. Lightweight, easy to maneuver. – Canoe & Kayak Magazine 17′ Prospector Water Test – May ‘99. It weighs just under 50lbs! Follow instructions on the packaging, and apply whenever water no longer beads on the hull. They are fast, stable, manoeuvrable and sea-worthy. Do not wax your canoe – wax increases friction. I’d willingly take it on an extended trip, where dryness is important. The EAGLES 17s' added length makes for a n even ore stable canoe with more gear carrying capacity. Like the Nova Craft version, Clipper’s Prospector 17 runs fairly close to the original design, with slight rocker for maneuverability, some flare for buoyancy and dryness, and a huge carrying capacity. Didn't see a lot of use during it's year. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for disposal. Great on river lake or Delta. But canoe is water tight with no leaks. Roof racks provide a safe, reliable and easy way to transport, if you read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The Prospector 17 is a favorite among both beginner and expert paddlers. Protect the hull with frequent applications of 303 Protectant, which slows UV damage and keeps the hull clean. Maybe you would also be interested in ... At Rutabaga Paddlesports we have been selling kayaks and canoes online for over a decade. Re-oiling is necessary when the gunwales feel rough or appear dry. Full outwales mean a stiffer and drier canoe. Gibsons, BC – Canada’s Ocean Going Canoe Capital, Contoured Yoke (Standard On All Kevlar®/Duraflex Models), Kevlar®/Duraflex with White or Yellow Gelcoat: 70 lbs, Kevlar®/Duraflex with White or Yellow Gelcoat: $3,450 CAD. Motor and gear) This is an older canoe. for sliding seats). If you like whitewater, this canoe will give you some play when loaded for a long river trip. A foam floor and ribs are laminated between layers of Kevlar, providing extra rigidity-extra noticeable after paddling Royalex canoes for an afternoon. A big issue for any wilderness tripping canoe is how dry it carries a load. We believe that we build the best composite canoes on the market. It is in decent shape with one repair (can't see it in the miserable photos). Both have comfort handles. Needs minor repair. Already customized by Killarney Outfitters with extra Kevlar felt skid plates both bow and stern, Note that fine grit sandpaper requires frequent replacement. You won't believe how light this thing is. We are also a top, *Image shows boat with optional black gunwales, 220 West Broadway Avenue Madison, WI 53716, - Curved Web Seats (Not avail. Cruiser 17'9" Asking $700 or best offer thanks Sorry I do not have any accessories for the canoe. It is one of the easiest paddling, most responsive canoes I’ve been in. We believe that we build the best composite canoes on the market. The Prospector 17 has become the first choice of many experienced paddlers. Use either gel coat or resin to reseal. Inspect gunwales, yoke, thwarts, seats, drops and decks for loose hardware. Our test canoe was outfitted with tractor-style seats, which were comfortable, but standard cane or web seats are also available. For a 17 ft long canoe!You won't believe how light this thing is. The rear seat is set quite far back, which adds storage space. Any person using Northstar Canoes or accessories assumes the risks inherent with the use of any watersports product – and assumes all responsibility for damages, injury or death which results from the use of any Northstar product. Shake the can of Watco thoroughly. Length 18'6" very fast, very light, best offer over stated price. The Prospector 17 is a favorite among both beginner and expert paddlers. On both the river and the lake, I had to monitor steering more than I am used to in a touring canoe. Watco also provides UV protection. Prospector 17. Does not include Scotty mounts in picture. If your rails have been severely weathered you will need to purchase a wood cleaner and scrub the gunwales thoroughly with it (hint: if the gunwales are dented, you can boil water, soak rags in the water and place the hot rags on the gunwale. 2394 Highway 11 North, Combines the stiffness of carbon fiber and the excellent tensile strength of Aramid. Color: Northstar proprietary Aramid weave. A bow sliding seat helps trim the canoe and puts the bow paddler in the most comfortable paddling position. But was lake used and doesn’t have the nasty keel wear from being dragged on rocks. -- Last Updated: Oct-02-14 4:00 PM EST -- I'm looking at a 1988 model Mohawk 17 ft. Kevlar 49. 2 seats. Our most popular tandem tripper. Our full wet vacuum bag and foam core allows us to artfully balance strength and weight. Gunwales and decks have received three coats of Watco Exterior Natural Oil. I do not have a lot of knowledge about canoes and we're looking to sell my Sawyer Cruiser that has been hanging in storage for over 25 years. We carefully adjusted trim to improve tracking and although handling improved, it still demanded attention. Looking for 14 - 16' light canoe. Wenonah Canoe - Boundary Waters 17' Kevlar Ultra-Light. For over 30 years, Souris River Canoes has been perfecting the creation of wilderness tripping canoes made with duPont™ KEVLAR® fibre. Remarkably maneuverable, yet reassuringly stable. Repeated testing has convinced us that Watco Exterior Natural is the longest lasting and best performing wood oil available. Exterior resin coated for maximum weight savings. When other canoes are wind-bound you’ll enjoy the thrill of playing in the waves. It has wonderful aesthetic shape, wonderful aesthetic shape, workmanship is all-around excellent, and seats and foot braces provide a most comfortable ride. The 17-footer [Prospector] made available for this review was constructed in the company’s standard Kevlar® layup. Looking for 14 - 16' light canoe. You may use gel coat on a non-gel coated canoe. The 17-footer [Prospector] made available for this review was constructed in the company’s standard Kevlar® layup. This is a boat that accepts mountains of gear, and even with the heavy load, I could see about eight inches of freeboard through the translucent Kevlar lay-up. Even heavily loaded, the moderately rockered Prospector cuts a fine eddy turn if you slow the approach and give the hull time to work the current differential. We believe that we build the best composite canoes on the market. Though not as light as some other Kevlar-based laminates (Clipper also offers an ultralight version, as well as one made of fiberglass), it is a very durable layup and was by far the stiffest boat paddled for this review (remember, stiffness equals less effort!). This canoe has no leaks, good condition, some minor detail and a good home will do. If you do not own a roof rack system use a foam block kit and carefully follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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