MOW - Alabama Division Track Supervisor Trainee Chattanooga, TN Area 2021. Alabama Power, as the largest subsidiary of the Southern Company, has its hydroelectric plants based mainly around the rivers of Tallapoosa, Coosa and Black Warrior. There are over 560 alabama power … If you are not a U.S. (7) Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law, council members may vote for themselves for the offices of president and president pro tempore of the council. f. Recommend to the council such actions as the mayor deems desirable. You will need a driving license as travel will be required. Meter Mechanic – The primary responsibilities of a Meter Mechanic are to test the equipment to ensure that they are usable and pass all necessary performance and quality standards. If the vacated term has less than one year remaining, then the remaining members of the council shall appoint a successor at any regular meeting by a majority vote of those members voting. Mechanics also carry out maintenance to customers’ meters by troubleshooting and fixing issues. Why do you want to work here? For more information, see the, Create Job Alert for Alabama Power Jobs Jobs, Landscape Field Manager - Bessemer/Birmingham, Entry Level Federal Consultant - Huntsville, AUSTIN, DALLAS, HOUSTON, CHICAGOLAND, TENNESSEE, ALABAMA, GEORGIA, VIRGINIA, FLORIDA. We have 65 power units that range from late model 75 mph…. Appoint and remove, when necessary for the good of the service, all officers and employees of the city subject to the provisions of c. Appoint those members of municipal boards which are subject to appointment by the mayor of other mayor-council municipalities organized under Chapter 43, Title 11. d. Exercise administrative supervision and control over all officers, employees, offices, departments, and agencies of the municipality or hereafter created by council, except those otherwise given independent status;  and subject to any civil service or merit system law in effect in such municipality. (4) All legislative powers of the city, including all powers vested in it by this chapter, by the laws, general and local, of the state, and by the Code of Alabama 1975, as amended, and the determination of all matters of legislative policy shall be vested in the council. Interview types will differ depending on the position you apply for with your Alabama Power application, but you should prepare yourself by practicing common questions. How old do you have to be to work at Alabama Power? How do you cope working under strict deadlines? Firefox, or There are options for outdoor lighting either for decorative or security purposes. The best way to apply is to submit an Alabama Power job application online. Prioritize equity and justice within the overall work of the Alabama chapter and maintain relationships with Sierra Club groups across Alabama.

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