She understands probably better the games that the boys have been playing that she was always fighting against in the first two seasons. Alana Bloom. And we wanted that fade to black on the stag, the stag heaving its last breath, to be emblematic that this is the end of this chapter of the Hannibal/Will Graham relationship. From the above-mentioned Season 2 trailer, it also looks like she might play a large part in taking down Hannibal himself.

We knew [from the season premiere] what was going to happen to Jack Crawford, but here comes Alana Bloom into the scenario, and then, you know, we’d say “six weeks earlier…” As we got into Episode 7, though, it felt like we were so much in the Miriam Lass world, and so intrinsically tied into Dr. Chilton’s story and Will Graham’s release, [the scene of Alana’s fall] felt out of place. Even her appearance and style have changed.. heavy make up, a more vampy tailored look, even her hair went from a more natural look to a show biz look. What’s interesting is that she’s not just destroyed by the whole thing. Bryan’s take on it was that she had always probably been bisexual, but we had just not heard about it. But she has to do what she has to do now. Fishburne is excellent as Jack decides to guide her gently through the door rather than have her suffer her way through to whatever may await. She’s willing to do her part to get him to the stage. A woman she arguably just met to save her from her brother. Do they want him to die?

Jack claims he’s let everything go. It makes sense, and I like that the women come together against the brother. TVLINE | So, if Hannibal hadn’t gotten the whiff of Freddie Lounds on Will’s skin, would he have wound up behind bars? Freddie (Lara Jean Chorostecki) has kind of a Gale Weathers thing going on — she's scrappy, nosy, and will most likely take a while to die, if she does at all. Sitemap | Yeah, actually, in a way, very much so. Is it almost like playing a new character? But he changed so much. Edit take 2: so sorry for not tagging with with the spoilers thing... Well it was a 3-year gap from being a timid, caring professor to an intimidating head of a criminally insane facility and a mother of an empire heir. It’s demonstrative of Gillian’s dedication to the show, and it was so nearly not going to happen. Loved it too. Now she knows she has something to repair and that she may lose her life in the making. And I want to continue exploring what that’s like for Hannibal. Everything has to have that dream-like quality. Because I do believe that Bedelia is perhaps the smartest person on the show, and certainly enough to hold her wits against Hannibal Lecter. Brooke Palmer/NBC. Knowing Hannibal had worked very hard to create this alternate reality where Abigail lived, and where [all three] go on as a family in the shadow of horrible, horrible deeds, it felt like for Hannibal, after this betrayal, he would not be able to go on with Abigail.

She’ll alter her ways of navigating through the dark waters of her job. I think she is absolutely where she has chosen to be, and how she made that choice is the hinge of Episode 1, Season 3. She was so symbolic of his relationship with Will. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Laurence Fishburne and Gina Torres have consistently impressed in translating their real-life relationship to onscreen chemsitry throughout Hannibal, but it reaches a heartbreaking climax in “Aperitivo.” Bella is knocking on death’s door, but rather than being slaughtered in a bloody or grotesque tableaux, as so many victims have on the show, her death is a surprisingly peaceful one.

So a new section of her comes to life and she starts manipulating more, and using her femininity and playing games in order to get what she wants and to protect the people that she wants to protect now. Margot Verger (wife, Katharine Isabelle, recurring 9 episodes), Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen, main cast 39 eps), Will Graham (Hugh Dancy, main cast 39 episodes). As Will comes into the church to honor Bella’s life, the grieving husband tells Will that he knows what’s coming for him, but that Will doesn’t have to die on him too. He shook things up to the core and he certainly did that with Alana as well. There’s something about her that happened to her where she’s not afraid to die anymore; she knows what she has to do. Amber Dowling, [Warning: This story contains spoilers from Thursday's episode Hannibal, "Aperitivo."]. At the moment we left all of these characters, they were still alive. Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) might die in Season 2's finale, Freddie (Lara Jean Chorostecki) has kind of a Gale Weathers, she flipped out and shot Dr. Frederick Chilton. With Margot ,she’s probably more careful even though we won’t be seeing much of that.

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