Here’s a particularly clear badger path. Point pattern analysis revealed significant over‐dispersion of main setts at scales <570 m in both urban and rural areas (Table 4; Fig. Some have up to 300m of tunnels – far more than rabbits or foxes. I’m trying to find out where the oldest recorded badger sett in the country is. Rather than looking at random, there are a couple of things that will help you. One way to tell that you are following a badger path is to look for tracks – often a difficult challenge in a wood. I actually thought long and hard before posting the guide, what with the possibility of badger persecution When you roll a badger hair between your fingers it feels irregular rather than round. Anyway, first things first. 20% of clan members were responsible for 60%-90% of the digging and bedding Should we now go into the wood and start looking for holes? 4b). they look too big to be rabbit or fox holes. The path goes over a fallen tree and badgers have left clear claw marks as they climbed over. Oxford university found that, in their area,

My boss said it is probably a badger sett. I almost stepped in a large pile of it yesterday, in the lane to Hoo Wood, just outside my house. badgers will sometimes make setts in clay, if they can't find anywhere Over time they can re-shape whole sections of hillside and some of the spoil heaps can be very impressive indeed. I saw all of these signs when out in the woods and got so ridiculously over excited every time i saw them so again thank you so much.

The hole has been blocked with leaves etc from inside. at the end of a tunnel. Smooth a patch of loose earth outside the holes. My first question would be whether it is active – whether there are any animals in residence. Here’s another example. This is consistent with evidence that badgers sometimes make vigorous attempts to regain access to a closed sett, and that closure of main setts has a poorer record of success in urban than in rural areas (Ward, 2007). ‘Point pattern’ indicates whether setts were significantly over‐dispersed (O), significantly under‐dispersed (U), or not significantly different from complete spatial randomness (NS). 9, The influence of public access and sett visibility on badger (, Predicting distribution and density of European badger (, Food habits and habitat selection of suburban badgers (, Badger density and distribution of setts in Białowieża Primeval Forest (Poland and Belarus) compared to other Eurasian populations, Seasonal and spatial pattern of shelter use by badgers, Spatial organization and territorial behavior of European badger, The environmental impact of badgers and their setts, Changes in size, status, and distribution of badger, The second‐order analysis of stationary point processes, The demography of a high density badger (, Distribution and population density of badgers, Changes in the British badger population, 1988 to 1997. The use of military bunkers by the European badger and red fox in Western Europe. heaps, and the sett generally looks well used. often formed in a widening of a tunnel. Among this material may be found old bedding material, stones with characteristic heavy scratch-marks, and sometimes even the bones of long-dead badgers cleared out by later generations. Sett tunnels are usually between 0.5 to 2 metres (1.6 to 6.6 ft) beneath the ground, and they incorporate larger chambers used for sleeping or rearing young. the open. Monitoring of the sett was then required in order to determine the level of badger activity and the sett type. The other, simpler way is with a track trap. After all, badgers are still persecuted in some parts of the country, and I don’t want to make it any easier for someone with bad intentions to find badger setts. Badgers do not It cannot be assumed that sett use is similar for both urban and rural badgers, because there is evidence that ranging, territorial and social behaviour differ between the two environments (Harris, 1984; Cresswell & Harris, 1988; Davison, 2007). I’ve never seen a honey badger, but they have a fierce reputation. Tunnels can be four metres deep, though most Badgers use dung as a territory marker, so you will often find dung pits on badger paths around the edge of their territory. Number of times cited according to CrossRef: Diet of the European badgers (Meles meles) in urban and rural areas of Norway. outside the hole, have no obvious path connecting them with another I have recently watched a badger attacking my chickens and we have even lost a few ducks which i think was probably the same badger, is this normal behaviour or do i have a rouge badger, I have been living in the countryside for 7 years and though the fox has done a few I was amazed to see the badger at it!! (i do hope so). More importantly, is there any chance (or risk) that there are young badgers in the sett? Very true, as I found out from experience. hi ya. Please consider joining or donating to the local trail association to support. Actually it might scare me too so I’d like to be prepared! The sett will Many generations of badgers have lived in these setts. abandoned mine workings and Remember that badgers prefer a slope, so concentrate on areas of sloping ground, particularly on the outskirts of the wood. The remaining seven badgers spent between 2 and 42% of days (mean for all badgers=8% of days) at between 1 and 4 outliers (mean for all badgers=0.9 outliers; Table 3). Badger setts are made up of an extensive system of tunnels and chambers that may have up to 10 or more entrances.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Badgers will cover a territory with a radius of 300-500m from their sett. side of a hill, or in a bank. The distinction between main setts and outliers is crucial in the application of damage mitigation procedures because destruction of a main sett is likely to have more serious consequences for the resident badgers than destruction of an outlier. Water drains away better on a slope, and Badger Sett Trail Reports. On the other hand, emergency refuges or minimizing travel through dangerous areas may be especially important in urban habitats, where humans, traffic and dogs are commonly encountered. hedgerows are good places to find badger setts, but badgers will also

size of the territory, the size of the clan a food availability. Rabbits will often dig shallow scrapes, but rabbit scrapes are usually oval whilst badger snuffle holes are more conical. On hearing the racket the other night we put the light on outside to find a badger. not usually a problem in the UK, tunnels are normally dug below the level at I’ve also seen a few setts that are in the roots at the base of a large tree. Whilst I am yet to capture any footage of cubs.

And I’m still not sure about annexe setts and how they relate to main setts.

Thanks again for all your invaluable information , What a great site. My first thought was either foxes or badgers and with the size and speed of digging I now am leaning towards Badger, there are 2 downsides to this being a sett, one it is in a playground and secondly the school keep chickens in a run less than 2 metres away from this dig! We have lots of rabbits and deer but these holes look different from rabbit holes and I cannot see any traces of rabbit dropings- there usually are some when rabbits have been scrabbing around. filled with bedding materials to keep the badger insulated, off the wet soil Your site has been really useful and inspirational! Nonetheless, it is clear that not all urban habitat is suitable for badgers, because setts were absent from large parts of Swindon and Hastings (Fig. It can be very hard to tell them apart. Inside a sett the nests are lined with a bedding of dry grass, leaves, and moss. I know of two setts in school grounds around here where the kids and badgers seem to get on fine (badgers being nocturnal, and kids not, they don’t ever meet). of different sizes and types are built according to the same Thanks for the great photos etc. Hope this helps.

This is true even if the outside In the urban areas studied here, surveyors were also able to distinguish main setts from outliers on the basis of external criteria such as the number of entrances, signs of use and size of spoil heaps. back down into his den. Foxes do bring food back to their den and we’re in the peak time for the birth of fox cubs now, so there may be a lady fox underground. Very large

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