No trauma for the child: Coming through the birth canal is quite an arduous process for a baby, who often comes out with an elongated or slightly misshapen head. These increases are due, in part, to the growing number of women who are denied the opportunity to have a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) through similarly discriminatory VBAC bans. .

But don’t lie to moms about what this entails.

idiots. You can very often tell who had a C-Section without asking because of how it leaves moms. I would have felt like a failure if I couldn’t deliver my son naturally. There are two ways in which a woman can deliver a baby – naturally (vaginally) or through a cesarean section also called c-section. “Many of these women are being pressured or bullied into first-time and repeat cesareans, and to doubly inflict them by leaving them without health insurance is offensive.” Clearly this type of practice potentially affects a very large number of women now and in the future as the cesarean rate continues to climb and the vaginal birth after cesarean rate continues to decline. I felt very little pain afterwards, where as with my c-section the incision area hurt for over a year! Elective Caesarean section or a C-section refers to a caesarean section which is performed on a pregnant female before the onset of labor. i have had two kids and no episiotomys i think this article is crap if you have to have a c-section fine but dont opt for one because your too lazy to deliver your own baby! The new ruling also requires doctors to justify why they have to perform a C-section delivery. All rights reserved to Urban Mamaz 2018-2020©, Addicted to jewels! The squeezing that happens to the baby is intense, but it is vital to the baby’s future health. In the US, this method is used in one out of four births. The benefits of a cesarean section (c-section) are: There are some cases in which doctors recommend c-section before the delivery date due to medical reasons similar to the health of the mother or the baby. Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms, Week by Week Pregnancy Guide, The Benefits Of A Cesarean Section Delivery, Managing Skin Pigmentation Changes During Pregnancy, 9 Best Educational Resources on What to Expect Before Giving Birth, Medical Situations That Call For C-Section Instead Of Vaginal Delivery, C-Section vs Normal Delivery-Pros and Cons, The Amazing Benefits of Hypnosis in Labour,,, When will people realize DRs and hospitals make more money on doing fast c-sections, that’s why its promoted. The chemical and hormonal changes that occur during labour cause the baby to stop breathing in amniotic fluid, and the fluid that is there gets absorbed leaving the lungs drier at birth.

ALSO SEE: 10 tips to help prevent a C-section. Win 1 of 3 personalised cartoon character range vouchers from NetFlorist valued at R2 500! In light of this, one has to consider whether a C-Section is best for baby. It is also true that c-section pain is much easier to predict than labor pain. Since labor pains can extend over a long period of time, it can be a harrowingly difficult and painful time for a woman. Others might crop up just before or during labour where the benefits of elective C-section far outweigh the risks of complications.

The contractions stimulate the baby and fluids are squished out of belly and lungs in the “fetal heimlich” as the body is birthed.

This is because there may be a risk of uterine scarring and rupture during natural childbirth. – i am 20 yrs old. Risks of C-sections. Very small cosmetic impact with the modern cesarean which all happens below the bikini line. Babies’ heads are designed to be molded and squished in birth and the baby benefits from the rhythmic contractions and last squeeze in being born vaginally.

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This is less predictable, as it may be the middle of the night and the preferred medical team might be unavailable. Who’s trying to look after each other and who’s just after a new member for their faffy pregnancy bulldust club? Instruct the nurses not to give your baby formula or sugar water. Dr. Susanna Huh, director of the growth and nutrition programme at the Children’s Hospital in Boston, and an assistant professor of paediatrics at Harvard Medical School, said that differences in gut bacteria between babies delivered vaginally and via C-Section may be significant. Remember even in a vaginal delivery there is usually an episiotomy performed so there are those stitches to deal with. The Benefits of C-Section. By Kate Sidley. However, it has not been eliminated. C-section benefits include decrease in stress incontinence, leaky urine and stool and uterine prolapse. A number of studies have noted that these children are at greater risk for asthma and allergic rhinitis. It is absolutely true that c-sections are MUCH safer than they were in the past. ), The Best Baby Gifts Post COVID-19 (revealed). . A C-Section is usually scheduled to take place 7-10 days before the due date, around 39 weeks. Within a couple of days I could move from laying down to sitting up without assistance, and within a week I could do that with little pain., * Schedule your c-section for as late in pregnancy as possible. However, after birth the baby must start to breathe air, and this is more difficult if there’s still a lot of fluid in the lungs. The benefits of a cesarean section (c-section) are: No fear of perineal tears; Bleeding is steady in the first few days after Caesarean section compared to a standard delivery; No loss of urine when suddenly coughing, laughing or sneezing; Less chance of pelvic floor damage; The baby does not suffer any trauma during cesarean section, because a pair of tweezers …

Oh, and by the way, with my vaginal babies who were over 9 pounds, I did not have episiotomies and I did not tear either. Occasionally, delivery is scheduled earlier for medical reasons. Babies breathe amniotic fluid in and out of their lungs in utero, which is important for the normal development of the lungs.

this website should be ashamed of themselves for promoting elective c-sections!! This world is sick, and so is this article. Consider these reasons as well as the risk involved. The question is whether this method is suitable for you. This is a ridiculous post and it is irresponsible to leave it up on this website, as filled with false health information as it is. God, or science, whatever you believe in created it this way. This piece is in no way meant to belittle or in any way try to disparage the primacy and value of a natural vaginal delivery; merely to present a point of view that is not commonly expressed and which we feel that women have the right to hear as well. The main risks for the baby are injury and breathing problems if the childbirth has occurred before the due date. If the baby is not in the natural position for birth with its head down, in case of breech baby position,  and the due date is approaching, this method will be suggested to the pregnant woman. Thanks to the advancement in modern medicine the level of risk for the mother and the baby during a c-section has been reduced to the possible minimum.

take a parenting class, learn about labor and delivery and you will do just fine with a vaginal birth! Our experienced editors work with trained journalists and qualified experts to compile accurate, insightful and helpful information about pregnancy, birth, early childhood development and parenting. There is of course the pain of an abdominal surgery to overcome, but after the first few days the pain is very manageable in most cases. In any case proponents of a C section will tell you that with this form of delivery you know the amount and duration of pain, whereas with a vaginal delivery you don’t know how long and severe your labor will be. Guess I ‘ll never know, as if it wasn’t hard enough already without more righteous crap from the judgey mushers. im 8 mnths pregnant now and have to have a c section for this child due to health related issues on my behalf.

This page contains affiliate links meaning I may earn a commission if you use them. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news,  updates, and cute blog giveaways! Differences in gut bacteria are thought to play a role in the elevated risk of asthma among children delivered via C-Section. A C section is over in a matter of some minutes. By two weeks I was out of bed and able to care for my baby on my own, though my doctor still advised taking it easy.

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