They will be flead if necessary, and they come with a comprehensive brochure, covering their food requirements,  litter,  vaccinations,  microchipping,  do's and dont's etc., regarding the new bub. For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari. We are registered breeders with Cats NSW Inc. and follow their code of ethics. We are happy to take video and photos of your prospective new baby, and we can arrange contactless delivery within Victoria for an additional fee and Interstate (flight availability allowing). Are you a future kitten owner? Towards the end of 2006 we purchased Tijah Dakota Red who was our first stud cat. Overseas enquiries are welcome. Most Successful Abyssinian/Somali Breeder at the Show, Website designed and maintained by Wendy Newton 2007-2018. Please contact us if you would like to be placed on the waiting list for a kitten. Look at pictures of Bombay kittens who need a home. Further information on my kittens can be found by scrolling down below. The implications for their socialisation and social referencing is huge and will affect them (and you) for the rest of their life. In 2018, we have entered a new era with our studs: Swift Taj Burrow, Cenglow Rapid and 'George'. Follow-up advice on any aspect of their welfare is available at all times. I firmly believe in desexing kittens and cats, to protect our wildlife and avoid territorial fighting. "Cat/Kitten - not to be transferred, entire, without my permission -  and the kitten will be  priced according. Anything Look…Weird? ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Jazz was the Abyssinian Breeder Cat of the Year for 2010. By the end of that year we had decided that we wanted to breed Abyssinian cats and acquired our first queen, Nile Runcible Cat, Billie. Our cats and kittens are inside pets and new owners are reminded that they are not to be let outside unsupervised or left to roam. Visit the Cheshire Cat (Large files best viewed with Safari) Welcome to Swift Abyssinians' website. Meow! They are fed fresh cubed beef,  fresh chicken drumsticks,  plus the bone,  fresh cubed beef,  lamb or chicken hearts,  cooked fish,  plus other necessary ingredients to produce healthy meals. They are litter trained from 5 weeks of age,  once they start on solids and mum starts weaning them. I have a litter of Burmese due in a couple of weeks,  but there are a few already ordered,  so it will depend on the number of bubs she has. This is precautionary only,  and not harmful to the bubs. My kittens, sold as pets,  are always desexed,  even though this is not a requirement of QFA. Why buy a Bombay kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Results 1 - 1 of 1. I have an extremely reliable Pet Transport Company that I have been using for many, many years. When researching from where to adopt a pedigree Abyssinian kitten make sure you adopt one that is house born and raised. It prevents them having upset stomachs leading to diarrhoea. View all Cat Breeders in Sydney. My kittens, sold as pets, are always desexed, even though this is not a requirement of QFA. The kittens are wormed regularly from 4 weeks of age. Adult cats need more time to settle into a new home. Jazz followed who was a fantastic addition to our showing and breeding program. Mandalay Cat Breeders (formerly Australian Bombay) - Sydney. About; Grants; Contact; Resources; Kidney Disease: Chronic Renal Breeder of blues, bi-colours, tri-colours (calico) and lilac's. Jazz was the Abyssinian Breeder Exhibit of the Year in 2008 and a CCCA Champion. They recover from flights quickly,  especially when getting plenty of cuddles after their arrival in their new home. ___________________________________________________________________ Below is a selection of search results matching: Mandalay Cat Breeders (formerly Australian Bombay) Sydney . Royal Canin Baby Cat,  Royal Canin Exigent Aroma,  Royal Canin Oral and Advance Kitten,  but I limit this,  as I prefer they eat fresh food. I have a Bombay girl due to come into season shortly,   so her bubs will also be available in a few months time. Extra costs are incurred for overseas orders,  due to AQIS requirements and extra vet visits, phone calls, travel,  etc.,  but are kept to a minimum. Coca Cola. As a mix with their fresh food,  they start of with Royal Canin Baby Cat tins and Royal Canin Kitten sachets, and they also like Felix packets when older. We only have 3 to 5 litters of kittens over the whole year. If, for some valid reason,  the kitten is sold as a potential show cat or breeder, it will be fully  vaccinated,  microchipped and registered , and restrictions and further information will be added to the registration papers, e.g. We are a very small scale breeder so that all our animals are able to receive the love and attention they deserve. We are located in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, Australia. If the kitten being purchased is be desexed at a later date,  for whatever reason,  it will be at my discretion. At certain times of the year,  when birds are more prevalent,  my bubs are given one dose of Baycox to combat any incidence of Coccidiosis. We are registered breeders with Cats NSW Inc. and follow their code of ethics. INFORMATION ON COLOUR IN THE BURMESE. We are located in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, Australia. Swift Abyssinians aim to breed active, healthy Abyssinian cats with good temperaments as pets. Persian ... Toothache and Tooth Decay in Cats Browse Bombay kittens for sale & cats for adoption. Torties come in Brown, Chocolate, Lilac, Blue,  and are only ever females. Solid coloured Burmese come in Brown (brown body, the colour of Club (Dark) Chocolate),  Chocolate (the body is colour of Milk Coffee with darker brown points), Lilac, (a pale whitish/cream colour body with pale mauve|grey points),  Blue  (a very light silvery grey body), Red (cream body with pale red points) and Cream (similar to red). Please remember all cats are inside pets. Pedigree Burmilla and Mandalay kittens for sale in Wallan, Melbourne from registered breeders Miamber and Blacklglama, breeding exquisite silvers and glossy black mini panthers at Premier breeders of pedigree kittens for pet, show or breeding They can,  and have regularly been freighted to all parts of Australia and overseas. Our Burmilla and Mandalay kittens are special. They are rare, stunningly beautiful to look at and touch, affectionate and loyal. They will also be desexed. Kittens are Registered with Queensland Feline Association, with a name of your choice where possible. We started showing our Abyssinian neuter, Cenglow Swift in 2005. .................................................................................... It also means they are exposed to the noise of washing machines, vacuum cleaners and the coming and going of people. Visit the Cheshire Cat (Large files best viewed with Safari). They are never sedated,  as animals prefer to be fully aware of their surroundings,  when travelling. For more contact details and online enquiry go to: I'm sorry,  but I don't have any Burmese or Bombay bubs available at the moment. Look at pictures of Bombay kittens who need a home. My BURMESE  bubs are $1100.00. My kittens have been freighted to all parts of Australia,  and to overseas countries. We raise our kittens in our home so they get all the love and attention they need. They will have had 2 vaccinations, (F3 only, not F4 or 5) ,  will be microchipped , and Registered with QFA. Queen of Cataristocrat: These breeders may advertise litters for sale. Sorted by how far the business is from your location. T/A Berryman Media (NZ). Best Abyssinian/Somali Exhibit in Rings 4 & 5, 6th Best Abyssinian/Somali Exhibit in Ring 1, 3rd, Best & Best Abyssinian/Somali Entire Cat. Miamber & Blackglama are registered with the Feline Association of South Australia. Please remember all cats are inside pets. bombay cat breeders nsw. Kittens are Registered with Queensland Feline Association, with a name of your choice where possible. My BOMBAY bubs are $1500.00   They will be desexed , microchipped,  will have had 2 vaccinations,  2 Vet checks, and will be Registered with QFA . I start them on dry after weaning,  e.g. If you are looking for that special and unique companion, reared in our lap to take its place in your heart, then look no further................. Miamber & Blackglama is a Royal Canin fed cattery, we would like to thank Royal Canin for their spomsorship and support. I firmly believe in desexing kittens and cats,  to protect our wildlife  and avoid territorial fighting. Samples of food that they're used to, and litter that they use will be supplied if the kitten is purchased locally. Before they go to their new homes,  they will be vet checked at a local Registered Veterinary Surgery, for health and wellbeing. Covid 19 Restrictions mean we will not be allowing visitors to our home. A breeder cat has a different personality than a domestic pet cat. We started showing our Abyssinian neuter, Cenglow Swift in 2005. The breeders shown are members of DOGS NSW and registered owners of purebred dogs who have chosen to be showcased in our online breeder directory. He performed very well on the show bench being awarded multiple Best in Show awards as well as receiving the higher award of Best Exhibit. Taj was Supreme Cat at the 2018 & 2019 Abyssinian Breeder Show while Swift Abyssinians was most successful breeder. Kittens travel very well. My Brochure that is supplied to new owners covers all aspects of the procedures quoted above. When cats leave our home they are microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas. Disclaimer: The owner of this website does not represent that … Being an inside pet does not deprive cats of a good life; it prevents them from being lost, stolen or run over and protects the wildlife. All breeding cats are PRA normal and PK deficiency free. Bombay Kittens for Sale in Australia on . They lived engaging in natural sexual behavior for a long time and their personality has already developed, unlike a kitten which can be easily trained. Also, we hope to produce some breeding and show quality cats. from cats? They are wormed and flead regularly.

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