The size and light weight make the little Charter relatively easy to carry, but it has brutal recoil. Ooo-rah, Marine. I want to mention the recoil on this little revolver is stout but with correct technique and range time, it can be managed. As with any firearm, you would need to spend the time at the range getting acquainted with it becoming proficient enough to run the gun with confidence, and with a revolver with such recoil, you will need to put the time in. Ooo-rah, Marine. I would not call them "junk" but they certainly aren't Tier 1 handguns. Enter your email address to subscribe and receive notifications by email. Accuracy is about what you’d expect from any gun of this size. No issues. If you still feel you are qualified to post in those subforums, please contact "Shane Tuttle" (the mod for that portion of TFL) via Private Message for assistance. The accuracy was astounding. Safety Bulletin for certain Ruger American Pistols chambered in 9mm. I had a orginal CA undercover. If you still feel you are qualified to post in those subforums, please contact "Shane Tuttle" (the mod for that portion of TFL) via Private Message for assistance. The Undercoverette is a nice touch too, shooting .32 H&R Magnum. Hopefully,Hi-Point can get Charter 2000 fixed.

Same here Sig. I have “Bear Loads” but don’t really shoot them that often. I guess they are for competitive shooters. They also make it a viable self defense gun. This email contact address is not an "Ask the Firearms Expert" service.

I did find speed loaders for it that can be worn on a finger. Found the gun thus far (300-400 rounds) to be well built, solid in all respects, and no issues. This Mag Pug revolver provides 5 rounds of powerful .357 Magnum stopping power but is …

with the hammer shrouds. I really like the On Duty Magnum Pug, or .38 Spcl. Copyright Complaints: Please direct DMCA Takedown Notices to the registered agent: I’m ordering one of these to include in my back woods bush flying survival/floatation vests. Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates.

I have had several undercovers and pugs years ago and never had a problem. I am glad son found the mag pug so I would not feel the need to turn the DW into a 4 in barrel carry gun. Forget the commercial .41 special ammo-its a hybrid. I bought my speed loaders from 5 Star and my holster from TAGUA for a SP101 which also fits Charter arms. After about 75 rounds thru the gun, factory ammo, nothing too hot or abusive, and the trigger will go back about 1/2 of the way, and the hammer stops 3/4 way - it jams. These helped some with the recoil. I bought my Bulldog back in 1974 when they first came on the market. Unless you just have to buy one due to financial circumstance, I stay away from all Charter Arms and Rossi handguns. I put 10 rounds through it at 10 yards just to get a feel for it.

While the .357 Magnum was a little stout in this small revolver the over-molded … In beautiful shape and was built in their original factory. Weight: 23 ounces Finish: Stainless Frame: Stainless steel Grip: Full Barrel length: 2.5″ Capacity: 5-shot Caliber: .41 Mag Hammer: Standard MSRP: $423. If you have a firearm related question, please register and post it on the forums. Today there are 13 models of Charter Arms revolvers, including the Undercover, Undercover Lite, Undercoverette, Bulldog, Pathfinder, Chic Lady, Southpaw, Pitbull, Mag Pug, Police Undercover, Police Bulldog, On Duty and Off Duty. The gun is built on the same frame as the Undercover; it has a shortened cylinder, a 3 inch barrel, and an adjustable rear sight. with the hammer shrouds.

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