It represents an area one inch long, by one inch wide, by one inch deep. Horsepower is a measurement of work, cc and ci are measurements of volume When did organ music become associated with baseball? How do you convert cubic inches to horsepower? Enter the bore/stroke ratio, if you know it; left blank, the system will calculate it. Electric Vehicle Charging Time Calculator, Electric Vehicle Charging Cost Calculator. All Rights Reserved. Horsepower does not convert to cc: ci or cubic inches does. The efficiency is the volumetric efficiency of the motor. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Your feedback and suggestions are important to us. If you have a great calculation that we have not covered yet then please contact us through our contact page. Shortly we will add correction factors as well that will provide run predictions. The max RPM is the maximum speed of the engine in revolutions per minute. usually mean more horsepower but it horsepower is determined by Enter the anticipated maximum safe engine RPMs, typically known as red line. Enter the engine size, max RPM, and volumetric efficiency to calculate the recommended carburetor CFM. determine horsepower. Forced induction: Our calculators provide the answers to the amount of boost required to achieve your horsepower targets. Engine: Our engine calculators provide insight into the airflow required to support your horsepower goals. Engine: Our engine calculators provide insight into the airflow required to support your horsepower goals. Find the cost to charge to full capacity or travel a set distance. Most engines have a volumetric efficiency of about 85%, or .85. Contact: Please have a wander around, we will be regularly adding new calculators. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the metric calculators and … carburetor size = 302 × 7,500 × .8 ÷ 3456 You might also like our engine horsepower and compression ratio calculators. Calculate the time it will take to charge an electric vehicle using the EV charging time calculator. flywheel horsepower from elapsed time and weight, horsepower required for elapsed time goal, change in hp vs change in lb for et with costs calculator, clearance volume from cid and compression ratio, cid and clearance volume from bore stroke and compression ratio, injector size for horsepower target lb/hr, injector size for horsepower target cc/min, new injector flow lb/hr from change in pressure, new injector flow cc/min from change in pressure, turbo boost temperature with inter-cooler, mean sea level to station barometric pressure, station to mean sea level barometric pressure, mean sea level to station barometric pressure metric, station to mean sea level barometric pressure metric. This calculator determines the displacement size of an engine, based on your data, in cubic inches and CCs. If you know the displacement in liters, try converting using our liters to cubic inches calculator. Hi Justin, I can see no advantage having a dual 2.75 inch system in fact most of the time you would be losing hp and definately low end torque, im making massive torque right through the rev range on a dual 2.5 inch but lose hp at max revs but then were comparing a 4.2L to a 9.3L im producing 500hp at 4000rpm and my system if great even at max revs your not producing more than 500hp. We also have a calculator that lets you model changes in horsepower. There's no magic formula to convert cubic inches to horsepower. There’s a simple formula to calculate just the right size of carburetor for your engine. Estimate the monthly payment or maximum purchase price for a loan using the auto loan calculator, plus, see how much your loan will cost in the long run. For example, let’s find the recommended carburetor size for an engine with a displacement of 302 cubic inches, a max speed of 7,500 RPM, and 80% volumetric efficiency. Try our engine displacement calculator to find the size of your engine The max RPM is the maximum speed of the engine in revolutions per minute. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Other: Useful for more than just motorsport our speed distance time calculators are great for working out average speed given the known distance and time. Enter the number of cylinders. The efficiency is the volumetric efficiency of the motor. We have put together some of the best automotive racing calculators into one site to allow you to plan and bench test your vehicle. carburetor size = 302 × 7,500 × .8 ÷ 3456, Electric Vehicle Energy Efficiency Conversion Calculators, Liters per 100 Kilometers Fuel Consumption Calculator, Kilometers per Liter Fuel Economy Calculator, How to Calculate the Carburetor Size for an Engine.

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