We were really happy with the air seal the tape provided, and when we conducted our blower door test we didn’t find a single leak through the taped windows but we found a few where it was caulked.

Waterproofing & Damp-Proofing. As for the wall to ceiling junction, that is a tricky point to manage but you just need to select a high quality building tape to ensure the continuity of your air barrier, we had our poly barrier go through the wall assembly and taped it to the exterior air barrier membrane. Below grade damp proofing is a common practice in areas with lower water tables that still have the threat of moisture, particularly in residential basement construction. Thank you for this great article.

These coatings are normally black in appearance. However, in normal conditions most DPM’s will prevent moisture from passing and do so effectively for many years, covering moisture contents up to 100% relative humidity. Have a problem with waterproofing in your basement? Hope that helps. If you are unsure and prefer to fully protect your new floating engineered or laminate floor, you can find out how to do that by reading my article ‘How to stop sub-floor moisture from damaging your new wood floor. When it comes to damp proofing, there is a choice to be made between a liquid solution or a sheet membrane. This material fills pores and stops moisture vapor from entering the home. There’s no denying that we live in a very damp country and that damp causes problems galore. Vapour control membranes are typically lighter and thinner than damp proof … Putting studs and insulation against concrete then covering it with poly will lead to the same problem, full stop. A ventilation system should be designed by an HVAC professional to meet the needs of the building and its occupants. And for your exterior wall, the idea of using 2" of EPS foam against the concrete first and then the stud wall is a good one, at 2 inches EPS begins to act as a vapor barrier, read more here. Here are two pages to check out that will help, if you still have questions then check in our discussions, and if you don't find all the answers you need they by all means post a question. If a vapor barrier is installed where it is not needed, it may prevent the basement or crawlspace from drying out if it should get wet. A damp-proof course usually consists of some sort of membrane material applied to prevent moisture transmission.

That would be a solution for new builds, are you looking for a vapour barrier solution for Renovations? What is a vapour barrier? If your home’s basement or crawlspace is always damp or has water puddle on the floor or flood the basement, contact H&H Pest Control and Waterproofing for an evaluation to waterproof your basement. With our window installation technique we had the same: a vapor / air barrier (tape) on the interior, insulation in the cavity, and wood on the exterior. The issue we have had from what I have read is the insulation was tight up against the concrete foundation thus not allowing any air movement. The goal of damp proofing is to prevent moisture fro passing through the concrete walls into the interior space of your basement or crawl space.

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