You can also select a known device from the dropdown at Obviously, you’ll need to keep washers/dryers, dishwashers and other major household appliances fueled with electricity. See our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to common questions or to ask your own. Regular Computers, Nudging the thermostat a few degrees (up or down, depending on the weather), Using a ceiling fan to help circulate airflow, Adjusting the hot water heater temperature, Using natural sunlight to brighten your workspace. Homeowners also can download HomeSelfe and use the app to conduct a home energy audit. Ergon Energy, a leading electricity retailer for homes and businesses in Queensland, provides a helpful electricity cost calculator to determine how much your appliances are costing you in electricity each month. charges you for Kilowatt Hour (KWH). Unfortunately, these bulbs are outdated and waste money. the 'Calculate Cost' button. For example, find the electricity cost per month to run a computer with a 400w power supply that is running 4 hours per day. For example, a refrigerator's compressor may only draw power for 8 to 12 hours per day. ABN: 69 628 408 686 Level 2/850 Collins Street Melbourne 3008, Copyright © 2020 Electricity Wizard All Rights Reserved, Email us at, *Disclaimer: We compare rates & plans specific to your property & distribution network to provide you the best offer we have available from our panel of retailers. Here are some example calculations for common appliances. Input how many days there are in the month you want to calculate for. The Government’s Energy Savings website also has tips on how to calculate lifetime running costs of your home appliances to help you make informed purchasing decisions. This article outlines some essential thermography training videos and several thermal imaging training courses. There are different types of electricity meters, if you are not sure which meter you have, visit our electricity meters page to help you work it out. Choose your appliance. For better accuracy use a plug-in power meter or energy monitor (for large appliances). Electricity Usage Calculator. With the motor load calculator you can quickly estimate annual energy use and cost for any electric motor. For other appliances, the power usage can vary a lot. Offices Our appliance and electronic energy use calculator allows you to estimate your annual energy use and cost to operate specific products. Increased competition between retailers means that consumers who learn more about the range of plans offered by electricity companies can take advantage of lower prices. We're an online store focused on energy efficiency and sustainability. These are items that are sucking electricity but aren’t in use. Energy Efficient Computers vs. Ready to save money on your monthly electricity bill? and electric bill calculator Calculate electricity usage and cost per hour, day, week, month, year and decade The energy cost calculator computes how much power (in watts, kilowatts, megawatts, and in gigawatts) an electrical device consumes per hour, day, week, month, year and even ten years (a decade), and total cost associated with this electricity consumption. Does Unplugging Appliances Save on Electricity? Think about your habits. However, you should unplug lamps, power strips, televisions not in use and any other devices. Next, enter the wattage of the device in the 'Wattage of Device' input box. 310-940-6184. Next, enter the wattage of the device in the 'Wattage of Device' input box. // TrustLogo("", "POSDV", "none"); Australian electricity charges are 70% higher than the US average. Fortunately, you can save on energy each month by using three quick tips to cut down on rising electricity costs: And, last but not least, compare electricity costs between different energy providers to get the lowest rate on your monthly or quarterly statement. As you begin to account for all of the many appliances that are using electricity in your home each day, the cost of energy can quickly add up. Let's include electricity, gas, bottled gas... Fight For Planet A - Advice & Products Behind The Show. Then you specify all the electric devices you use, and how much of time they are used daily. Brought to you by: Jane Smith. wattage x daily use (hours) x cost per kWh. Some appliances can be switched on 24/7 but only draw power for some of this time. The app also provides information on rebates that homeowners also could use to decrease energy costs. The wattage values provided are samples only; actual wattage of products varies depending on product age and features. The above power calculator uses a simple formula to calculate annual energy usage and costs. This electricity cost calculator works out how much electricity a particular electrical appliance will use and how much it will cost. Other changes you can make to lower your costs include: One of the biggest variables in determining electrical cost is the wattage of the appliance or gadget. Strictly speaking, there are 52 weeks and 1 day in a non-leap year.

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