The two-point threshold, the smallest distance between two points where a person determines that it is two points and not one, was Weber’s first discovery. Annota… Retrieved from, Fancher, Raymond E., and Alexandra Rutherford.

Son ouvrage fondamental, Elemente der Psychophysik , publié en 1860, démontrait la pertinence de cette discipline par la formulation d’une […] Chicago: Quintessence Pub., 1997. (1st ed., pp. One of Weber’s greatest influences was on Gustav Fechner.

Hunt, M. (1993). Ernst Heinrich Weber retired from the University of Leipzig in 1871. The book that described blood circulation research, Wellenlehre, auf Experimenten gegrϋndet (English: "Wave Theory, Founded on Experiments") became instantly recognized as very important to physics and physiology. Sa loi a, en effet, permis à Fechner (qui, le premier, parla de la « loi de Weber » à propos du seuil différentiel) de formuler la loi logarithmique connue sous le nom de « loi de Weber-Fechner ». Viney, Wayne, D. Brett. Weber’s Illusion: an "experience of divergence of two points when stimulation is moved over insensitive areas and convergence of two points when moved over sensitive areas". When comparing the differences in line length, there must be at least 0.01 difference in order to distinguish the two. Hergenhahn, B. R., & Henley, Tracy B. Ernst Heinrich Weber, (born June 24, 1795, Wittenberg [Germany]—died January 26, 1878, Leipzig, Germany), German anatomist and physiologist whose fundamental studies of the sense of touch introduced a concept—that of the just-noticeable difference, the smallest difference perceivable between two similar stimuli—that is important to psychology and sensory physiology. [6] Second ed. The following items are part of Weber’s contributions the experimental psychology: Experimental Wave Theory: studied flow and movement of waves in liquids and elastic tubes.[5]. Weber travailla en effectuant des comparaisons de poids, mais étendit ultérieurement ses recherches aux domaines auditif et visuel. The human brain and spinal cord: A historical study illustrated by writings from antiquity to the twentieth century. Ernst Heinrich Weber (24 June 1795 – 26 January 1878) was a German physician who is considered one of the founders of experimental psychology.

351–352). Retrieved from, "Weber, Ernst Heinrich." This research lead the way for future investigating, although it was not formally published until 1850 with the culmination of the rest of his research on blood in a book entitled, Ueber die Anwendung der Wellenlehre auf die Lehre vom Kreislauf des Blutes und insbesondere auf die Pulslehre (English: "Concerning the application of the wave theory to the theory of the circulation of the blood and, in particular, on the pulse teaching").[11]. New York: Doubleday. A l'université de Leipzig, il est tout d'abord nommé professeur d'anatomie comparée en 1818, puis d'anatomie humaine en 1821 et de physiologie en 1840.

[6] Weber also wrote about and tested other ideas on sensation including a terminal threshold, which is the highest intensity an individual could sense before the sensation could not be detected any longer. In De Tactu, published in English as On touch: anatomical and physiological notes [9], Weber proposed there was a threshold of sensation in each individual. His studies on sensation and touch, along with his emphasis on good experimental techniques gave way to new directions and areas of study for future psychologists, physiologists, and anatomists. Bringmann, Wolfgang G., and Helmut E. Lück. Zusätze zur Lehre vom Bau und von der Verrichtung der Geschlechtsorgane(1846) 2. New York: W.W. Norton, 2012. When comparing music pitch, there must be at least 0.006 vibrations per second difference. For example, if you were holding a 100 g block, the second block would need to weigh at least 108 g in order to notice a difference.

Die Lehre vom Tastsinn und Gemeingefühl(185l) 3. He was an influential and important figure in the areas of physiology and psychology during his lifetime and beyond. Élargissez votre recherche dans Universalis. Ernst Heinrich Weber (Wittemberg, 24 juin 1795 - Leipzig, 26 janvier 1878) était un médecin allemand, considéré comme un précurseur de la psychologie expérimentale. National Library of Medicine The law was originally postulated to describe researches on weight lifting by the German physiologist Ernst Heinrich Weber in 1834 and was later applied to the measurement of sensation by Weber’s student Gustav Theodor Fechner, who went on to develop from the law the science of psychophysics.

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