Laura Mars (Faye Dunaway) is a glamorous fashion photographer who specializes in stylized violence (based upon the work of Helmut Newton, who provided some of the photos used for the film while others were shot by Rebecca Blake). Eyes of Laura Mars Now Streaming on The Criterion Channel Chris: This somehow escaped me for years, but I’m glad I finally caught it! I think that 'The Eyes Of Laura Mars' is best watched as an American recreation of a giallo film, stylish with not much substance but highly enjoyable all the same. The film could probably look better but the final image is still pleasing: it does still look like a film and doesn’t have a heavily processed look, still managing to deliver decent detail. Rather than just be a straightforward faux documentary, Noroi is almost like an epistolary novel, assembled from various bits and pieces of footage from different sources, all of it centering around a demonic entity, and the missing paranormal investigator caught in the middle of it all. One of my isolation purchases is Criterion Channel access, and I have no idea where to start. This movie wasn’t even on my radar until I saw someone tweet about it.

It was produced by Gary Klein with executive producers Jon Peters and Charles Koppelman. The afore-mentioned twist ending is best viewed as the murderer wanting to be a part of one of Laura's pieces of 'art'. Chris: Noroi: The Curse is a little uneven, but it does a great job conveying a sense of creepiness via found footage trappings. There are twists a plenty, and some rather memorable kills. I’ve been getting a few crash courses in giallo through a lot of Arrow’s releases lately but this makes for a decent 13-minute primer and may help in building one’s appreciation for this film. Chris: The Entity was one of my blindspots until the folks at Scream Factory put out a new Blu-ray release. I'm a … Eyes of Laura Mars began life as an 11-page treatment by John Carpenter, who then expanded his initial draft into a screenplay for indie producer Jack Harris, the B Movie legend behind The Blob (1958) who produced Carpenter’s cult classic Dark Star (1974). I actually didn’t realize this film received a somewhat decent DVD edition back in the early days of the format and it looks as though Indicator has carried everything over, at least by comparing specs, starting with an audio commentary by director Irvin Kershner. They’re an okay set of features, Ellinger’s contribution probably being the best of the bunch, but also strong to the release is an included booklet.

was one of my blindspots until the folks at Scream Factory put out a new Blu-ray release. Needless to say, a film with this subject matter is going to be more than a little icky. She is haunted by visions from a killer's eyesight. Is she the next victim?? Looks like I’ve got a suggestion! First there is a lengthy essay on the film (aptly called “Disco Giallo”) by Rebecca Nicole Williams, about its genre influences and production, as well as how it fits into the mold of other New York films of the time. She sang it on the soundtrack and garnered a moderate hit as a result (the record peaked at number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100). Peters got interest from Peter Guber at Columbia and they agreed to finance the project's development.

At her gala, she encounters police detective John Neville (Tommy Lee Jones) who hates the photos of violence against semi-nude women without knowing it's her. Is she the next victim?? If you haven’t seen this yet, go in as blind as possible. He proceeds to tell Laura they have caught the killer, a troubled colleague of hers named Tommy, and begins an elaborate explanation of Tommy's motivations and back story. Needless to say, a film with this subject matter is going to be more than a little icky. This movie wasn’t even on my radar until I saw someone tweet about it. Is a ghost? Upon hearing her distress, Neville (who had been on his way to meet her) breaks through her balcony window.

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