In 1999 Velocity created the category of Young Athlete Development because you deserve access to the best programs and coaches. Program Exercise Progression #1 Progression #2 Type Sets Time/Reps A1. Ron’s background is college football and he has worked with young athletes for 20 years. February YSCA Updates: New courses, running marathons and 5 reasons for success in youth S&C, December YSCA Update: Integrity, resilience, compassion and determination, New gyms, reflective practice and programming- November Chairman's Update, A principled approach to Youth Strength and Conditioning. Getting involved in this pathway will help you approach sports coaching with this in mind, putting children first. Youth- Ages 7-10 years old. Velocity Sports Performance Business Opportunity, Powered by VELOCITY – Goal Line Performance – Southbay. Group Classes. I am delighted to endorse the YSCA Strength and Conditioning Coaching pathway and would recommend it to all coaches working at all levels with young people. Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) support children's participation in appropriately designed and competently supervised strength training programs. Proper movement techniques with increased force production lead to maximized long term potential. Strength training for the young athlete. IMPORTANT: This training program only addresses the strength portion of your program. •Keep the program fun. 60 Minute Session Up to 3 Athletes – Custom strength programs to address athletes’ individual or sport-specific needs. Push-ups Move to toes or increase reps Use soccer ball Upper Strength 2-3 Max A3. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. She will shortly complete a diploma in sports therapy with the Society of Sports Therapists. There are no shortcuts, no magic pills or potions. His current role is the Strength & Conditioning Coach for St Pauls School in London. Many athletes can be disciplined for a 60 Minute Private Training Session – Highly specialized sessions custom designed for specific needs or experienced athletes. You'll get feedback from the coach and an idea if the is right for you. •Keep the program fun. Texans Strength and Conditioning Program The fitness formula for a well-conditioned Texans football player is a simple one. There are two high intensity workouts and one lower intensity aerobic workout scheduled per week. References NSCA Quick Series Guide to Weight Training for Kids: A summary of The National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Youth Strength Summit. That’s just the way we like it! Related to the safety of a strength and conditioning program for youth, there is a common theme among the experts. Children and young people need to be trained very carefully and according to their stage of physical development, whilst taking into account their individual training goals and aspirations. Jared Deacon is the head of academy strength and conditioning at Edinburgh Rugby Club and has over 15 years coaching experience. A new challenge? Steven John Duhig, 2014 Youth strength training, children`s strength programs, young athlete strength pro- grams. Basketball is very physically demanding and is most certainly a contact sport. Savannah, GA. July 1999. Time to Act - A message from the chairman. Velocity delivers the right athletic types of strength through specific programs and exceptional coaching.​. A long-term commitment is necessary to reach and maintain your full physical potential. The process of professional development throughout the course of our working lives is something I am extremely committed to, the chance to be involved in this process with Ben and Brendan was easy to say ‘yes’ to.’, ‘Looking to the future, reducing the burden of disease on individuals, families and society is going to be critical. Brendan has over 12 years experience working with young people in a strength and conditioning capacity through national and regional roles with British Tennis, England Golf and many other teams and governing bodies. Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) has made it very clear that resistance training for children is both safe and effective. properly designed and supervised youth resistance training programs. © 2020 Velocity Sports Performance.

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