Saturday: 10:00 am-Late. Nevertheless, the experience gave Lee the impetus to jump into the industry headfirst where he eventually found success. Commercial Bay, 7/21 Queen Street. I learnt a lot there.” (Although he adds he was paid in food, not cash, for his work.). Atmosphere is superb, a neat place to go for drinks and nibbles after having a meal. Nevertheless, the experience gave Lee the impetus to jump into the industry headfirst where he eventually found success. Does Gochu, Auckland's newest Korean eatery, live up to the hype? We ordered the eggplant dish and wagyu noodles and a couple of glasses of wine. Gochu. “I wanted to get involved but I couldn’t find work … eventually I worked [at a cafe] washing dishes. Chefs Jason Kim and Nathan Lord also joined the team, with the former’s childhood and travels through Korea serving as the primary inspiration for the menu.

They believe talking about food is nearly as much fun as eating it, and they’re excited to facilitate some good conversations around food provenance in Aotearoa New Zealand. Then lockdown happened so it got pushed back again.” But finally, on June 11, Commercial Bay managed to open its doors and, along with it, Auckland’s latest “New Korean” restaurant. Gochu is a modern Korean Bar and Restaurant serving local, seasonal ingredients in a fun environment.

Monday: 10:00 am-10:00 pm. Find out if we rate the new Commercial Bay venue. Meaning chilli pepper in Korean, Gochu is fresh, flavour-filled Korean Cuisine, modern … This place does unique Korean style fusion food. There are so many more flavours out there to try.”. Then lockdown happened so it got pushed back again.” But finally, on June 11, Commercial Bay managed to open its doors and, along with it, Auckland’s latest, The idea for Gochu, which means both chilli pepper and a certain part of. They’ve collaborated with each other ever since. Makguksoo, left, and mulhwe (Photo: Yuki Zhang). Simon had been introduced to Korean food while frequenting Queen Street’s Kang Nam Station – the shabby yet somewhat iconic trailer-restaurant – during a stint at Huffer, stopping by for noodles and rice bowls on a daily basis. Commercial Bay, 1 Queen St “Then it got pushed back to September and then to March this year. Currently open! Where the day begins for thousands of city workers and where the night begins when work is done. Natural wine, twisted classic cocktails, food inspired by Korean childhood, made with the best New Zealand ingredients. Very friendly service, great wine list. This is where we will present our best face to the world, with the stunning Waitemata Harbour as the natural backdrop to stunning real estate. “Simon & Lee was more cafe food, more brunch oriented, whereas Gochu is a bit more elevated,” says Simon. Meanwhile, Lee is an experienced hospo figure in his own right, having formerly been at the helm of some of Auckland’s most popular cafes such as Little King, Dear Jervois, and Major Sprout, and still has a stake in Newmarket eatery The Candy Shop. But with Gochu, Kim embraces the full breadth and depth of a culture of food he knows and loves, showcasing the many sides of Korean cuisine with dishes like buttery smooth mulhwe (raw kingfish), smoky LA galbi (marinated barbecue short ribs), and spicy charred chicken smothered in gochujang (chilli paste). In 2014, while he was at Dear Jervois, he met Simon, who was working at Coffee Supreme at the time. Commercial Bay is where the world steps ashore and begins its love affair with New Zealand. 2008-2020 © Zomato™ Pvt Ltd. All rights reserved. “People didn’t really know about it like 10 years ago. But he didn’t start off in hospitality; when he came to New Zealand 17 years ago, he was working in the exporting business, helping to ship New Zealand-made products like mānuka honey and health supplements, which are popular in many Asian markets. If you have any issues contact us on It’s a collective experience, not an atomised one, and that’s not exactly a bad thing in times like these. In that sense, Gochu embodies an important part of Korean food culture as sharing and communal spirit often underpin the dining experience: Korean barbecue involves guests cooking meat around a grill together, banchan (small side dishes) are set out for everyone to enjoy, and jjigaes (stews) are often left to sizzle away at the centre of the table. Sunday: 10:00 am-10:00 pm. GOCHU Cuisine: Korean Address: Commercial Bay, 21 Queen St, CBD Drinks: Fully licensed Reservations: Accepted From the menu: Cucumber salad $12; broccolini $12; chicken sliders $7ea; lamb ribs $20; soondae black pudding $20; mul hwe raw kingfish $23; cold noodles $17. And a victory for political spinelessness, Every meat-free fast food burger in New Zealand, reviewed and ranked, NZ rejects cannabis legalisation in referendum, but glimmer of hope for yes camp, ‘What are you Christians doing here?’ Matt Renata on faith and protest at Ihumātao, What the Labour-Greens deal means for the next three years, Covid-19 has changed New Zealand forever. Commercial Bay encompasses the preeminent waterfront axis from Quay Street, Queen Street, Lower Albert Street and Customs Street, resurrecting the location’s original name. for support, It looks like this account has been

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