MICHAEL: Six million dollars in cash is a high price for a piece of a country in the middle of a revolution. So when he turned up dead, I let it go, and said to myself: this is the business we've chosen. COP: Is that something on the floor? [MED. VIEW - NIGHT] We HEAR the terrible sounds of a man being strangled.] MICHAEL: The song. [A moment elapses on the empty corridor, and then a roused Johnny Ola, opens the first door. [NEW VIEW] FREDO: *on the phone* Yeah. The dirty bastard, he gave me a C-note. Also Bussetta and Ola remain.] Play the Bingo game. The door was open. I remember when he was just a 'button,' when we were kids. [There is a light rain. [Michael rises, to be introduced by Fredo to some conservative looking Senatorial types, including Senator Pat Geary of Nevada. FREDO: Gentlemen... your pleasure? Slowly he cracks the door open which adjoins Roth's bedroom. [INT. [A street singer, followed by a guitarist sings Jose Marti's words of "Guantanamera." has begun to suspect him.] [They kiss, and she leaves. That kid's name was Moe Greene, and the city he invented was Las Vegas. [CLOSE ON THE PHONE BOOTH] [EXT. THE CORRIDOR - DAY] Some of them are crowded around the crap table; Senator Geary is with the enormous and beautiful Yolanda, who barely speaks English. CORNGOLD: Our information is that Castro is dead. If something went wrong, as indeed it did, Kay or her children would have mentioned Rocco's earlier presence to Michael. FREDO: Me? Gimme an hour to wash my face and do my research and we'll have these Washington suckers right where you want 'em. [NEW VIEW] TROPICOR NIGHT CLUB - VIEW ON THE SHOW - NIGHT] All but their radio station. Back to Sicily in 1901 and the funeral of Vito Andolini’s murdered father. [Roth glances to Ola; he is not a fool; he realizes Michael When I heard about it I wasn't angry. Busy, hundred dollar bills being played.] [We see Neri, ominous, presiding over the entire store. Unlike a relative he would have had no realistic reason for being there. PIT BOSS: Not here. [The Captain strikes him expertly across the side of his head with his pistol. Black Woman in Texas Brutalized By Police, Movie Reviews: Suicide Squad, Train to Busan, Andre Johnson Gives Back To The Community, Woman Dragged Off Plane at Metro Detroit Airport. I'll go home alone in the car; and before I reach the hotel, I'll be assassinated. Roth gestures to the hotel man, who also leaves. [INT. You ever hear of "Superman?" Everywhere are little boys running around, begging for money. They certainly would not think anything odd in opening drapes. Black Couple Not Allowed At Sushi Restaurant??? VIEW] SENATOR REAM: *pushing away from the palm outstretched little hands of the boys* Goddamn beggers. Hmm. DOCTOR *Spanish*: You must not exert yourself; I will write out a prescription and come back tomorrow. FREDO *aside to Michael* Jeeze, it's great you came along, Mike... You know, we've never spent a night out on the town together. [CLOSE ON BUSSETTA] [He sees the patrolman leaning over him.] Fredo extends his hand.] Either way, given that Michael later assigns Rocco the blatantly obvious suicide mission of murdering Hyman Roth in public, it's a fair bet that Michael never again trusted Rocco and wasn't overly concerned with his impending demise. FREDO: That's him; that's Superman! I guess as much as anyone, I loved him and trusted him. PENTANGELI: The bastard. MICHAEL: Who had Frankie Pantangeli killed? Nearby, in a restaurant, Michael has lunch with Fredo.] [INT. Michael sits at a table at dinner with several of the distinguished Cubans, and some of the American businessmen.] [INT. THE CASINO - NIGHT] [INT. STUTZ, the second patrolman, is just stepping out of his car; Pentangeli's bodyguard, seeing the commotion, leaps out. FREDO: Hiya, Freddie Corleone. [INT. FREDO: No. MICHAEL *Sicilian*: How sick do you think the old man is? [We see that a patrol car had stopped for its routine visit. [INT. [INT. And even if we think he was lying to Michael when he claimed ignorance of plans for Michael's murder, when he spoke angrily on the phone to Johnny Ola it's obvious that Fredo. [The patrolmen is grazed across the face; trying to stop the flow of blood with his hand.] ROTH *continuing*: There's three million dollars on that table. [Suddenly, a garrote is thrown around Pentangeli's throat; and he is forcefully yanked back into the shadows, all the way into a wooden telephone booth.] He would have had access to Michael's house. [EXT. Kay Corleone is not in the business. [MED. MICHAEL: Let him gamble. Need ambulance; Stutz is bad. A small band, mostly drummers, play some Latin music.] [This street in Havana is like a Caribbean tourist city with no indication of the revolution in progress. MICHAEL: Mio fratello. CLOSE VIEW - DAY] Certainly his brothers Fredo and Tom would have had such access. [The three assailants jump into the car and drive off.] FREDO: Mike said let him gamble. Fredo is a little loaded, and especially attentive to Michael this night.] [Two figures race through the shadows and race through the doors.]

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