Before you unfriend on Facebook, it’s important to consider other options.

That is, have your mother “Turn on Chat” only for you and only you should be able to see she is online. But I still want to keep the door open to chat, etc. How can you tell if you’ve been unfriended on Facebook, Someone not accepting Friend Request on Facebook, What moms have to deal with on Facebook and social media. Hence, he did what he had to. I think she should just delete them. You'll still be friends, but you won't see any of their posts. As we describe in the article, you can tag your friends as “Acquaintance” or “Close Friend” and that will affect how much of their posting you will see in your news feed. i have unfriended her on facebook as i dont wish to be friends any longer. Not only might you want to think about this person’s feelings, you’ll want to consider any backlash you may get for unfriending them. “I’m sure it happened when my account got hacked. For all Facebook does to let you know about Every Little Thing with all of the Notifications, and the way Facebook puts many things front and center for us to see, it graciously spares us this bad news. © 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. If you dislike certain types of posts, find an offending post and click on the arrow in the upper right corner. i havent said anyhtingto her about it. they won't even know you are on fbook anymore.

Some of these “Friends” I can do without and some are very important. It’s not for me but my mom. Follow us at: @2020 - All Right Reserved. If you still want to see the occasional post from a person, there are a couple of ways to reduce the volume of posts. Some are mature enough to keep a bond of friendship alive even when that happens, but most want to forget the ex’s very existence. While at the same time, you are not expressing to the other person that they have desires, viewpoints, and interests that you no longer share. There are often those on the friend list who one has not been in touch with either in real life or in the virtual world for a long time.

If someone simply deactivated their Facebook account, you will know if you are still friends because in your Friend List you will see their name. However, I do believe that if it becomes clear the relationship is not helpful to either person in any way, than it is best to release them, freeing them up to seek a more beneficial pairing elsewhere. In 2009, Molly won a Milwaukee Press Club Award. If you have a lot of Mutual Friends in common, this can cause issues. Forever. This means they weren’t unfriended. Unless I’m bored out of my skull, I’ll go back to my Restricted list and read what I want. That’s it! I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. Would they typically see your posts or your Likes and Comments on Mutual Friends’ posts? When you end a Facebook relationship, you are making a statement. Are they an expert in a field that's relevant to your work? If your reaction to a post is , go ahead and hide it.

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