Javad Zarif, Iran’s Foreign Minister, was in a celebratory mood last weekend, as the United Nations’ long-standing arms embargo quietly expired. Trump says he is the first president in decades to stand up to Beijing, and his campaign accuses Biden of appeasing China as US manufacturing jobs declined. It’s time to rein it back in.

Afghanistan and Taliban negotiators held their first direct talks on Sept. 15. I think it is good. A friendly advice to Hon. The hiatus with China was long overdue. Gatestone Institute is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, Federal Tax ID #454724565. Balance of power is important in this unipolar world. Surrender is not an option but a death wish!

Why Does Barr Let Wray Lie and Flout the Law?

The construction of such a base would enable the Chinese Navy to monitor the activities of the U.S. Navy in the area, in particular the U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet in the Gulf, which is permanently deployed to protect shipping passing through the Strait of Hormuz, one of the world's most important economic waterways.
The prospect of a new Iran-China military alliance taking shape in the Indian Ocean is a development that will be taken with the utmost seriousness by the U.S. military, which is already concerned about Iran's attempts to spread its influence throughout the region. Coronavirus: What do waning COVID-19 antibodies tell us about immunity and vaccines? The only way to end this is to destroy the Chinese ruling class, which today is the Chinese Communist Party.

China has reportedly agreed a 25-year $400 billion defence deal with Tehran. A graver threat is the EU-imposed sanctions which the UK has managed to extricate itself, with Brexit.Also grave is the migrant problem that Macron has no answer for.It is not going away either, and people should prepare themselves for the worst in Europe.Which of course is what China is watching for all the time, with Iran, to probe for possible weakness.There is desperate need for another "Iron Lady" with strong Christian leanings. No part of the Gatestone website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied or modified, without the prior written consent of Gatestone Institute. In order to pose a pacifying effect on China I believe there will be a detente, of sorts, between the US, UK, EU and Russia. China will become the new pariah and as with the Soviet Union we will see a scattering of States around the world who are disaffected by the US, or deeply in debt to China, joining their bloc.

After Iranian proxies and US forces clashed in Iraq, Trump ordered the January strike that killed powerful Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani. Not to speak of the continued imprisonment of British nationals on spurious and indefensible grounds. The U.S. faces the prospect of a serious escalation in tensions with Iran after Tehran's announcement that it intends to build a new military base in the Indian Ocean by the end of the year. Announcing Iran's intention to build a new military base in the Indian Ocean, Admiral Alireza Tangsiri, the commander of the naval attachment of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), said that the base would be used to protect fishing and commercial vessels from piracy and "foreign ships", a reference to the US-led multinational naval task force that is currently protecting Gulf shipping from Iranian interference.

30 comments for: Tobias Ellwood: The Government has helped to let Iran, a rogue state, off the leash. Iran, like China, has only one path to follow and the West had better get on top of this escalating threat and get Iran out of the equation permanently! I thought Iran tore up the treaty that they had not even signed, despite all the other duped countries still clinging to it.

Commenters' email addresses will not be displayed publicly. Who is trying and had been successful to some extent in trying to influence and dominate weaker nations, we all know. The following year, the administration formally recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which Israel captured from Syria in 1967, reversing a long-standing US policy and irking other countries. Iran is one of China’s five principal partners in the Middle East—and the other four are all U.S. allies. The freedom and liberties which our forefathers fought and died for must stand as testament to the egalitarian principles of which we as a people and civilization cherish. We are competitive animals and since the demise of the Soviet Union we have had no real enemies to keep us focused, consequently we have seen the rise of social hysteria. The US managed to avoid war with the USSR under similar circumstances. In many ways China becoming more militaristic, and collecting rogue states along the way, is beneficial to the West.

China has reportedly agreed a 25-year $400 billion defence deal with Tehran. China and Russia already seem to have answered that question via their war games in the Gulf of Oman last week, and the signal to the US is that Iran is not isolated and has powerful allies. While the EU arms embargo regime on Iran remains in place (until 2023), this will not prevent other actors from selling weapons. Looking ahead, there needs to be a clear-sighted approach to Iran from the Government. Dear AshWith all due respect to your opinion and freedom of speechYet, you can achieve balance of power only with those who also accept the notion of balance of power and are not trying impose on the other party their supremacy and domination. Israel said it would suspend planned annexations of parts of the occupied West Bank. But, as before, that goal has proven elusive. Sanctions work, and it is time for the UK to consider further ones it can target against the regime, while making abundantly clear that these do not apply to legitimate humanitarian aid.

Like past presidents, Trump has pledged to secure peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The JCPOA was never approved, so it can be destroyed by the President. Time and again, Iran has chosen the path of a rogue state. Longer submissions are unlikely to be published.
It is an unavoidable reality that Iran was compelled to the negotiating table for the JCPOA process as a result of one of the most comprehensive sanctions regimes in history. The whole hiatus with China was avoidable. It is Obama that chopped up the relations with all the countries on the planet. Naturally there will be casualties, most probably in the Middle East, although I predict that Turkey will move in to take over Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and possibly Jordan.

"It never can be his treaty because it would have had to be approved by Congress -- only they can make a treaty with anybody.Congress represents We The People. Certainly, existing UN resolutions haven’t deterred Iran from supplying arms to its terror proxies, and the UK now needs to work urgently with its allies to enforce existing resolutions more rigorously. This will lead to economic benefits to Russia at the cost of political reform, but most importantly for world peace it will mean that if China were ever to go to war they would have to fight on at least two fronts to protect their homeland, Something they would never do because the outcome is assured by history!

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