This accounted for more cracked and pitchier notes. That's right, LA Beach Cities/South Bay, we're coming for you! That has gotten rusty. I put together a doable routine combining my two favorite pedagogies – the teachings of Kenny Werner in his book, Effortless Mastery, and the curriculum passed down from Lennie Tristano to Warne Marsh. I regret that decision now as after awhile I started getting seriously paranoid that the tooth was shifting. In 2016 I took some lessons, and did some other stuff too. Please keep up the good work! Along with his studies, James played lead trumpet in the Thornton Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Bob Mintzer. take care and till next time – james. Here's the address: 30 Pier Avenue Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. Ike – thanks for those recommendations. After completing his undergraduate studies, James moved to Los Angeles where he completed his Master’s degree at the University of Southern California. For awhile there I was thinking I could get my chops to the ‘good enough’ mark and then switch over to jazz playing as my primary focus. The tune has solo space for Tenor 1 and Flugelhorn 4. This was in-part because I knew it was going to be insane – eight adults, six kids under the age of seven, two dogs, two horses and six cats – and, I bought some of those cheap flights where you can’t bring more than a backpack. When switching to a 16th-note subdivision, each beat per minute increases the playing speed by four notes per minute! During this time he recorded five albums with the band while working full-time in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex as a trumpet player for hire. James Blackwell is the Broker/Owner of Blackwell Real Estate in Annapolis, MD. Jazz enthusiasts will hear tunes from well-known recordings, melodies they recognize from famous improvised solos all notable in the jazz repertoire. OR DIGITALLY BY CLICKING ON ANY OF THE PLACES BELOW. However, it was through those dark days that I found a more joyful and musical experience playing the trumpet – and I hope that reading this will inspire others to keep going. (Plus, Some Killer Trumpet Interviews), BTB YEAR IN REVIEW: 2016 (Lessons Learned and DAILY’s Did), Understanding and Incorporating the Jazz Language (In VA) – BTBLOG Ep 7, How to Develop Good Breathing Habits (in NY & NJ) – BTBLOG Ep 6, BTBLOG Ep. Also highly addictive and satisfying when you get it really singing!’. — Walter Simonsen, TRUMPETOLOGY leader, arranger, composer. After cutting through the insane and treacherous jungle of online trumpet resources you have finally stumbled upon that magical place containing the simple, effective and reassuring advice on learning to play the trumpet that you crave! 3.5 x 3.5" sticker! With the changing of the seasons comes, you guessed it, BTB’s latest RoutineTracker. Fair and evil hath cometh of this approach. They evolved from something that messed my chops up to something I love as a warm-up. I’m no stranger to off-days and sometimes take a few days off, show up, and play fine. At first, it’s kind of like pulling weeds, but then after awhile the melodies start coming through. The 16th-note subdivision was fun for the rhythmic challenge of singing a triplet pattern in duple-meter. Feeling that I lacked an appropriate technical foundation and understanding of the instrument, I did not even consider myself a trumpet player.

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