[1] However, a lack of political will to enforce the law by Kosovo's institutions and the continued separation of Serb and Albanian communities impede the actual enjoyment of minority language rights. Il existe deux langues officielles : l'albanais et le serbe. On trouve également quelques Croates et Monténégrins. Ce processus d'unification, engagé dès le milieu du XIXe siècle par les intellectuels de la renaissance nationale, aboutira, en 1908, à l'adoption d'un alphabet unique de 36 lettres. Turkish, Bosnian and Romani languages have the status of official languages and languages in official use in municipal level. Official Languages in Kosovo are Albanian and Serbian and have equal status as official languages and equal rights as to their use in all Kosovo institutions.

[citation needed] Avoid taking pictures of military installations and looted houses of Serbs in the Albanian-populated parts, and of Albanians in the Serbian-populated parts; it may cause bad feeling. Ils seraient un peu moins de 100 000 à vivre sur le territoire. Les Bosniaques sont surtout présents dans la Zhupa Valley. Explore Kosovo's rich history, culture, sports, cities and tourism all in one place. Live babies born weighing less than 1000 gr. Celle-ci joue par ailleurs un rôle majeur dans l'économie du pays. The 2000 Living Standard Measurement Survey, conducted by the Kosovo Agency of Statistics and rejected by Belgrade,[9] estimated the population between 1.8–2.0 million. It covers all aspects, from cities to airports, cruise ports to ski and beach resorts, attractions to events, and it also includes weekly travel news, features and quizzes. During WWII, Kosovo was united with Albania under Italian control and was later liberated and granted the status of an autonomous region within Yugoslavia.
The Albanian spoken in Kosovo is a subvariety of the Gheg dialect; it is commonly known as kosovarce. That is, until the 14th-century Battle of Kosovo, when the Ottomans defeated the Serbs and their allies, paving the path for the Turks to establish a rule over the region, which would last from the mid-15th century to the early 20th century. Following years of unsuccessful talks in which neither party wanted to yield ground, Kosovo unilaterally proclaimed independence in February 2008, supported by major Western powers. Languages. La population kosovare se caractérise également par une importante diaspora vivant à l'étranger et plus spécifiquement en Allemagne, en Suisse, aux Etats-Unis et en Angleterre. According to the education, to male dominates the secondary education by 75.3%, and dominates the secondary education with 64.5%. According to the CIA, as of 2013[update], there were 17,300 internally displaced persons, most of whom are Serbs displaced during the Kosovo War. Quant au tosque, il est employé au sud de l'Albanie, mais aussi en Grèce et dans la région macédonienne du lac de Prespa. Is there many Kosovans living in Turkey? Except for his educational and work experience, he has also attended training in the field of Public Administration, European Integration, and Negotiations in prestigious institutions such as Sciences Po, in France, and University of Sheffield in England. Jamaica and Kosovo (update) According to the 2011 census, almost 95% of the citizens speak Albanian as their native language, followed by South Slavic languages and Turkish. Guidebook on the Implementation of the Law on the Use of Languages June 2014; Monitoring and Evaluation of Language Rights: Piloting the Use of Indicators in the Work of the Assembly of Kosovo January 2014; Monitoring and Evaluation of Language Rights in Kosovo Report March 2015; Annual Reports; Guidebook on the Implementation of the Law on the Use of Languages, Monitoring and Evaluation of Language Rights: Piloting the Use of Indicators in the Work of the Assembly of Kosovo, Monitoring and Evaluaon of Language Rights in Kosov, Copyright © 2013-2018 International Association of Language Commissioners, IALC use cookies to give you the best experience on our websites. Kosovan is an easy language to know and learn since most of their letters do not change sounds as they do in many other languages. In 2009, Kosovo held its first democratic elections since declaring independence from Serbia. | Histoire | Mode de vie | S'informer | Rester |. [11] In recent years,[when?] Il est difficile de trouver un chiffre relatif à la croissance démographique, mais ce qui est certain, c'est que la population du Kosovo est l'une des plus jeunes d'Europe. In 1912, Serbia regained control over Kosovo during the First Balkan War only to lose it again during WWI, when Kosovo became part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (later renamed Yugoslavia). Mirësevini në Kosovë ! The World Travel Guide (WTG) is the flagship digital consumer brand within the Columbus Travel Media portfolio. Découverte du pays Les plus du Kosovo | Le Kosovo en 20 mots-clés | Survol du Kosovo | Cuisine locale | Les personnalités célèbres : Kosovo |, Infos pratiques Argent | Bagages | Décalage horaire | Électricité, poids et mesures | Formalités, visa et douanes | Internet | Jours fériés | Langues parlées | Poste | Quand partir ? Slaviša Mladenović was appointed as Language Commissioner as of 19th of December, 2012. Distribution of Turks in Kosovo by settlements. Elle comprend deux dialectes : le guègue et le tosque.

L'espérance de vie, quant à elle est de l'ordre de 70 ans, même si là encore, elle est difficile à évaluer. As of 2002, the number of registered refugees was around 250,000. Slaviša Mladenović – Language Commissioner. According to the 2008 constitution, Turkish, Bosnian, and Romany also have official status in relevant municipalities. Kosovo (Serbian Cyrillic: Косово, Serbo-Croatian pronunciation: ) is the Serbian neuter possessive adjective of kos (кос) "blackbird", an ellipsis for Kosovo Polje, 'blackbird field', the name of a plain situated in the eastern half of today's Kosovo and the site of the 1389 Battle of Kosovo Field. L'âge médian en 2014 était estimé à 27,8 ans. It depends on the people. By using this site you agree to our use of cookies as described in this. Why would people in Prizren speak Turkish if they’re not Turks? Linguistic structure of Kosovo, according to the 2011 census. Cependant, pour les grandes villes connues, nous garderons la dénomination internationale, comme pour Pristina. Aujourdhui encore, la composition ethnique du Kosovo du XVe siècle fait lobjet de nombreuses controverses, chaque partie interprétant en sa faveur les documents de lépoque. When the Albanians returned, it was the time for Serbian civilians to flee persecution by the Kosovo Liberation Army fighters. • Not only is Pristina’s main boulevard named after Bill Clinton, but the former American president is also honoured with a 3m-high (10ft) golden statue in the Kosovar capital. however, Kosovo's population growth rate has begun to slow and its birth rate has decreased.[12][13]. According to the government data, it is estimated that more than 65 percent of the population are younger than 30.
Since 2011, in accordance with European statistical norms, live births and deaths record figures in Kosovo only (excluding foreign countries). The average age of couples was 29.5 years. English Language Assessment in Higher Education IELTS is the world’s most popular English language test. Italian not much. Did you know? Apart from his mother tongue (Serbian) he is also fluent in Albanian and English. Nous citerons ici souvent les formes albanaises et serbes des lieux, quand celles-ci diffèrent. Elle comprend toutefois quelques petites différences et spécificités. Serbian and Bosnian are almost one language I think but I'm not too sure about that...What percentage of people still know Serbian? [32][33][34] The non-Albanian population in Kosovo is now about half of its pre-war total[citation needed]. • Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe, with an estimated 70% of its citizens under 35.

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