This will cause some hidden folders to show up in Ubuntu which are used to store all the metadata required to almost reproduce a HFS+ file system. Now just click on that line and hit command + C to copy the message. mount -t afp afp://username:password@hostname/ShareName /Volumes/ShareMount, /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources, 5. But if you ever run into problems you can easily resolve these by creating sparse disk images on your server with the Disk Utility built into Mac OS X.

Ubuntu Server Display There’s a good chance that your coffee or tea cup is now empty. Mac OS X requires encryption to work properly but the standard package of netatalk provided in the Ubuntu repositories doesn’t include this feature.

So you should try a minimal way: On my Ubuntu boxes I have no other file sharing protocol like samba or NFS enabled (even not installed) so the samba hostname and the AFP hostname can’t interfere with each other. Congratulations!

But for those people still having problems with these error messages: On Mac OS X have a look in the Console app inside your Utilities folder. As for the Windows Vista server icon: Just rename the Windows Server.icns file to public.generic-pc.icns and navigate to. 7. After the creation is finished drag the created disk image to your mounted Time Machine volume (you can delete the disk image on your desktop when copy is finished). I have tried to explain all steps and Terminal commands so you may learn a bit about the Terminal too.

Your Mac will start with a minimal UI where you have a Utilities section in the top menu bar. Next we have to edit the main config file for AFP sharing called afpd.conf: Scroll to the very bottom of the document and add this to the bottom (replace the whole line in case there’s already one). Some people have problems when connecting to an AFP share and get a -5014 error. So we have to build our own netatalk package from the sources with the encryption feature enabled. Let’s create a xml-file for the afpd service with the following line: A blank document should open in vim.

After that reselect your mounted Time Machine volume. Now paste the following into the document and save the file by pressing Ctrl + S or by choosing File > Save: update: The last part is used to assign a specific (Apple) hardware model to your Linux box. SSHとは SSHとは「Secure Shell」の略で、暗号や認証の技術を利用して安全にリモートコンピュータと通信するためのプロトコル*1。 パスワードやデータを暗号化して通信する点と、サーバーに接続する時に接続先が意図しないサーバー … This can include having your iTunes, iPhoto or Aperture library on your Ubuntu server. The secret number Time Machine adds to your computer name is nothing more than the MAC address of the network device that your Mac uses to talk to your server, as Simulacrum and Todd found out in the comments. Check the Source Code Box, click Close and choose Reload in the next dialogue. Downloading and using the Server Display Icons. I hope especially the Ubuntu team will simplify this in future versions. Let the cnid_meta daemon run too and if you want to share your Linux connected printer with your Mac also enable the pap daemon (set to yes): Here it’s very important to run the cnid_meta daemon because this service will handle all the metadata for us (namely the reosurce fork) which would get lost due to the fact that your Linux box isn’t formatted as Apple’s HFS+. Now just hit Command + V in the Save As field and remove everything before the name of the sparsebundle.

Just rename the Ubuntu Server.icns to and navigate to.

パスワードを聞いてきますので、パスワードを入力して [Enter] キーを押します。「続行しますか?」と聞かれたら [y] と入力して [Enter] キーを押します。, 7 インストールには少し時間がかかりますが、終了したら、「端末」の右上にある「×」ボタンをクリックして閉じます。これでsambaのインストールができました。, sambaをインストールしただけではまだ使えません。使えるようにするためには各種設定を行う必要があります。従来はsambaの設定ファイルをテキストエディタで編集する必要がありましたが、Linuxに不慣れなWindowsユーザーには荷が重い作業でした。今ではGUIで簡単に設定できるツールがありますので、ここではそうしたツールを使って設定する方法を解説します, ここで使うツールはsystem-config-sambaという名前です。デフォルトではインストールされていませんので、まずこれをインストールします。, 1 Ubuntuのデスクトップ画面で左下のアプリケーションボタンをクリックします。, 2 検索窓に「samba」と入力すると、「Ubuntuソフトウェア」が表示されますので、「samba」をクリックします。, 5 インストールが終了したらウィンドウを閉じます。ここで「起動」ボタンをクリックしてもまだ起動できません。, 6 先ほどみたようにアプリケーション一覧から「端末」を起動し、次のコマンドを入力して [Enter] キーを押します。, これで準備が整いましたので、次のコマンドを入力して [Enter] キーを押すと「system-config-samba」が起動します。, sudo system-config-sambaでsystem-config-sambaを起動する, 7 「sambaサーバー設定」の画面が表示されます。ツールバーの一番左にある「+」ボタンをクリックします。, 8 「samba共有を作成」ウィンドウが開きますので、「ディレクトリ」に「/home/share」と入力し、「書き込み可能」と「可視」にチェックを付けます。続いて「アクセス」タブをクリックします。, 9 「誰でもアクセスを許可する」にチェックを付けて「OK」ボタンをクリックします。これはネットワーク上の全ユーザーが共有フォルダにアクセスできる設定です。もし、特定のユーザーのみにアクセスを制限したいのであれば、「特定のユーザーのみアクセスを許可する」にチェックを付けるようにします。, 10 「プレファレンス」をクリックして「サーバー設定」をクリックします。 This is one line so be sure that there’s no line break in your afpd.conf file: Press Ctrl + S to save the document or choose File > Save. update 07/14/2008: On the Mac side you have to enable the option to use network volumes as Time Machine drives first.

On Ubuntu, the Samba package can be easily installed and configured to provide connectivity between Ubuntu und Mac OS X out of the box. You can test if your network share was properly mounted by doing.

The counter should start and Time Machine’s big button will change to on. So there’s no way to access your Mac from Ubuntu via AFP in the file manager. となります., 基本的に技術メモを発信しています。

Select ‘Go > Connect to Server…’ from the toolbar.

But Time Machine creates a unique filename for the disk image and we can find out this name with a little trick: First open up the Console from your Applications > Utilities folder and open the Time Machine preferences. If Time Machine says “The backup disk image could not be created” during the first backup attempt you can do the following to avoid this problem and some others (backup fail due to permissions): In short, you have to create the backup disk image on your Desktop and copy it to your mounted Time Machine volume. Now fire up your Terminal under Applications > Accessories and execute the following lines (separately).
Now we have to tell the afpd daemon what Volumes to share. Just create a new sparse disk image on your desktop, copy it to your mounted Ubuntu volume and mount the copied disk image by double clicking it. Finally the only problem remaining is that your Ubuntu or Linux box isn’t formatted as journaled HFS+ so some scenarios would fail or make problems. Help us understand the problem.

But before making your next coffee you should share this article on your favorite social website. There should be some sort of name already but the important part here is the servername.local which is the AFP way of server names. Now you can put all the files and libraries in it which depends on HFS+. If you’re interested what the other services could do: atalkd is the AppleTalk daemon (pre-OSX file sharing, old printing), timelord can make your Linux box a network time server and please don’t ask me for what a2boot is good for (If you know it, post it in the comments please / Kelly suggests it’s a netboot server for client Macs). Qiitaにも書きますが、最近は自分のブログ作ってみました。 But there’s a command line based AFP client available called afps-ng which uses the FUSE system. In short you have to allow communications over port 548 and 5353. you should first be sure you have either no firewall on your Ubuntu box in use or have it configured to allow AFP communications as suggested in the above paragraph. Just define the correct path. You should follow the steps in the following article only if you want to setup a Mac with an OS X version below 10.9. or you are absolutely sure you want to use AFP for file sharing. So be sure to check the latest comments on this article when the 10.5.6 update is out to see if this rumor is true and if there are problems caused by that. Oh, needless to say: a gigabit ethernet connection will speed things up dramatically even compared to (draft)n-WLAN. となります., $ scp サーバのユーザID@サーバのドメイン:ダウンロードするファイル ダウンロード先 「サーバー設定」の画面が開きますので、「ワークグループ」にWindowsと同じワークグループ名を入力し、「OK」ボタンをクリックします。, 11 9で「特定のユーザーのみアクセスを許可する」にチェックを付けた場合は、「プレファレンス」から「Sambaのユーザー」で、アクセスを許可するユーザーを指定します。 C言語出身(もうかけないと思うけど)なので、型付き言語に抵抗はそこまでありません。

以前からNASに興味があったのですが、どうしても脳内ほしい物リストでは下位に留まっていました。どうせなら今まで外付けHDDだったTime Machineのバックアップ先にしようと思っ … In the ‘Server address’ field, enter the.local address you retrieved from your …

Time Machine Volume icon And since I’m not able to reproduce these errors I can’t investigate in them.

Find the “#Set which daemons to run” part and replace the default values with these to enable just AFP and disable all unneeded services. update: A solution for the icon problem is here: Simon Wheatley figured out how to assign a different icon to your avahi advertised Linux box.

On the Mac you’re using as your client, launch a ‘Finder’ window. Although we now have a fully configured AFP file server it will not show up in the Finder sidebar on Mac OS X Leopard (but it’s reachable via Go > Connect to Server… in the Finder).

Also I’ve left the Workgroup field blank under System > Administration > Network > General tab.

which outputs the content of the Volumes folder and you should see your network share. Alessandro has built a nice .deb package for i386 machines. Additionally I’ve included an icon with the default Leopard and the default Vista wallpaper to represent your Leopard and Windows server too (The default Mac server icon uses the old Tiger wallpaper). PHP書きます。 Click on “All Messages” in the left sidebar, try to connect to your Ubuntu box in Finder and see the messages in Console.

Enter your username and password (the ones you’re using on your Ubuntu machine) and you should see the Volumes we defined earlier with the AppleVolumes.default file: Another side effect of using AFP is that your Ubuntu box will show up as a nice Apple Cinema Display icon instead of the BSOD windows icon. Finally restart Netatalk to activate the changes: Although we now have a fully configured AFP file server it will not show up in the Finder sidebar on Mac OS X Leopard (but it’s reachable via Go > Connect to Server… in the Finder). Of course you can define every folder you like or even an attached USB disk.

$ scp ~/Desktop/image.jpeg Configure Avahi and advertise services, Problems with creating the backup disk image, Netatalk backup disk reaching maximum capacity, share your Linux connected printer with your Mac, Kelly suggests it’s a netboot server for client Macs, Eric’s solution as suggested in the comments, Dmitry Nedospasov found a way to manage this, As a commenter in an ArsTechnica forum says, All possible AppleVolumes.default options (part of the Netatalk manual), Overview and templates about services Avahi can advertise, In-depth article about Sparse Bundle disk images, How-to: Get files off a Time Machine backup without using your Mac, Tuto: Comment créer votre serveur Time Capsule sous Debian. What is going on with this article? The usedots option is required if you want to use invisible files and folders (those starting with a dot in the name). Apple uses v2 of the Samba protocol, dubbed SMB2 for file sharing by default now, which includes many technical advantages over AFP. Personally I use a fresh installation of Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Desktop version (32bit on one machine, 64bit on the other) and Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.3 and later) to connect to them. Here you can see the icons included in the Server Displays icon pack: Because I’ve just modified Apple’s standard icons these icons are just available via this blog post and they will not show up in my Goodies section. So the Avahi daemon will advertise all defined services across your network just like Bonjour do.

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