Strip Specialist (Superstar) – This makes you immune to broken tackles when going in for the strip. Secure Protector – When pass blocking, provides more time in the pocket when engaged by not allowing quick pass-rush blocksheds, unless defender has Edge Rush Elite. Pro Reads (X-Factor) – While it sounds great that your first open read as a QB is highlighted, in practice I found that either I already made the read before the A.I. Superstar abilities are always on, meaning players with the Shutdown ability, like Jaguars corner Jalen Ramsey, always have an increased chance of disrupting receiver catches. Did you enjoy your time with the Madden 20 beta? Currently nobody has the Gunslinger ability, which speeds up the animation and ball speed for bullet passes, so this is one I'm really looking forward to using since it's often paramount to get the ball out quickly when the receiver is between zones. Freight Train (X-Factor) – Currently only Cam Newton has this ability, which gives him a better chance of breaking the first tackle (like First One Free). Put in the comments what’s your favorite X-Factor and/or Superstar Ability is? Odell Beckham Jr. falls out of the zone and his X-Factor turns off when you don’t target him on consecutive plays., Madden 20 X-Factors & Superstar Abilities, Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Cover Story, Final Fantasy VII Remake Aerith Voice Actress Cosplays Her Character And It's Perfect, Netflix's The Witcher Season 2 Set Photo Reveals Much-Improved Nilfgaard Armor, Why Microsoft Changed Its Stance On Xbox Games On Nintendo Switch, According To Phil Spencer, Cyberpunk 2077 Devs Didn't Know About The Delay Until The Day Of, Here's Why, Microsoft Is Giving Away An Actual Xbox Series X Fridge To Outmeme The Memes, Uncharted Movie Is Done Filming, First Look At Mark Wahlberg's Sully Costume, Watch Dogs: Legion Review – A Successful Team-Building Exercise, Xbox Game Pass Adds Even More Games To Console, PC, And Mobile. Unleash unique abilities that make stars feel like stars. Although the X-Factor isn’t turned off unless the player is tackled for a loss, it’s arguably not even as powerful as some regular always-on Superstar abilities. Among the X-Factors, if I had to choose, it would would be Zone Hawk, which increases the rate of knockouts and INTs. Running backs were yesterday and quarterbacks were the day before.. Crunch is a Flat Circle at CD Projekt Red. They create it. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. Seven Gameplay Changes Coming to NBA 2K20, Minnesota Timberwolves NBA 2K League Affiliate Wins the 2019 Championship, Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2020 Out Now. I’m not saying it’s not useful, I’d just rather have another X-Factor instead. These players are known as 'Superstar X-Factors,' and they're going to be able to change up your gameplan in a big way. Remember, the players who possess the Superstar and X-Factor abilities can and will change throughout the year. I personally don’t call many of these in the first place. Focused Kicker – Kick-meter cursor speed is significantly slower for more precise place kicking. 11 Games That Will Help You Get in the Halloween Spirit, Madden 20 Superstar-X Factor Player Abilities Explained, Chance to pressure QB while engaged with a blocker, Wins aggressive catches against single coverage, Wins RAC and possession catches against single coverage, Highlights the first receiver open while in the pocket, Tighter coverage and more picks on contested catches, Pass rush win leads to quick block shedding, Increased chance to break next tackle attempt, Higher chance to defeat run blocks and disrupt catches, More catch knockouts and picks in zone coverage, High fakeout rating on next juke, spin, hurdle, Chace to pressure QB while engaged with a blocker, Max throwing distance increased by 15 yards, Highlights extra blitzers after the ball is snapped. Conversely, if you’re playing against an opponent with these abilities, you’re going to want to know what you’re going up against. Bruiser – Ballcarriers with this ability have more powerful truck and stiff arm animations. All Rights Reserved. Here is a full list of players with X-Factor and Superstar Abilities in a searchable table, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Game Changers Live – S3:EP1: Beta Code Giveaway & EA Play, Madden 20 Franchise Team Review – Arizona Cardinals, PS5’s ‘Activities’ feature may change the way games are made, Reference Tools For All of the Superstar X-Factors and Superstar Abilities in Madden NFL 21, Free Madden NFL 21 Opportunity #1 – Shop’s Ultimate Trivia Night. THIS WEEK IN BUSINESS | Take-Two offered an ugly peek at the future with NBA 2K21. Today we are going over the X-Factor and Superstar abilities for wide receivers and tight ends in Madden 20. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. Publishers Are Embracing Games as a Disservice. Madden 20 has a new control allowing QBs to pull down the ball, giving them full access to any ball carrier moves in the pocket. Once the X-Factor is turned on, it can be turned off, and the conditions for this are similarly prescriptive. A handful of elite abilities combine multiple abilities, so you know these are valuable. Last Ditch (Superstar) – An ability that lets you throw the ball when being sacked may sound like a life-saver, but you’ll mainly just be chucking incompletions anyway. Of particular note is the X-Factor Double Me (increased chance of an Aggressive catch against single coverage) given how powerful aggressive catches are in the game. ", Half-Life Remake Black Mesa Now Has a Definitive Edition Out in Beta. Going into the Madden NFL 20 Beta one of my concerns was that X-Factor Abilities would be over powered. This year’s game has improved the feel of the running game, and these abilities help that tremendously, from powering up your stiff arm, juke, hurdle, and spin to improving the blocking inside and out. Out Corner Elite – Combines Out Specialist and Corner Specialist. These abilities are used throughout the game, but they can only be switched in/out in Madden Ultimate Team and QB1 Face of the Franchise. Description text from EA Tiburon. I also like the Fearless X-Factor (accuracy unaffected by defensive pressure) and Sleight of Hand (improves pump fake), especially since the latter is easier to perform this year. If you have your own thoughts on which X-Factors or Superstar abilities are valuable, list them down in the comments section below. NBA 2K21 Is Bringing MyPlayer to the WNBA. In practice, I didn’t find it super useful. I wouldn’t say any Superstar ability or X-Factor is completely worthless, but some are less useful than others. Clutch Kicker – Kicker cannot be iced by an opponent timeout during critical field goals. Next-gen sports will arrive a little after launch. Balance Beam – Automatic stumble recovery when carrying the ball. Superstar Abilities: Conductor, Dashing Deadeye, Gift Wrapped, Gunslinger, Gutsy Scrambler, Identifier, Inside Deadeye, Last Ditch, Lofting Deadeye, Long Range Deadeye, No-Look Deadeye, Pass Lead Elite, Pocket Deadeye, Pocket Lead, QB Playmaker, Red Zone Deadeye, Roaming Deadeye, Secure Protector, Set Feet Lead, Sideline Deadeye, Sleight of Hand, X-Factors: Bazooka, Fearless, Gambler, Pro Reads, Run N Gun. MUT head-to-head gameplay is awash with ball carrier special moves, so these abilities fit right in. I’m happy to say that I didn’t feel like that after the beta. The new mode is a next-gen exclusive, however. Great! I spent a lot of my time with it transcribing all of the many, many X-Factors Abilities and Superstar Abilities that players can have so that you don't have to.. Watch Trailer Zone Abilities. Ed Oliver, 81 Overall, Superstar Development, DT. Superstar Abilities: Agile Extender, Anchored Extender, Escape Artist, Fastbreak, Protected, Secure Protector. Human Joystick – Increased agility as a ball carrier. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Madden 20 Franchise Contract Tips; Bears: David Montgomery, 76 Overall, Star Development, HB. When you've got a Superstar X-Factor player with their ability activated, it's important that you play around that ability. For instance, for Adam Thielen to earn his Double Me X-Factor that increases the chances of him winning an aggressive catch against single coverage, he first must catch two 20-plus yard passes. Bulldozer – Excels at the truck special move when carrying the ball. Wrecking Ball – Wrecking Ball runners don't avoid contact. See our terms & conditions. In the table below, we've listed out all … This isn’t super useful since it doesn’t increase the chance of causing an actual fumble. Playmaker – Grants receivers the ability to immediately and precisely react to playmaker requests. Gutsy Scrambler – Passers with this ability won't be adversely affected by pass rush pressure while throwing on the run. At launch, there will be 50 players in Madden 20 who have Superstar X-Factor Zone abilities. Both X-Factors and Superstar abilities can be very useful, but some are definitely handier than others. First One Free (X-Factor) – This running back X-Factor gives you an increased chance to pull off a spin, juke, or hurdle – but only the first one. Get the best of USG in your inbox by subscribing to our newsletters. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Bazooka (X-Factor) – Cover star Patrick Mahomes has this, and I’m as big a fan of his as anyone, but frankly I don’t know how many situations I’m going to be in where I have to throw an 80-yard bomb. In fact I actually felt like the normal Superstar abilities that players always have were more powerful than the X-Factor Abilities (17) that took a series of events to occur for it to happen. Superstar Abilities: Acrobat, Edge Threat, Edge Threat Elite, Enforcer, Finesse Specialist, Lurker, Man Up, Pass Rush Elite, Pick Artist, Power Specialist, Reach Elite, Run Stopper, Secure Tackler, Strip Specialist, Tackle Supreme, Under Pressure, Unfakeable, Universal Coverage, Zoned Out, X-Factors: Fearmonger, Reinforcement, Run Stuffer, Shutdown, Unstoppable Force, Zone Hawk.

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