Elliott Lewis and Cathy Lewis separated during the mid-1950s and eventually divorced in 1958.

Each novel sold more than a million copies and was translated into eight to 12 languages for distribution abroad.

Shayne was initially married in the novels, his wife being Phyllis (Brighton) Shayne, who was a somewhat limited character, and was often out of town. When his activities threaten the election campaign of a would-be state attorney, the career of a prominent doctor and the insurance investigator who approved the claim for payment, he is slugged, drugged and framed for murder.

His list of suspects expands to the men and women trysting with the show people, the jealous boyfriend and girlfriend of those who were running around with Voltane and his wife and a former magician with whom Voltane had once carried on a torrid affair. Complete transparency. From the November 7, 1946 edition of The Cedar Rapids Tribune: The fellow who plays Michael Shayne every Tuesday night is no stranger to the role of crime fiction. For the present we have twelve feature films, some 45 paperbacks and novellas, at least sixty circulating exemplars of his Radio incarnations, and we understand a full release of Michael Shayne's first and only Television season is on the horizon. When the playboy is found murdered, Mike is hired to assist in the investigation and discovers that the glass to family's gun case was broken with a high-heeled shoe.

Vinton Hayworth is- starred as Shayne in the series. Standing:

plugins: { Jeff came to Hollywood after his Army discharge, having served two years as a lieutenant in the Aleutians.

He later became a publisher.

the play button in front of a title; click again to pause. Starring Wally Maher and later Jeff Chandler (pictured) as the 'reckless red-headed Irishman', the episodes were cleverly plotted with high-quality scripts and characterizations.

Chandler left the production after some 26 performances, to be replaced, briefly, by Film actor, Donald Curtis for two broadcast episodes. As such the interplay and byplay between Cathy Lewis as Phyllis Knight and Wally Maher as Michael Shayne, was often complimented by Joe Forte as Lieutenant Farraday. Dresser's Mike Shayne character was soon translated to the big screen with an initial seven Michael Shayne films starring Lloyd Nolan. His secretary-girl friend, Phyllis, is right in there pitching, too.

controls: { | ABC's take on Michael Shayne was not without its growing pains. Davis Dresser's red-haired Irishman, Michael Shayne, weaved his way through several disconcerting incarnations over a twenty-seven year journey from pulp to paperback to feature Film to Radio, back to feature Film, back to Radio, to Film, then to Television. Michael Shayne, a hard-boiled private eye who loves peanuts and excitement, shifts Into the 8 p. m. spot on KECA tonight, and Dan Dodge, another sleuth, follows at 8:30 p. m. replacing "This Is Your FBI.". Shayne is hired to sell a valuable pearl necklace quickly and use the proceeds to pay off a gambling debt. eventually included movies, magazines and a TV show.

volumeColor: '#ffffff', As radio's Dr. Dana he is "Sam Spade with a scalpel."

In 1948, Mutual radio debuted “The New Adventures of Michael Shayne” starring movie star Jeff Chandler.
The ABC series, once it finally sorted out its cast, proved to be an adequate depiction of Brett Halliday's original character, albeit it of a somewhat less piquant variety. Radio listeners and lovers of mystery fiction are familiar with Mike Shayne. Michael "Mike" Shayne is a fictional private detective character created during the late 1930s … The series was very popular with He is very soothing. Q.E.D. sliderBorder: '1px solid rgba(128, 128, 128, 0.7)', Filming & Production Mike tries to learn if the mysterious goings-on have anything to do with the disappearance of the beautiful woman whose portrait hangs over the fireplace.

Among them are: What you see here, is what you get. He was graduated into acting for his first role in Christopher Morley's "Trojan Horse. Davis Dresser was certainly a colorful character in any case--perhaps not quite the equal of his various western and detective noir genre protagonists, but certainly a character in his own right. This site uses cookies. The magazine continued for nearly three decades, always including at least one Shayne novella in each edition.

Dr. Manx is an archaeologist and expert in Egyptian artifacts.

When a large trunk left in the basement by the previous owner – an accused murderer – is found vandalized, Fred Palmer hires Mike Shayne to investigate. The Adventures of Michael Shayne, Starring Richard Denning as Michael Shayne, the series brings back Lucy Hamilton from the last Radio rendition of Michael Shayne, as portrayed first by Patricia Donahue, then Margie Regan. His pretty client is up to her eyeballs in blackmail and murder with suspects that include her brother-in-law, the casino lawyer, a former boyfriend and a sleazy divorce attorney. borderRadius: '2px',
It managed to have three different leads in its first fourteen weeks but had the virtue of being set in Miami.

He's one of the TV's iron men.

tooltips: {

He has three children, two girls and a boy. Wally likes comedy, so he likes Michael Shayne. Reporter Ned Brooks has been murdered, and the evidence points to Tim Rourke – at least, politician Jim Gardena is doing his best to pin the rap on him. "He used to tell her that some day a prince would carry her away. Conway, June 16--This town, and particularly the vicinity of Reed's Bridge, should enjoy complete immunity from crime, for the areasis now under the capable protection of Michael Shayne, red-headed, two-fisted, cognac-drinking private detective, who has solved hundreds of criminal dilemmas since he was first introduced to an enthusiastic detective mystery reading public by the distinguished crime author, Brett Halliday, some 10 years ago.

When Shayne opts to pressure the gambling club owner into turning the IOU over to him for free, he is surprised when his client reacts angrily.

Notes on Provenances:

Another operation followed, date unknown, where he received an additional 20 pints of blood. Dresser married the equally successful fiction writer, Helen McCloy [Dresser's second marriage] in 1946.

The twenty-six scripts were as follows: That Chandler pulled it off for twenty-six episodes is itself a tribute to his talent. He talked to them in Italian and used to get a kick out of watching their faces light up.

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