Thanks for contributing an answer to Home Improvement Stack Exchange! To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. I'll post the schematic, PCB, and BOM once I figure out a good way to do so. Curb shows customers where their energy is being used and how much is being generated, in real time and for less money than traditional solar monitoring systems.

In case you're wondering why the datapoint structure uses uint32 types, it's because it needs to store 3840 squared ADC values. Bonus! Curb monitors everything going on inside your home as well as your solar system. If I structure it right then it should be easy to switch protocols later on if need be.

That adds up to a larger than uint24 value. That's exciting! XC8 is a different compiler entirely and is hobbled in the free version. In other words, if this project gets as far as a Rev 2.0 and power consumption is an issue, look for it using a PIC32 at a lower clock speed. Raspberry Pi's seem to be pretty good as stand alone web servers, so I'll try that. This would also be a great place to use mini-lugs, i.e. Monitor everything in your home that uses electricity. Adding the Sense electricity monitor to my breaker box, Here is a video linked directly to the email that someone received from Sense. But that's not the interesting part. It's encouraging to know there are people out there that are interested in what I'm doing. This will require a larger smoothing capacitor. MQTT looks interesting and definitely scale-able to work with other projects, but it might be too much overhead for the PIC. One of the cheapest ways to do that is with one of those nRF24L01+ modules that you can get for about a $1 each. Take out any two adjacent breakers (utility room receptacles and central vacuum are good choices) and install the tandem breakers.
Get tips on how to save more and alerts when you’re over budget or if something is accidentally left on. Here's some pictures: You probably noticed the ribbon cable dangling off the LCD. I'll need to revisit this, and your 2 suggestions are good starting points. Depending on location the breaker box / fuse box can be the domain of a licenced electrician only. I can measure the voltage phase shift from the wall transformer easily enough, but I'll need to set up a resistive load to measure the phase shift from the current transformer. I'm calling that the 3 power channels. Log In. It actually took 10 times more cycles than I allotted for in the GatherData()... Hi there! When sticky notes started appearing on each and every energy consuming device in the office, detailing how much they cost to use each year, I knew that Curb had changed the way my team thought about energy. How is this practice viewed? For that, you really need to either use a half-wave rectifier, a single diode, so that one side of the transformer is connected to ground, or a center-tapped transformer and 2 diodes for a full-wave bridge. How should I request a professor to restrict communication to email? Nice.

In order to capture that I'll try to sample the waveform as much as possible with enough overhead to process the data within the PIC. The big change here is swapping out full wave rectification with half wave. Outside of this loop I've set up a timer that will trigger every (60Hz*64) 3840Hz. Uncover energy hogs, identify ways to save and stay on budget, and track your projected electricity bill.

The ADC values are scaled about the alternating voltage/current midpoint, which would be the value read by the ADC when no voltage or current sensor is present. modules that you can get for about a $1 each. Moved RF connections around to default SPI pins on PIC. The brains of the unit will be a PIC18F26J13. Now then, today I'm going to talk about my software design for calculating power. Through sensors that connect directly to your breaker box, Curb monitors everything in your house that uses electricity.

On face value, that should be enough to capture 6 ADC values, multiply 16-bit numbers 9 times, and add 16 and 32-bit values 9 times. directive preceding it. Added test points.

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