How's the search ? :). I've tried this and it only sort of works, but expects them to be the pages as your lists.html or index.html, and can't paginate a path. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Taskade is a task tracker. I think text, regardless of the number of paragraphs or format, should be one single block until it's actually interrupted by inline data structures like tables or galleries. As in: this cookie will stick around as long as your browser is running, but when you close it and start it up again it will be gone? What do you find wrong with the search? Three features that have been particularly useful for personal productivity are. * Since they aren't a mature product and will likely change it considerably in the short-term, possibly "firing" customers as they search for a bigger market, they'll need their product to keep up. For Diary/Journal use only: Please please fix the search. (Full disclosure: I'm a total bullet journaling convert. You can use it fine with a browser. Say $7/mo for up to 4 users? The closest product is Quip but Quip is like Google docs - each page is its own thing. We're taking some time off to reflect and plan our next moves. From wikis, todos, document authoring, agendas, code notebook, ... Somos una empresa mexicana, fabricante y comercializadora de muebles. I care about my data and having it accessible, even outside of the application. That is: It's possibly something many of us should care more about, though. We are happy to host you for lunch: And the ability to share is the most human feature. A local app that lets me store all my data with markdown syntax, syntax highlighting, in local files and directories, specifically for macOS although a cross platform app would be fine. Nice job! They expire the session very frequently which has been an annoyance for me, so log-in with the magic link has been faster than digging for the password through my manager. Yeah I thought about that but I'm in the process of moving my services away from Google. Its really easy to sign up for a Google account for stuff like this, and I have multiple accounts on gmail anyways in case I dont want to share my important personal email. These types of "services" should be opt-in, not opt-out. Register. Digging? Agreed. JIRA is, by its nature, a multi-user software. IMHO it's appropriate to price products based on the value derived, not the effort to implement each incremental "feature". The next tier is 25 users for $2500. Because I can imagine letting small providers (like my wife) transmogrify this into their own personal EHR. Will do better. Markup files, images, etc. "Secure": false, Jira has a self hosted version at very reasonable price ($10 one time for small teams with a single server up to $500k per year for high availability setups with >50k users). Just build it yourself. This is exactly why atlassian is pretty much the only contender in a lot of cases. It is an extremely frustrating practice (emailing you the password). Login or Create an Account New Customers By creating an account with our store, you will be able to move through the checkout process faster, store multiple shipping addresses, view and track your orders in your account and more. I migrated back to Bear ( which was a pain - exporting from Notion is also not one of their best features. :). I use search way less in Notion than Evernote due to the ability to hierarchically organize notes in a manner that better matches my mental map, to the point where it's hard for me to comment on the quality of search in Notion. From the Notion app on your phone; Tap on "Log in" Tap on 'Reset Now' Enter the email address you used when you created your account in the Notion app; Tap on 'Reset Password' Check your inbox for an email with a link to reset your password. Most IT managers are under pressure to cut costs, reduce staff, modify accounting (review vs capital budgets), coexist with shadow IT, etc. But that’s fine. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, and to manage access to your account. There's never any real consequences for service providers. It's a bit less than ideal, overall. How do you support these on-prem customers? Were it not in Electron, it would most likely still have a big web widget occupying most of its frame. The problem is that what you consider "good money" is probably not even close to making such a product a viable business. The data is the "source of truth" and those can be exported, backed up, etc, easily. I'm afraid it's not easy to test your app without Slack/G+ Account and would be grateful if the project could "open to the free software world" a little more. Now you've got to worry about Notion experiencing a data breach, and whether or not that breach could get you in hot water with your clients, or even into legal trouble. Every interaction is delightful, and the app scales really well from basic note-taking to decently complex databases with grouping, filters, relations, templates and permissions. Check out which supports Markdown, Fossil's variant of Markdown and plain text. Políticas de Compra. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. That seems to be pretty hard. Bitwarden is a niche application which handles very sensitive data. That economic reality is why on-prem, self-hosted software is almost exclusively a very expensive, enterprise software. The world is not android ;) Permissions and proxies exist. Airtable is a database. Maybe one in a few hundred people (let's say 500 for easy math) would want self-hosted version. Can you handle PHI? You still charge money for it either way. Thanks so much! Companies can justify paying a few thousand a year for installation and a salary of an in-house employee to manage and maintain it. I've tried different computers & laptops/browsers, to ensure it's not some cached/cookied experience, but it _appears_ the actual request is no longer being sent. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Many IT people in small/medium organizations don't have the time to consider this. It sounds like a private git repo would suite you fine. Hardly interested in making a closed system my "central source of truth". The login scenario has me highly dubious about going all-in with Notion. Bitwarden offers self-hosting as one of their paid perks (Docker image and documentation included), in addition to a free tier. I'm just wondering why that's a good enough reason not to have a Linux client when it's already using Electron? Notion is all you need — in one tool. Write, plan, collaborate, and get organized. Yeah, Medium does this same thing and it makes me hate logging in so I'm rarely in the account I pay for. Well, then we should create open-source analog of notion. Specifically, the login is a randomly-generated one-time code sent to your email address. Email address * A password will be sent to your email address. I am a paying customer and it has always stand out for me in terms of UX. Markdown is a fileformat, while Notion is an interface which can utilize this fileformat. I absolutely agree with your general principle, as I read it: price is not necessarily determined by your cost (which goes up only incrementally with added users), but by the value (what the customer is willing to pay, which may go up more significantly). "Path": "/", However, I am not quite sure it justifies paying for this service when Apple Notes has got a lot better in the past few years (I also feel confident in the privacy approach of Apple). I've been looking for a Personal Knowledge Manager for a while (and been thinking about creating one). They've also said this is two-factor auth (lolno). Performance is terrible on my Android phone. This suggests an opportunity for a separately priced "family" option to allow sharing for non-commercial use. "First Party Domain": null, Email address * A password will be sent to your email address. When IT tries to learn and adopts the tool, or incorporates the needs then things work out better. Bear's in the same space as iA Writer, Apple's Notes, etc. Built in to osx/xcode I believe. Active Directory)? "Expires": null, Nuestro compromiso es ofrecer productos de gran calidad a un precio altamente competitivo y con un servicio único. On the latest version of macOS (Mojave), applications need to request the users’ permission before accessing photos, emails, webcam, microphone, calendars, and contacts, like how they do on iOS. enterprise software. Many IT admins are tasked with moving to cloud (or other outsourced) solutions. And it is a 2fa mechanism to a tee ( They're probably trying to avoid auth/password support by outsourcing this function to Google for the time being. We can get near full-knowledge of the product at a reduced price point, but to be human with the tool, we get hit with the real cost :), EDIT: I also don't like the actual pricing structure, but that's only because I would rather participate in co-operative systems, and dislike capitalist ones. Being able to export everything into a reasonable format was a requirement for me, and they've had that for a while. It seems that self-hosting solution requires those accounts too. And many people don't have the time or skill to "just build it yourself," so when something awesome like this comes along that looks really appealing, you get people asking for self-hosted options. That sounds very interesting, I've been using Hugo at work for an internal-only facing developer 'blog'. Not a great sign and makes me reluctant to give it another try. would jump on this if it supported Android :). If you install a native app, doesn't it completely have you by the balls anyhow? Why the fuck would anyone be so user-hostile? It’s one of the few apps I use with this inherent feeling of quality (off the top of my head Sublime Text/Merge, Beyond Compare, Things fall into this category of intangible greatness). I use org mode for: my tasks (gtd style), food log (using org columns), notes (easy export to any other format), habits. You can access it via web with any modern web browser, so does it matter?

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