Join the Blue Water Task Force chapter nearest you. Your adoption includes a signed certificate with a high quality image of a reef shark suitable for framing, with a name you provide. Illegal hunting of these beautiful creatures and overfishing are just a couple of threats to mention. Your $100 donation goes to data collection, monitoring and increased protection for mobula rays and sharks and the coral reef they inhabit. The shark project utilizes four methods as a means to comprehensively gather pertinent data about Cayman’s sharks. Once they have fed, great white sharks are able to go a whole three months without eating another meal. But once they have matured and are a lot bigger, their diet generally relies on sea mammals such as seals, sea lions and even small whales. You can join the citizen science project and report what you hear to the project leads. In that spirit, we present our annual Under the Sea collection of Little Mermaid-approved science projects. $10 . Sharks are dying every day and its all our fault. Opportunities for adults and kids! So what do they eat? Unfortunately, due to certain media the great white shark has a reputation for being a mindless killing machine, but as scientific research is starting to increase, this image is beginning to fade. Great white sharks are at the very top of the food chain they are therefore unlikely to be killed by other marine animals. Shark Stewards saves sharks by supporting regulation to reduce the shark fin trade and overfishing. Can you think of a more thoughtful gift for an ocean lover? Hundreds of great white sharks are still being fished every year in countries around the world. Orcas of the Pacific Ocean sing joyously like there’s no one listening. Citizen Science Salon is a partnership between Discover and we approach the Dog Days of Summer, Sirius, the dog star, makes its appearance in This project falls under SHARKLIFE AIM No. This means that sharks have existed 3 times longer than the dinosaurs. That’s right, 450 million years. On top of that, 25% of each purchase is donated towards cleaning our oceans and saving marine animals. Presumably, they’d be mortified to discover that there are underwater microphones placed throughout Washington's Salish Sea, with Orcasound volunteers listening in. Read our privacy policy. Not only are they sometimes victims of by catch, great white sharks are often hunted for their teeth and fins. Presumably, they’d be mortified to discover that there are underwater microphones placed throughout Washington's Salish Sea, with Orcasound volunteers listening in. So it’s only sensible to take our citizen science activities to the nearest body of cool ocean water. (Credit: Tory Kallman/Shutterstock), A surfer rides a wave against the industrial backdrop of Lake Michigan. One of the main reasons behind the decline in our great white shark numbers is the irresponsible use or our natural resources. The methods used are: tagging with an acoustic transmitter, BRUV (baited remote underwater video) surveys, photo identification of individual sharks and shark sighting logging. Sea Turtles Are Eating Plastic Because It Smells Like Their Food, Study Finds, Electrode-Wearing Jellyfish Might One Day Explore the Ocean For Us, Climate Change Is Driving Marine Species North, Changing California’s Coast. By adopting a great white shark you will play a part of the solution to help us make a difference. Sharks have played a vital role in maintaining healthy oceans for hundreds of millions of years as a top predator.

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