Yes, arms are attached to our hands and wrists. A common fault we see with high-handicap golfers is the shoulders and hips aimed far too far left at address. If we neglect our frame, we lose our control group – that which can never change – that which all others are measured against. For shame, golf instruction industry. Work your way back to a square stance or stay open. Once we realize that WE have to cooperate with our PLANE, setting up to our golf ball takes on a new meaning. Usually, people who equate distance with backswing length are some of the shortest hitters. Your shoulders should not be open or closed relative to your target line. But slicers usually have a wrong grip or weak grip. If your shoulders are pointing right, you are in a closed position. We use rotation, arms, and wrists for maximum speed shots. Of course, that does not mean we OBEY the plane with our movement. But, our arms and hands are now independent contractors. I AM saying we hit far fewer with the same amount of discipline and practice as when we set up square or closed. How will golf survive without the PGA Tour? Once I take it back it feels like swing is finished and I can just pour it on. How great would it be to methodically set your bag down, positioning your coke and nanner out of harm’s way, looking back to see no one on the tee, then up into a clear blue sky? It doesn’t. If your shoulders are pointing left, you are open. But they are trying to hit it straight without knowing that they have an open shoulder position. Starting with your shoulders too closed relative to your target line can cause you to take the club too far inside resulting in a swing that comes over-the-top which produces a pull or in the worst case a pull-slice. Lag is a change in plane. NO GO: Your shoulders should not be open or closed relative to your target line. Taking the time to practice alignment while wearing a Swing Align device will help it stay with you out on the course. Our Frame May Change, But The Plane Does Not, The Open Stance, Shaping Your Shot, and Lower Scores,,, The days of subjectivity, creating clients, distracting from knowledge, and smoke-and-mirrors are over. However, if we expend our mental resources adhering to an INTENTIONAL set-up philosophy we will, at a minimum, be able to define our patterns. And athleticism, instinct, and repetition are the passengers. Lee Trevino set up extremely open, and he was one of the best ball-strikers ever. © 2020 DISCOVERY GOLF, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, USE OF AND/OR REGISTRATION ON ANY PORTION OF THIS SITE CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF OUR. On the downswing, the only way to swing toward the target is to feel as if you're pushing the club way out to the right. If Your Golf Swing is Complicating Your Life, Try Couples Therapy, Patrick Cantlay Won The Memorial From an Open Stance, Lag In A Golf Swing Is The Expression Of Submission To Technique, Our Shoulders Hook Our Golf Ball, Not Our Hands. Shoulder rotation matters because it either guides our club path or disconnects from our club path. Technology will, finally, destroy the golf instruction industry. We certainly don’t need small muscle groups to swing slower. Mull over your club choice and make it. The club is typically aimed at the target, but the feet are aimed to the left. So… the hook. Fortunately for instructors, destructive technologies are still cost-prohibitive for the average golfer. It’s science (R. Burgundy). The Open Stance Academy. An open stance is where the toe line of the golfer is aimed to the left of the target line. I teach set-up, and use motion to help people adapt. The typical slicer takes the club back too far to the inside, runs out of room, and then has to lift the club to complete the backswing. My new technological investment has turned refining our golf swings into a game within a game. Your lower body, or golf stance alignment, should be easy because of that rod you set down for yourself. Luckily we have some golf swing alignment tips to help you keep your aim true.,, Oh my God! One session of distraction leads to more of the same. My shoulders are still probably still a bit open and my feet probably aren't as open. Readers frequently ask why how an Open Stance can guarantee better impact and longer shots. It responds to any terrain tune and wind waltz with aplomb. Shaft changes are faster. Shoulder alignment at address is the most difficult part of the golf alignment process. Think of your best answer, and I’ll tell you next week. Align the leading edge of the club perpendicular to the rod you placed on the ground. you'll swing back straighter and deliver the club from the inside. It's easier to hit a fade from a slightly open position. The door just opened to an alternative golfing reality – one where we are allowed to dream a smaller dream… a reachable reality. No more achieving motion with drills! Surprised? Horizontal shoulder rotation has claimed its prize – the dreaded snap-hook. Our eyes see a position, but cannot see our own movement. Is Your Positioning Impeding Your Progress? I think we’ll survive by enjoying the game instead of the glamour, the walk instead of the talk, and the self instead of the social. It’s not my fault that I am the only one now. When our swing is required to correct a set-up flaw – IT WILL FAIL. With enough experience to know we will always adapt perfectly to any stimuli change, we go through the process of fulfilling our intention. Efficiency is economy of motion. Believe it. Our set-up CAUSES movement as specific as our attention to our set-up. Then, we’ll find out, unless we like them, how to remediate any adverse results. Isn’t that wonderful? Golf swing alignment is critical because a slight error can put you 10 yards off your mark - even more when hitting a driver. It was there – ready for absorption – and yet it was withheld. Relative to their stance line, this can often be more than 30 degrees open (left) which creates a host of issues within the swing; mainly that it creates a similar swing direction too … The alignment of your shoulders often determines what kind of shot you are going to hit, your right shoulder should be lower than the left shoulder at address, If your right shoulder is higher than it should be, your right shoulder tends to drop down or dip on the downswing causing clubface to open at impact, lower your right shoulder first before griping the golf club. Who benefitted? Work your way back to a square stance or stay open. John Wright – Founder The Open Stance Academy,, Set-Up With Motion vs. Motion With Drills. But, take heart. In the meantime, consider the motivation for not hearing the answer over the last fifty years. Not so fast. If your shoulders are pointing left, you are open. This will prevent you from pulling the club to the inside and will create a wider arc. All of the most-repeatable swing structures and thus, movement, emerge within the Open Stance – target plane dance.

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