The students competed in an Amazing Race type game.

Use an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to scan student QR code cards and keep track of attendance. Search for and download the "PBIS Rewards Parent" APP to your phone or tablet from the iPhone/iPad App Store, Google Play or Amazon App Store. The process is fast and simple. Emphasis is placed on teaching and reinforcing important social skills and data-based problem-solving to address existing behavior concerns. 2.

The groups could not move on to the next QR code until the challenge was correct. Each code was a review question (for their upcoming final exam) and a hint to the location of the next QR code. Concert programs instead of printing copies; directions for station activities; contact information for parents. Day Treatment, Dearborn Heights #7 O.W. PBIS Leadership Conference '20. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Your programmers could learn a lot from ClassDojo.

Also a QR code linking to new processes we have learned like missive or printmaking for General Art classes. I shouldn’t have to select all students before clicking the random button. Website version could make random button simpler. The QR code linked to that video. The students loved it...and their test scores were higher than years past. Scan QR Code Text me the Link. Reports can then be reviewed and exported online. 3. The home of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports ( My students were recorded as they talked about different areas of the classroom. SWPBIS is being implemented in thousands of schools across the country and has been demonstrated to reduce discipline problems and increase time for instruction. Students can then redeem points for privileges and/or items using a similar process.The backend system supports the concept of events and a store. There is a simple interface for creating and managing events and items within the store. With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Feel free to download any of the documents included on this page or contact Chris McEvoy for more information. They created a Wordle on an explorer to display and then created a QR to with the explorer's picture. Too many steps for something that should be simple. The developers are so helpful and open to new ideas. The data we get from the system is super helpful! Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Video scavenger hunt in audio video production Codes on books in school library that direct students to an audio review of the book. science- design a clown show that would work on the moon to check knowledge of gravity). I'm going to use a code that gives directions to a Mix & Match activity to generate random groups, and I'm going to use it first at pre-planning with my teaching staff! (XLS) QR Code and PBIS – Aimee Miller, Grosse Pointe Public Schools (PPT) PBIS for Dads – LaThomas Willis, Wyandotte Public Schools and Derek Nowka, Lincoln Park Public Schools (PPT) Investing in Tier 2 Interventions – Lincoln Park Middle School (PPT) Bully Prevention in PBIS – Westwood (PPT) PBIS at Crestwood High School

At Daily 5/our reading workshop, students scanned codes, read a sentence, then chose a spelling word that correctly completes the sentence. The PBIS Rewards System simplifies giving rewards and redeeming rewards by taking advantage of the scanning capabilities of smartphones and tablets.Teachers and Administrators give students points by scanning a bar code or QR code assigned to the student. Scan the QR code to download. I am yearbook advisor and last year we created a yearbook that was filled with QR codes that linked to videos on our YouTube channel and also to various sites on the Internet. I have added QR Codes to student homework which link to video tutorials to help students if they are stuck on the problems. Best Middle School, Redford Union Stuckey Adolescent Day Treatment, Grosse Pointe Parcells Middle School (Options Program), Grosse Pointe Parcells Middle School (Behavior Flow Chart). 2 and gr 5). The PBIS Rewards System simplifies giving rewards and redeeming rewards by taking advantage of the scanning capabilities of smartphones and tablets. I cannot always remember if I have given points for that day or not. I have used them to liven up bulletin boards, give parents my business card and provide a link to a slide show. For students to open a file to annotate, or to open a link to a website for an online quiz or to play bingo with Bingo Baker. Some link to websites, others to videos. This app has improved over the last year and a half since we have been using it at my elementary school. It's the easiest way to get everyone to right place at same time: scan and go! The students used iPods to scan QR codes posted around our middle school campus.

My kindergarten students dictate stories/sentences they have written into my phone. My digital art students have QR codes displayed with their artwork that connects to a digital slideshow of all of their projects. I recorded students reading biographies that they wrote. The backend system also keeps track of students and teachers and all activity related to giving points and point totals.Teachers and Administrators can access a desktop system to review a student's history, balance, etc. ​40 interesting ways to use QR codes in the classroom (and tips), Burns: Deeper Learning with QR codes & AR, QR code reader for mobile phones, Qrafter QR Code Reader (optimized for iPad), AT&T QR Code Scanner (iOS, Android, Blackberry), SnapVu (includes URL shortener and scan tracker), QR Code classroom treasure hunt generator, Livebinder: QR Codes in Education (Anderson), Using QR codes in the classroom to enhance learning, Winksite: create a mobile Web site w/ a QR code, 12 Ideas for Teaching with QR Codes (Edutopia), Consumer protection from malicious QR codes, Batch create QR codes in a Google Spreadsheet, Karen Ogen's "QR in the Classroom" presentation, Audio recordings, QR codes, and Google Docs, 25 fun ways to use QR codes for teaching and learning, 8 ways to make learning fun by using QR codes in the classroom, For students to view YouTube clips for information (gr. These are individual sheets with  6 different QR codes on them-- 4 will be personal to pupil (e.g. (PDF) Designing and Printing PBIS Materials at Wayne RESA - 2019, Wayne County RESA Intermediate School District Annual Website Report 2018-2019, Wayne County RESA Intermediate School District Annual Website Report 2017-2018, Equity, School Culture and Cultural Competence, Child and Student Education Referral Form, Mathematics Assessment System for the Essential Elements, Pacing Guides, Templates and Report Cards, K-12 Balanced Literacy and Assessment System, Positive Behavior Support Policy, 2006 (PDF), Administrative Support for PBIS: Building and District Levels (PDF), 2019-20 PBIS Schools in Wayne County (DOC), A Framework for Providing Positive Behavior Support During COVID-19, Responding to Behavioral Concerns Related to COVID-19, COVID-19 Tip Sheet for Teaching New Expectations and Parent Flyers, Tips for Using PBIS Strategies to Support Remote Instruction, Check-In Check-Out for Remote Learning - 2020, Google Drive Link for Remote CICO Point Sheets, PBIS For Parents: Using PBIS Principles at Home, UNICEF Tips for Parenting During COVID-19, Team Implementation Checklist Graph, 2019, Time-Out: Designing an Effective Consequence Procedure, Teacher Collaboration for Classroom Implementation of PBIS, Increasing Bus Safety through PBIS Implementation, STOP-WALK-TALK Poster - Gibraltar, Parsons Elementary, Expect Respect in Detroit Public Schools Community District, Free or Inexpensive Reward Ideas - Elementary & Secondary, Laura Riffel, Plan for Targeted Instruction in Social Skills/Behavior Expectations, Wayne RESA Guidelines for Behavior Intervention, Antecedent Behavior Consequence (ABC) Log, Tier 3 PBIS: Intensive Positive Behavior Support, Early Intervention for Oppositional Defiant Behavior: A Multicomponent Approach, Restraint and Seclusion: Resource Document, Detroit-Wayne Integrated Health Network: Report to the Community, Policy for the Emergency Use of Seclusion and Restraint, Emergency Use of Seclusion and Restraint Frequently Asked Questions, Seclusion and Restraint Documentation Form, U.S. Department of Education Guidance on School Climate and Discipline, Michigan Department of Education Alternatives to Suspensions and Expulsions Toolkit, Redford Union Schools Alternatives to Suspension Initiative, Addressing Discipline Disproportionality Within a PBIS Framework: A Guide for School Teams, Trauma Informed Practices within a PBIS Framework: A Guide for Implementation, Alignment of PBIS and Trauma-Informed Schools, Alignment of PBIS and Restorative Practices, Resilient Classrooms: Trauma-Informed PBIS Strategies, Proactive, Trauma Informed, Resilience Focused Strategies, Discrete Teacher Practices as Predictors of Student Success, Implementing the PBIS Bully Prevention Program at Parsons Elementary, Teaching Social Skills: The Cornerstone of SW-PBS, 2014 Chicago PBIS Forum Takeaways: Freshman Success Curriculum & Homework Integrity Program, Designing and Printing PBIS Materials at Wayne RESA, Student Engagement – Wyandotte Lincoln Center, Opportunities to Respond – Lincoln Park Hoover Elementary, Incorporating Film Making Into Your School's PBIS Program - Jenna Waters, Wyandotte Wilson Middle School, A Behavior Expectations Rap Featuring Lady P - Romulus High School, Griffin Gets to Class On Time - Northville High Schools, Peer Mentor Program - Wyandotte Wilson Middle School, Teaching Positive Expectations – Hamtramck Horizon High School, Teaching Positive Expectations K-8 – Detroit Public Schools Community District, "Today's Gonna Be a Good Day" - Wayne-Westland Adams Upper Elementary, Wayne-Westland Ford Career and Technical Center, Redford Union Stuckey Elem.
Once you scan the QR code given by the teacher, you will have to confirm you are the parent or guardian.

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