Max and Paddy are outside putting up the banner when Max tells Paddy that he's going bald, starting a series of teasing. Brian Potter is driving on his motorised scooter as an announcement on Chorley FM tells us that it's opening day of the Phoenix Club. Brian then realises he's hired a gyspy and isn't too pleased. It was directed by Jonny Campbell. A bucking machine brings a quick-draw shootout to the club. Inside, Brian is been shown fliers for the club. The grand reopening of the Phoenix Club is nigh, and preparations are reaching their culmination. Wild West Night Title: Les meets Jerry in the main room, wondering whether Alan has arrived from his current trip to Stranraer. The next scene shows Brian faced with a 'Das Boot' fruit machine. Brian then agrees to take it for a month's free trial. He starts to then hurl abuse at Paddy for being a "baldy bouncer". (21 Jan 2001). Episode 1 of Series 1 was broadcast on 14th January 2001 and was written by Peter Kay, Neil Fitzmaurice and Dave Spikey. Looking for a movie the entire family can enjoy? At the club, a drunk Roy Walker is staggering out of the club singing "Send the Buggers Back". It was directed by Jonny Campbell. Debra points out to Brian that the song is racist and when Brian realises, he orders them to stop singing. Stars Peter Kay, Dave Spikey, Paddy McGuinness, Neil Fitzmaurice and others. This shows the start of a joke of Brian's numerous medical complaints, all of which may or may not exist. With Max on the other side of Bolton, Paddy informs him and he starts to run whilst still eating chips. Phoenix Nights Quotes (Series Two) by Delroy Calloway. 12 episodes (2 series), 2001 - 2002. Brian hits troubled waters after he sets sail on the sea of love. Alan has Brian saved as 'Ironside' in his phone. Brian tells her that what Den Perry, owner of the Banana Grove, doesn't understand is that their acts mustn't be offensive and must cater to the family. Episode 1 46m. This is another famous Peter Kay joke. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Brian then goes behind the bar but is unable to reach the spirits with his glass and so empties a vase and uses that instead. Check out information to watch 1 - 1: Opening Night online including episode summaries, ratings, and links to stream on SideReel. In series 2, Eric brings Brian an inflatable bouncy castle, which appears to be shaped like an erect penis when inflated, but is disguised as a snake by Eric. Jerry informs this new DJ that there's no CD player. We then see Alan receiving a phone call from 'Ironside' (Brian) and refusing to answer. Young Kenny helps him back into the club. Outside, Max jokes that Paddy didn't want to wear the headsets because they might mess up what hair he has left. Use the HTML below. Dodgy Eric appears in episode 2 of both series 1 and series 2. Not long after starting to sing, the electrics cut off. Upon discovering that Alan is in Stranraer, Brian exclaims "Ooh, me angina". The electricity also ceases but 'gypsy' Ray Von is on hand to help. Brian's terrible choice of entertainment becomes almost the centre point of every episode. Regardless, he still uses it. This is the start of another long-running joke in which they say a number of words followed by a word or phrase consisting of another number of words. TV's own Roy Walker has even made it into town for an opening night featuring a racist folk band playing all the hits, including Take Them B*ggers Back! Paddy exclaims his disbelief to Brian, Jerry as Les Alanos that Max has "brought the chips and [dropped] them". He seems to have it all under control but a missing band member, dodgy electrics and misbehaving bouncers are the least of his worries. Spencer then enters with his CDs and Les introduces him to Jerry. He firmly states to the machine's dealer that it's not going in the club due to it being the wrong machine. In the Pennine Suite, Kenny tells Brian that Alan still hasn't arrived but also tells him that the band has.

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