6th grade science Teacher - Middle School My student teacher (right) and me having a discussion about student writing. Investment Community High school English, retired Media These are the reasons I took on a student teacher this year–my second in as many years–and these are the reasons I plan to continue taking on student teachers in the years to come. About Us | Storrs, Conn. My school closed, and we were preparing for virtual learning. It seems to me, however, that teachers have plenty of logical reasons for being unapologetic optimists. I don't necessarily agree or even completely understand all of them, but I find them enormously thought-provoking. Principal) In fact, it seems to be a popular sentiment today that optimism is somehow illogical, that we must delude ourselves into thinking positively: “mind over matter,” as the mantra goes. There are a number of ways, all with their own advantages and disadvantages, that teachers around the world teach Shakespeare with at least some success: performing key scenes, watching the movie first (or while reading or after reading), reading the script at home and discussing in class, reading aloud in class, reading along with professional recordings, and so on and so forth. It was always a nice start.”. Extended footage of a teacher doing what we generally think of as teaching–working with a small group, giving a brief lecture, conferencing with a student–is not a feature of teacher movies. There are reasons both noble and practical to take a student teacher. Philanthropy These teachers, however, often do a disservice to their students and to their supposed mentees by providing little in the way of support and guidance to the student teacher. District Superintendent, Deputy/Asst. Teachers’ lives are packed with powerful moments: moments of triumph, frustration, absurdity, joy, revelation, and hilarity. He started responding and engaging in the work! My senior IB literature students graduate this week, so we recently had a little celebration/send-off event during first period! We want to hear about them. I hear sobs, frustration, fear, panic—one is pregnant—asking advice. Saying, “Talk to your parents,” who likely were not even there, was not an answer. I know her home life is a mess. However, the suspension week would soon come to an end, and I dreaded his return. Stories teach us about life, about ourselves and about others. Wet Pants. Always Room for Friends . Regardless, I smile and say, “Have a great day!” because a good day is not enough. Andy Anderson Student teachers need mentors to complete the requirements of their credential programs. The Best Teacher I Ever Had. Designed & Developed by The Blog Studio. San Jose, Calif. Nearly 50 years ago, about 3 a.m. the phone wakes me and my wife from sleep. Kids! A few were visibly daunted by the ideas of dwindling time and high-pressure assessments, so I wasn’t too surprised when one girl sitting near the front of the classroom made this request. Continue reading →. You were likely either stirred and inspired by the teacher protagonist in the film who seemed to achieve the impossible in their fictionalized classroom, or you were frustrated by the impossible standards for teachers created by a film you felt had little connection to the realities of teaching. What did sports matter when righteously indignant teens were engaging in Twitter activism to rebut their critics and engage with members of Congress? Every year, I use the last twenty minutes or so of our final class period to pass out personalized thank-you cards to each of the graduating seniors in my IB literature class (33 this year). I kept texting to just check in on him. My next day’s grammar lesson seemed less than hollow. Contact Us. My superpowers turned on! Super-short stories written by teachers about their triumphs and frustrations, and the hilarious or absurd moments from their lives. I’m at the same high school, and while many things about my teaching and my teaching context have changed over those seven years, one thing has remained the same: no matter what other classes I’ve been assigned to teach, I have taught sophomore English every year. There are selfish and harmful reasons to take a student teacher, also. I’ve learned to make better, more personal connections with my students by assigning personal writing assignments in the first days of school, sharing more about myself and teaching authentically, having more personal conversations with students on a daily basis, and greeting my kids at the door as their song requests play on the classroom overhead speakers. LOVING | None of my students knew that my husband was sick. Tyler's anger was almost too much for me. Beth Garver We invite teachers to share their triumphs and frustrations, the hilarious or absurd moments of their lives, in no more than 100 words. Parent/Community Member, Promethean: The State of Technology in Education, Radically Reimagined Face Shield Is A Dream, Disrupting Instructional Inequities Is Essential for Student Success, GoGuardian’s Commitment to Studying Engagement, Using Data to Inform Writing Instruction: Addressing Learning Loss Caused by COVID-19 Disruption, The Essential Skills for Reading Comprehension, Give your teachers the tools to meet the moment, Close Learning Gaps to Keep Students on Track, Telling a Story through Science Curriculum, Addressing your students’ needs holistically, How to Accelerate Reading Gains in as Few as 10 Weeks, Trauma Informed Schools During COVID-19 Infographic, Building Academic and Social-Emotional Skills Through Play, Remote Learning Checklist: Actionable tips for forward-thinking educators, 6935 Arlington Road, Bethesda MD 20814 I've collected hundreds of brilliant aphorisms. Little Rock, Ark. When schools closed, he stopped responding for weeks. Federal Government Personnel I had to change my plans. In a December 19, 1929 letter written from his prison cell, co-founder of the Communist Party of Italy and political prisoner Antonio Gramsci claims, “I’m a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will.” Seeing as how Gramsci would spend 11 years in Mussolini’s prisons before dying at age 46, he had plenty of reason to be pessimistic. Submit a Story The smart aleck mouthed, “I’m sorry” to Jacob, as everyone else in the room smiled at Jacob—the math genius! Sheila Freeman It’s a question that I encourage the kids in all three of my courses – English 2, AP English, and IB literature HL – to ask when they are feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or tense. Find out here! In addition to the purely noble, the purely practical, and the purely selfish, there are reasons for mentoring a student teacher that are wholly symbiotic. His test was positive for COVID-19. Each year, I’ve swapped out at least one traditional text by a dead white man for one by someone of color, someone female, someone queer, and/or someone still living. Then, suddenly, Parkland happened, and the timing was all wrong for a unit on sports. Library Personnel/Media Specialist “Red Is the Salt of Color,” or, Why I Love the Short, Powerful Observation of the Aphorism. Continue reading →, Image from Pixabay – Used with permission. Freedom Writers. Do You Make Excuses For Yourself Based on the “One-Coin Argument”? Inspirational Teacher Stories. Early on, I re-arranged the curriculum to organize the year by a progression of writing genres, each paired with corresponding mentor texts. The school year is coming to a close at my school. The week Tyler was out of school was a wonderful hiatus, and we got a lot accomplished as a class. Here we go again. Going into late February this semester, my plans for my AP English Language and Composition class included teaching a two-week-long mini-unit on the culture of sports in America. He'd been held back twice already. All rights reserved. Two young ladies, former students from sophomore English, have called. But after all the hard work of the IB program and a year in my class, I always feel the students deserve something more celebratory that honors the hard work and accomplishments of the last four years. School-based Personnel - Other (Admin., Specialist, etc.) I Do. Finals begin tomorrow. While reading Shakespeare’s plays still has a role of obvious importance in the study of Shakespeare, I think students certainly should get to see and hear his plays, too.

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