See Attachments 8 and 9 for a complete list of items excluded from Net Income in the determination of non-GAAP Operating Earnings and non-GAAP Adjusted EBITDA. The issue is complicated by deep divisions in the public over the fate of the nation’s nuclear industry. A second water loop, carrying cooling water drawn from an outside source, condenses the steam when its energy is spent in the turbine. All Rights Reserved. In October, PSE&G filed its annual transmission formula rate update with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to reflect, among other updates, net plant additions.

That means that it causes ion pairs (positively and negatively charged particles) to form in the cells that the radiation encounters. These EE programs will help New Jersey achieve the NJBPU's preliminary energy savings targets of 2.15% for electricity and 1.1% for gas within five years.
“For another $300 million subsidy, ratepayers should be able to see whether this bailout is warranted,’’ said Doug O’Malley, director of Environment New Jersey. CEF-EE investments will receive recovery of and on capital through a clause mechanism at the current authorized return on equity of 9.6%. At least six nuclear plants have closed due to competition from cheap natural gas facilities in recent years. This is the most serious kind of problem. The plant includes a 740-acre site surrounded by wetlands and a variety of wildlife indigenous to the region. PSEG Nuclear's Salem Unit 1 Conducts Planned Refueling and... PSEG Submits Application for Zero Emission Certificates to... fluctuations in wholesale power and natural gas markets, including the potential impacts on the economic viability of our generation units; our ability to obtain adequate fuel supply; market risks impacting the operation of our generating stations; increases in competition in wholesale energy and capacity markets; changes in technology related to energy generation, distribution and consumption and customer usage patterns; third-party credit risk relating to our sale of generation output and purchase of fuel; adverse performance of our nuclear decommissioning and defined benefit plan trust fund investments and changes in funding requirements; the impact of changes in state and federal legislation and regulations on our business, including PSE&G's ability to recover costs and earn returns on authorized investments; PSE&G's proposed investment programs may not be fully approved by regulators and its capital investment may be lower than planned; adverse changes in energy industry laws, policies and regulations, including market structures and transmission planning; the impact of state and federal actions aimed at combating climate change on our natural gas assets; risks associated with our ownership and operation of nuclear facilities, including regulatory risks, such as compliance with the Atomic Energy Act and trade control, environmental and other regulations, as well as financial, environmental and health and safety risks; changes in federal and state environmental regulations and enforcement; delays in receipt of, or an inability to receive, necessary licenses and permits; the impact of any future rate proceedings; adverse outcomes of any legal, regulatory or other proceeding, settlement, investigation or claim applicable to us and/or the energy industry; the impact of our holding company structure on our ability to meet our corporate funding needs, service debt and pay dividends; lack of growth or slower growth in the number of customers or changes in customer demand; any inability of PSEG Power to meet its commitments under forward sale obligations; reliance on transmission facilities that we do not own or control and the impact on our ability to maintain adequate transmission capacity; any inability to successfully develop, obtain regulatory approval for, or construct generation, transmission and distribution projects; any equipment failures, accidents, severe weather events or other incidents, including pandemics such as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, that may impact our ability to provide safe and reliable service to our customers; our inability to exercise control over the operations of generation facilities in which we do not maintain a controlling interest; any inability to recover the carrying amount of our long-lived assets and leveraged leases; any inability to maintain sufficient liquidity; any inability to realize anticipated tax benefits or retain tax credits; challenges associated with recruitment and/or retention of key executives and a qualified workforce; the impact of our covenants in our debt instruments on our operations; the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic; the impact of acts of war, terrorism, cybersecurity attacks or intrusions; and.

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