Like a bitch, the work is teased to you with much conceit to make you cop. A lack of limitation that with guests on every track serves as a producer album as well as a feature heavy solo album for Roc. Even his beats are designed to shade, rather than color, his songs. One-time Flipmode Squad member Roc Marciano's fourth studio alb... Exclaim! And as solid as these beats are, they best fit the kind of rappers who operate in a headspace similar to Marciano's, but that's not always who ends up on them. Any album released in December is susceptible to being overlooked during a month where many hip hop listeners tend to look back on the year’s best albums, almost as if December somehow falls in to 2014. Marciano’s new album, Marci Beaucoup, picks up where “Pimpire” left off as a collection of raw rhymes that reference the drug game and street survival. With “Marci Beaucoup”, Roc has finally opened the door (which I imagine was being heavily knocked on all year) to fellow street spitters many of his fans will already be aware of. Like that album, the beats on Marci Beaucoup are handled entirely by Marciano, and they alternate between minimalist RZA-esque menace and monochromatic soul. Additionally, the production that Roc does strangely doesn’t always suit his voice well, with the loud vocal samples that dot his production often drowning out his quiet voice. The King of YouTube continues to dominate the charts with murderous raps and unfiltered streams of consciousness. No more machetes on cane, the spics can cut words for big puns and niggas can stay out of their cotton picking minds with a rhyme hot on licking dimes. Learn how your comment data is processed. Roc Marciano works in … The lack of Roc on the mic leaves the task of spitting largely to his features, which are pretty hit or miss. Like a bitch, the beauty of the product is allowed to overshadow the work. Instead, he went a completely different direction, approaching the album as a producer first, and an MC second. The superstar rap duo brings their fans into a fun, revamped world with help from Morgan Freeman and Drake (at SZA's expense). Patreon exclusive poll to choose Kosha Dillz, Dej Loaf or Ty Dolla Sign for next week's update! A Marci needed to thank it with the aural cinema of frenchly worded slaps. Also, a martial arts disciple and young Sifu of Bian Xing Shaolin Kung Fu these sensibilities and insights expand his depth of warrior curriculum and creative offerings. The Pimpire Strikes Back and Marci Beaucoup are specialty records in the early solo career of a great Hip Hop musician, Roc Marciano. His ability to lyrically create small images that come together to portray life as a criminal gained him critical acclaim on his 2012 album Reloaded. The beats really focus on one or two samples and ride throughout the whole song. 1.6M 659K 453K 720K Home Slipping under the radar of Roc Marciano fans still drooling over last month's mixtape The Pimpire Strikes Back is the Long Island rapper/producer's Marci Beaucoup… So in this upgraded matrix the tricks and bitches are merged, Drake from the bottom to the top. He doesn't build narratives as much as construct small, distinct images and then stack them on top of each other.

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