My jeans fit me like Springsteen.” “My shoes is worth a MF DOOM verse.” “Crack tore the family apart but it paid for my first apartment.” “Olive oil-colored horses is spoils of war, ten bricks of raw under the floorboards.” “The rap magnate, the jacket’s made of snake. Fans like to hold Roc Marci up as a defender of the fundamentalist values of New York hip-hop, but he’s spoken with great admiration of artists like Future and Young Thug. His last album, 2013’s Marci Beaucoup, had dozens of guest verses from guys like Action Bronson and Freeway.

• Palberta side project Horn Horse’s 28-song Lily On Horn Horse.

Rosebudd’s Revenge, like every Roc Marciano album, is comprised almost entirely of those sorts of bon mots — those lines so impeccably worded that you want to type them all out yourself, just so you can start to understand how they work. He’s been around for a long time, breaking in in 1999 as a part of Busta Rhymes’ Flipmode Squad crew, during the period when it was pretty clear that Flipmode was not going to be some ascendant rap dynasty.

With 2010’s Marcberg, he created an entirely new style, which he later perfected on Reloaded. • Blanck Mass’ beautifully apocalyptic World Eater. And it’s there in Roc Marciano, the guy who cleared a lane for all this stuff in the first place.

I’m not some nigga you can shit on.”. Abuse of this feature may prevent future contributions from your account. ADVERTISE, “Will the people in the cheaper seats clap your hands?

It’s there in insurgent voices like Hus Kingpin, talking tough shit over woozy, dusty instrumentals.

Like those guys, his albums have a feeling to them, a near-impenetrable insularity that pulls listeners into his headspace rather than fighting for their attention. That said, one could attempt to review this album as the poet-pimp’s psycho-social manifesto, exploring the conceptual metaphor of capitalism (and, by extension, any gainful livelihood) as pandering and all that badness. by Rajin. He raps everything in a gravelly monotone grumble, like he’s unimpressed with the lines he’s written, the ones that would impress anyone else.

Hammers in the handrest, damn I’m fresh.” “My little midget bitch kick you in the dick.” “Shoulda known from the get-go I’d be Gordon Gekko.

I could go on very easily. One could, but I will refer you to the quotes immediately above and below instead.

In an increasingly-predictable rap universe top-heavy with trolling mumble-rappers and formulaic pop-trap beats, Rosebudd’s Revenge’s quiet-storm menace makes for a surreptitiously potent punch of heavyweight Hip Hop. Rosebudd’s Revenge is out now on Roc Marciano’s own Marci Enterprises label. But in the underground, something interesting has been happening lately. Roc Marci only produced about half the beats himself, but the tracks from collaborators like Knxwledge and Don C are very much within Roc Marci’s aesthetic wheelhouse. The quiet-storm menace of "Rosebudd’s Revenge" makes for a … I’m just getting back in the swing of things. Put the axe to your back like a tree trunk.” “Pockets swell, I got the intel from golems out in Roswell. I’ve said it before, but it needs to be stated at any given opportunity. He didn’t leave much of an impression with that group. But from, say, 1984 — when sternum-crushing Rick Rubin drums took over from the live disco-funk bands who played on most rap records — brazen fuck-you intensity has ruled the city, to the point where it’s embedded in the character of New York rap.

It’s the album that introduced the Roc Marciano style as we know it today: tingly and evocative instrumentals, dense and writerly lyrics about crime and luxury, barely any outside voices. Read and write album reviews for Rosebudd's Revenge - Roc Marciano on AllMusic

He just quietly intones them and then moves onto the next one. For about 10 seconds this morning, I seriously considered writing a review that would consist entirely of quotes from the album.

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