Please send your cheque made payable to The Royal Scots Museum, forward it along with the details of your research enquiries to the address below. They kept this title until 2 July 1971, when they amalgamated with the 3rd Carabiniers, forming the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. [130], With Germany crumbling, Allied commanders began to become concerned with how far the Red Army was advancing into Western and Central Europe. Because the ground was broken and uneven, thanks to the mud, crops, and the men of 92nd, the Scots Greys remained at the walk until they had passed through the Gordons. Gone were the red coats and bearskin shakos. Help us improve catalogue descriptions by adding tags.

The French infantry, upon seeing the threat of the cavalry formed into squares. When they were finally reformed, the Scots Greys could only field two weakened squadrons, rather than the three complete ones with which they had begun the day. [132] The regiment returned to home service in 1955, rotating through barracks in Britain and Ireland before returning to Germany 1958 to rejoin the BAOR. With the rest of the Heavy Brigade, the Scots Greys could only look on as Lord Cardigan lead the Light Brigade on their ill-fated charge. The charge broke the formed infantry square, a remarkable feat. By creating an account you agree to us emailing you with newsletters and discounts, which you can switch off in your account at any time, 5 people in our Victorian Conflicts records, 240 people in our Forces Reunited records, WWI Military Service Of John Lockhart Reg No’s: R38377 & 4276 Royal Scots Greys. The 2nd Cavalry Division became the reserve for General Plumer's Second Army. In recognition of his feat, he was promoted from sergeant to ensign. Two squadrons of the Scots Greys charged four squadrons of French cavalry. There the Scots Greys, under the Duke of Argyll, were stationed on the right of the Government forces. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Although Scarlett had spent precious minutes ordering his line, it soon proved to be unwieldy, especially in the sector occupied by the Scots Greys, who had to pick their way through the abandoned camp of the Light Brigade. When the First World War erupted an additional General Service number sequence was introduced (recruits’ numbers being prefixed with GS/) whilst career cavalrymen continued to use the corps number series from which I’ve given examples in this post. [101], Beginning in April, the Scots Greys were engaged in action around the town of Wancourt.

[85], Among the detachments was a squadron was left at Uitval (also known as Silkaatsnek) under the command of Major H. J. Scobell. [85] Following that success, the Scots Greys and 6th Dragoon Guards were sent to sweep the guerrillas from the valley of the Vaal and into the Western Transvaal. Various records for over 71,000 men who served with this oldest of British regiments.

Regimental numbering sequences between 1881 and 1918. To prevent possible post-war claims over Denmark, the Scots Greys and 6th Airborne Division were tasked with the job of extending eastwards past Lübeck. From the early 18th Century the regiment was unofficially known as the Scots Greys. [119], Soon after landing, the Royal Scots Greys were in action against the German forces during the advance to Naples. Consequently, the Scots Greys retained their horses when they were sent on to their first peacetime deployment "East of Suez".

[40], Following the failure of the siege, the Scots Greys were employed as part of the screen for the Duke of York's army, skirmishing with French forces. If you don't have an account please register. Farwell 1976, p. 293. [96] As it became apparent that the B.E.F. [90] This decrease in pickets allowed a force of Boer commandos to attack the outpost on 10 July 1900. The following numbers and joining dates are snapshots taken from my database of this new Corps of Dragoons numbering sequence: 30 Ernest Dear the Corps of Dragoons (5th Dragoon Guards) on 9th January 1907, 1598 Edward Sidney Bast joined the Corps of Dragoons (5th Dragoon Guards) on 27th January 1908, 3011 Norman Smith joined the Corps of Dragoons (2nd Dragoons) on 9th February 1909, 4248 John Cullen joined the Corps of Dragoons (3rd Dragoon Guards) on 2nd February 1910, 5530 Ernest Bowen joined the Corps of Dragoons (2nd Dragoon Guards) on 12th January 1911, 6546 Charles James Bishop joined the Corps of Dragoons (5th Dragoon Guards) on 1st January 1912, D/7785 Albert Henry Long joined the Corps of Dragoons (4th Dragoon Guards) on 11th January 1913, 8620 John Dunnett joined the Corps of Dragoons (2nd Dragoons) on 6th January 1914. ", british army regiments WW1 world war 1 first world war great war regimental numbers army numbers boer war enlistment dates british regiments british soldiers british forces war records army research british military history records volunteer service companies volunteer battalion territorial force TF military genealogy military ancestry ancestors army ancestry Victorian army queen victoria soldiers of the queen ww1 centenary military history blog. By creating an account you agree to us emailing you with newsletters and discounts, which you can switch off in your account at any time. I turned round instantly – to see English cavalry forcing their way into our midst and hacking us to pieces. As Captain Duthilt, who was present with de Marcognet's 3rd Division, wrote of the Scots Greys charge: Just as I was pushing one of our men back into the ranks I saw him fall at my feet from a sabre slash.

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