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Freshwater eel, avocado, topped with tobiko and black caviar. Order Delivery. UberEats . Ru San's Menu .

Grilled rare marinated with Ru San's special blend of oriental spices and a soy-lemon and lime sauce. Salmon toasted over California with special sauce. Tuna, yellowtail with avocado and crabstick. Through online ordering, we connect hungry people with the best local restaurants. Crabstick, cucumber, topped with salmon, and black caviar. Fried california roll topped with mozzarella, jalapeno, baked until cheese is melty, topped with unagi sauce, and seafood sauce. 4.7 (2000 Ratings) $0.00 delivery fee.

Soup with soba buckwheat noodle & mixed vegetables. Served miso soup salad rice with stir fried vegetables.

Served very rare unless otherwise requested. Atlantic sea scallops wrapped in bacon, broiled and simmered in a plum wine soy glaze. Fresh salmon,in ru san’s blend of cajun spices, flash seared, spicy aioli. Find menus. This website uses third-party cookies in order to serve relevant ads.

Two pieces of tempura with tempura dipping sauce. spicy red sauce with a touch of mayo, sushi rice, snow crab salad, tobiko, and masago all rolled in with thinly sliced cucumber wrap, ponzu sauce, white tuna, shiso leaf, cucumber, rolled with sushi rice, flash fried, sunk in slightly sweet garlic ponzu sauce. Flakes crunchy spicy tuna, cucumber, top avocado, and mango with mango sauce. spicy aioli sauce, reflecting tokyo midnight never sleep neon colors, japanese pickled daikon radish, eggplant, baby carrot, cucumber and avocado, wrapped with white and red tuna.
2 reviews 1 photo. Post Covid-19 lock down in Atlanta, Ru San's is open again and Mr. Fujita and crew are making…

volcano sauce, georgia smoked catfish, cream cheese, yamagobo, breaded and katsu fried. Chopped tuna, yellowtail, salmon, green onion, mint leaf, and cucumber with smelt roe.

Ripe tomato stuffed with bay shrimp salad, masago, sushi rice, panko bread and fried whole, and spicy batayaki sauces. White tuna, mint leaf, cucumber, flash fried, and sunk in ponzu sauce. Crabstick and avocado, topped with smoked salmon, baked, batayaki sauce, and unagi sauce. Shrimp tempura, mixed spicy crab meat, topped seared beef, and special sauce. Tuna, salmon, and avocado toasted over a spicy tuna special sauce. Tuna, salmon, crabstick, avocado, green onion, masago, tobiko, rolled in seaweed then in a cucumber wrap, and ponzu sauce. Piping hot soup with udon noodle, chicken, vegetables, egg, shrimp tempura, kamaboko(fish cake), inari tofu, & spinach. over rice.

Salmon, cream cheese, asparagus, crab stick, tempura fried, ponzu sauce, katsu sauce, and mayo. Appetizers. Six pieces. Lightly fried sesame seasoned sushi rice, topped with various fresh fish, freshwater eel, sea eel, shrimp, octopus, squid, & scallops then baked and topped w/melted mozzarella cheese,masago & minced nor, Various Fresh Shellfish, Octopus, and Calamari Mixed w/Spicy Aioli Sauce & Baked. Freshwater eel, tuna, radish sprout, and garlic chili sauce. Browse the menu, view popular items, and track your order. Piping hot miso flavored soup with oyster, scallops, vegetables, baby carrots, & spinach. Served over crunchy noodle. spicy aioli sauce, tuna, smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado rolled and crusted with shredded wonton skin. Call Now. Restaurant menu, map for Ru San's Midtown Sushi & Seafood located in 30324, Atlanta GA, 1529 Piedmont Ave NE.

2 Gunkan pieces, chopped cherry stone clam, spicy aioli, Q.P. Menu, hours, photos, and more for Ru San's Midtown Sushi & Seafood located at 1529 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA, 30324-5000, offering Dinner, Ramen, Seafood, Sushi, Asian, Lunch Specials and Vegan. Chopped macadamia nuts and tilapia fried. Freshwater eel, scallops, pickled garlic, and garlic chili sauce. Shrimp tempura, spicy crab, cream chesse, asparugus, chicken, shrimp sauce, and eel sauce. very lightly tempura fried spicy sweet and sour sauce, kanikama crab stick and cream cheese, wrapped with banana slices and rolled, very lightly tempura fried. Served over crispy yakisoba noodle. White and red tuna, freshwater eel, cream cheese, cucumber, fried until extra crispy, and recracker sauce. Spicy bluefin tuna, romance salad, and asparagus. Fried softshell crab, snow crab salad, cucumber, carrot, and shrimp tempura "tail". Ru San's Restaurant in Atlanta, GA 30307. Grilled yellowtail cheek, ru san’s ponzu sauce, Dusted with cajun spiced flour, fried crispy, spicy aioli sauce. Includes miso soup and ginger salad. (onion, Peas, and carrot. Salmon, tuna, topped with avocado, and tobiko. Served with miso soup. Scallops, mussel, shrimp, oyster, ahi tuna, and salmon lightly sautéed and simmered with tobiko caviar cream sauce. Assortment of seared salmon, salmon sashimi, lomi lomi salmon, and spicy aioli salmon. Spinach with bonito flakes and Dashi soy sauce. California maki topped with smoked salmon. baked, sauteed fresh sea bass, rolled with cucumber and yamagobo - baby carrot, crusted with macadamia nuts and wok fried. .

cream cheese,kani,avacado,baked salmon,spicy crab,masago.crunchy.spicy mayo & eel sauce.

chicken and vegetable. served with spicy soy butter sauce, corn flake crusted crispy soft shell crab rolled with tempura green onion, cucumber, and yamagobo. ichi no 1 mayo sauce, round sushi rice ball. Crispy wontons layered with red snapper, tuna, salmon, and yellowtail with a wasabi vinaigrette. Avocado, crabstick, topped with tuna, and yellowtail. Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, freshwater eel, octopus, squid, tamago, & tobiko nigiri; tuna, salmon, and yellowtail sashimi, california roll. Chef's choice assorted sashimi over sushi rice. Shrimp tempura, cucumber, topped with snow crab salad, tobiko, unagi sauce, and crunchies. Twice Cooked Smoked Salmon Maki + Tempura Banana Maki. Maguro and cucumber roll, california roll, kimchee katsuo roll, nigiri (shrimp, salmon, yellowtail, eel, tamago, tobiko), salmon skin hand roll, tuna teriyaki. (onion, zucchini, and carrot. Freshwater eel, tuna, and radish sprout with spicy garlic sauce. White, red tuna rolled in sushi rice, flash fried until crunchy brown, shiro, maguro slightly cooked, and maguro remains rare. (Sushi Combination – California Roll, Tuna, Salmon, & Freshwater Eel), Panko breaded and fried lobster tail served with katsu sauce, shrimp, and mix vegetable tempura. Shrimp, snow crab salad, radish sprout, and topped with salmon roe. Now you can order online from Ru San's, find Ru San's's info, coupons & menus. sprinkled with garlic chili sauce, white tuna and avocado mixed, create almost like delicious toro flavor. Chopped scallop with spicy aioli sauce, served gunkan style. house green salad, and steamed rice. Start Group Order. Sushi rice ball stuffed with bay shrimp salad, topped with tiger shrimp, tempura fried, topped with sweet and spicy sauce, masago, tobiko, and green onions. Served with vegetables. Grilled lobster tail served with Ru San’s creamy batayaki sauce and shrimp and mix vegetable tempura. Lightly coated with tempura batter and wok fried topped with cucumber, tomato, and ginger salsa. Tofu Appetizers. Chopped lobster meat mixed with scallops and shrimp with scallions, sautéed. Includes miso soup and ginger salad. There is option to tip our staff.

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