Examples of relative scarcity in a sentence, how to use it.

Wealthy people could afford to choose scarce antiques. Recent proposed gun legislation in the United States has caused individuals to hoard ammunition, leaving a scarcity of ammunition. In 2012, avian flu wiped out millions of chickens in Mexico creating a scarcity of eggs, a stable of the Mexican diet.

19 examples: This is probably an artefact caused by the relative scarcity of saplings and a… 366.

However, there still exist problems in the, (116) Artificial sand is the generalization of machine-made sand and mixed sand, and has been widely used in construction, mining and irrigation works in the region of, (118) Flat World Knowledge is, we are sure,[Sentencedict.com ] only the first of many new companies in this space that are finding a profit model in this new marketplace that does not rely exclusively on, (119) When they were scrambling amid time, (120) The unrated two-year issue priced inside initial price guidance, with a coupon of 2.98%, a cheapness driven by extreme. Updated December 13, 2018 Definition: a shortage of something that is necessitated

120+2 sentence examples: 1. This is scarcity. Flooding in Nigeria washed farmlands away and has the potential to create a scarcity of food for the residents of the nation. An example of using it in a sentence would be "The scarcity of water caused the state to pass water rationing laws". Scarcity is considered a basic economic problem. 2. Scarcity definition, insufficiency or shortness of supply; dearth.

410. Scarcity definition: If there is a scarcity of something, there is not enough of it for the people who need it... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

An embargo on imports from a country can result in a scarcity of the resources that country exports. Scarcity is the name of the game that makes traders to create artificial demand and make unethical profits. See more.

Over-hunting of an animal population could make it scarce.

(93) 'Water prices need to be allowed to rise to reflect its full, (94) And the academic monopolization resulted in the, (96) Six principles are Reciprocation, Commitment and Consistency, Social Proof, Liking, Ahthority, and, (98) We need to abandon the water stress index as a way of defining water, (100) In South Asia, the Himalayan glaciers could retreat causing water, (102) The social, political, and economic toll of water, (105) In our interviews, 88% of the Chinese executives said that their globalization efforts were hindered by the, (106) I gave, the present starvation is not due to, (107) But at least having to adapt to both plenty and, (108) The most primary problem is the ignorance of the behavioral factors in the process of design and construction, which led up to the, (110) In addition, excessive secretion of oil, water, (113) Behind the reality principle lies the fundamental fact of, (115) The special attribute includes the basic economic system. Because of a conflict preventing individuals to visit their farms, residents of Alavanyo in Ghana have a food scarcity. 3. Revealing that a population of cattle in a country has Mad Cow disease, resulting in a need to slaughter the animals, could result in a scarcity of beef in the country. Coal is used to create energy; the limited amount of this resource that can be mined is an example of scarcity.

Those without access to clean water are experiencing a scarcity of water. They are just creative ways to light fires under fannies and give people a reason to act now. But what really makes these wines so desirable is their scarcity. So there is a scarcity of linen.

Refusal of pharmaceutical companies to create drugs that do not make large profits can cause medication of certain types to be scarce.

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