A real amp made a big difference. GNR 4×12″ by OwnHammer I had an Iridium and thought it was wonderful for writing/recording (that said, I've got 250Ω headphones), especially with the secret VallhallIR cabinets that are included in the impulse manager software. Last year I stood on stage with a famous guitarist who uses Fractals for all amp emulations. I'm planning on getting a compact amp modeller pedal in a month or two to record straight into DAW without mic-ing up my amp and I'm stuck between the Iridium and the HX Stomp. The second guitarist in the band was playing through a real Super Reverb. I’m not saying everyone needs to be blaring. I feel that how you are going to apply an amp sim changes my opinion on practicality and usefulness. 9 out of 10 times, the monitors don’t authentically replicate the sound of my amp. The Iridium (nice name, considering the New York club with the same name was the longtime haunt of electric guitar pioneer Les Paul), simply models three classic amps. It just didn’t cut through the mix enough. Member. 1 of 3 Go to page.

This discussion is more about making choices when you have the option. Now, in my opinion, that's a complete waste of money.

Use whatever tools you have to create. The sound person is not always right, and they sometimes don't understand the intricacies of a real amp. I had great results with that IR.

There are many resources on how to sound like Adam Jones and this article aims to fill a tiny gap. I've personally enjoyed recording with my iridium because it's forced me to get creative with achieving certain sounds (I've totally got high gain, punchy metal tones out of it using other drive pedals with the marshall amp). Highly recommended. If I were in the HX Stomp/Iridium market, I know I would choose the HX Stomp, but I could also see it being used sort of like "extra DSP" where you want two or three parallel amps that are too DSP intensive to use in the same preset. In a lot of cases, the dream of playing gigs ampless is a bit lofty. It reminds me of those mobile phones they made maybe 10 years ago that were marketed to older people on the grounds that they didn't have a touchscreen or any apps and just had big number pad buttons and a few speed dial buttons your kids could pre-program for you. (Incidentally, until recently, my early review of the H9000 for PJ Media was the only outside product review of the unit on the Eventide Website, until Sound on Sound finally published their review in June of last year.)

From the exploding Hindenburg on the front cover of Led Zeppelin I to the sonic bombast within its grooves, most listeners imagine that Jimmy Page was roaring away on at least one 100-watt Marshall amplifier and a giant stack of speakers dialed up to 11. Otherwise I can't see any problems. I don’t think it solves my anxieties around tube hardware for gigging, and I’m not really set up for rack equipment, but I really like this piece of kit. When he played on his own, it sounded terrific. When I went to order one, I poked around a few dealers and they were all back-ordered, so I ordered directly from Strymon.

REVIEW: Strymon Iridium Pedal by Adam Husk. About to jump in and ditch the old tube amp for something more reliable after … AC30 2×12″ AlNiCo by OwnHammer Must have remote switching or midi. You can get in ears.

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