Azerbaijan's economy benefits from its oil reserves, but economic growth has been stifled in recent years by corruption. North Carolina• GDP: $484.3 billion• Country w/ similar GDP: Norway ($481.8 billion)• N.C. population: 10.3 million (Norway: 5.3 million)• N.C. GDP per capita: $47,142 (Norway: $91,219). It has also been a refuge for people and groups displaced by violence. The percent change in … Disclaimer | Today, Norway is the seventh largest oil exporter in the world. All rights reserved. Singapore's economy is highly developed and relies heavily on exports of computer components. Texas' residential sector retail electricity sales 1990-2015; Per capita disposable personal income in Texas 1990-2019; Texas - nonhighway use of gasoline 2000-2010, by category

Got a tax extension? Idaho had a $67.0 billion GDP in 2017, in line with the GDP of Uzbekistan, a country with nearly 19 times more people than Idaho's population of 1.7 million. The Netherlands is one of the largest economies in the European Union. New York• GDP: $1.4 trillion• Country w/ similar GDP: Australia ($1.4 trillion)• N.Y. population: 19.8 million (Australia: 24.6 million)• N.Y. GDP per capita: $71,252 (Australia: $55,926).

Oklahoma• GDP: $190.9 billion• Country w/ similar GDP: Kazakhstan ($196.0 billion)• Okla. population: 3.9 million (Kazakhstan: 18.0 million)• Okla. GDP per capita: $48,569 (Kazakhstan: $10,868).

GDP per capita: $58,053 (Slovak Republic: $19,897). Releases from U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, More More than half of Australia's $243 billion in exports came from minerals and natural resources like iron, gold, coal, and petroleum. Australia's GDP per capita of $55,926 is lower than New York's GDP per capita but is very close to the U.S. GDP per capita of $55,418. Nearly three-quarters of Iran's 2017 exports, worth roughly $54 billion, are in petroleum. population: 6.1 million (Chile: 18.1 million)• Mo. Though their economies are roughly the same size, Angola is home to nearly 30 million people, 10 times Mississippi's population.

As one of the world's largest oil exporters, the Northern European country, home to about half as many people as North Carolina, has a GDP per capita of more than $91,000, nearly double the per capita economic output of North Carolina. Like Colorado, Indiana, and Tennessee, Minnesota's economy is similar in size to that of Singapore – $322.4 billion compared to $310.0 billion, respectively. Minnesota• GDP: $322.4 billion• Country w/ similar GDP: Singapore ($310.0 billion)• Minn. population: 5.6 million (Singapore: 5.6 million)• Minn. GDP per capita: $57,809 (Singapore: $55,236). The two also have similar population sizes – 10.4 million in Georgia compared to 11.4 million in Belgium. GDP per capita: $71,456 (Norway: $91,219). The country's chief exports include cotton, gas, and gold. Largely through its chemical, petroleum refining, and highly mechanized agriculture sectors, the country – bordered by Belgium, Germany, and the North Sea – regularly maintains a trade surplus, exporting more than it is importing. GDP per capita: $48,170 (Singapore: $55,236). Kazakhstan, a country 15 times the size of Oklahoma by landmass and nearly five times as large by population, has a similarly sized economy. Poverty also remains a considerable challenge in the country.

Meat-free fast-food options are growing.

Vermont has a $29.6 billion economy, nearly the same size as Latvia's $30.2 billion economy. Alabama• GDP: $192.7 billion• Country w/ similar GDP: Kazakhstan ($196.0 billion)• Ala. population: 4.9 million (Kazakhstan: 18.0 million)• Ala. GDP per capita: $39,523 (Kazakhstan: $10,868). Texas• GDP: $1.6 trillion• Country w/ similar GDP: Russian Federation ($1.7 trillion)• Texas population: 28.3 million (Russian Federation: 144.5 million)• Texas GDP per capita: $57,077 (Russian Federation: $11,441). largest transportation network in the United States, manufacturing output topped $226 billion, third overall in the number of women-owned businesses, according to the US Energy Information Administration, 13 mind-blowing facts about Russia's economy, Oil tumbles 6% on surging COVID-19 cases and inventory buildups », Pinterest is booming as online shopping surges and Americans seek a soothing escape from reality ». Nearly 16% of the state's labor force is employed in the professional, scientific, and management sector, the largest share of any state. Not everything is bigger in Texas after all. The unemployment rate in Portugal is estimated at 7.3%, well above Connecticut's 2018 jobless rate of 4.1%. Still, Croatia's GDP of $63.2 billion is closely in line with Delaware's $63.9 billion economy.

Even individual U.S. states have GDPs that rival countries many times their size. Illinois• GDP: $745.3 billion• Country w/ similar GDP: Saudi Arabia ($684.2 billion)• Ill. population: 12.8 million (Saudi Arabia: 32.9 million)• Ill. GDP per capita: $58,217 (Saudi Arabia: $20,771). Both economies are largely focused on manufacturing – more than 40% of Poland's exports are manufactured goods like cars and computers. Real GDP increased in all 50 states and the District of Columbia in 2019, the BEA’s “Gross Domestic Product by State: 4th Quarter and Annual 2019” report found. Guatemala's economy is largely agriculture based, with bananas and coffee as its chief agricultural exports. Home of the American auto industry, Michigan has a strong manufacturing sector that employs nearly one in every five workers in the state, a larger share than in any other state. GDP per capita: $42,276 (Lebanon: $7,103).

Connecticut• GDP: $238.9 billion• Country w/ similar GDP: Portugal ($238.0 billion)• Conn. population: 3.6 million (Portugal: 10.3 million)• Conn. GDP per capita: $66,592 (Portugal: $23,117). The nation's GDP per capita is below $5,000. Texas is the second-largest state in terms of landmass, trailing behind Alaska. Made In NYC | Saudi Arabia's economy is built on the back of its oil exports, and the country is a founding member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, or OPEC. Some have highly advanced innovation-driven economies, while others are dependent on resource extraction or agriculture. Still, their populations closely align, as they are each home to some 5.6 million people. Series from Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by State. Arkansas' economy generated $114.0 billion in 2017, roughly in line with the GDP of Morocco, a North African nation with a population nearly 12 times that of Arkansas. Mississippi's $100.1 billion in economic output in 2017 closely matches the GDP of the African nation Angola. U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, In 2019, the per capita real GDP of Texas stood at 61,682 chained 2012 U.S. dollars. Just under 40 years later, it is the nation's fifth-largest producer of wine, with more than 400 wineries generating over $13 billion annually. Arizona's $297.2 billion economy is about the size of Israel's economy. Data in this graph are copyrighted. Not only do Colorado and Singapore have similar GDPs, but also their population size is nearly identical at around 5.6 million. One of the wealthiest states in the country, Massachusetts has a GDP per capita of $71,456. Iowa• GDP: $169.2 billion• Country w/ similar GDP: Qatar ($173.4 billion)• Iowa population: 3.1 million (Qatar: 2.6 million)• Iowa GDP per capita: $53,798 (Qatar: $65,694). A standard Olympic-sized swimming pool holds just over 660,253 gallons of fluid, meaning Texas' oil reserves could fill about 1,013,247 of the pools. Though Algeria's population is more than eight times the size of South Carolina's population, and the country has a landmass that is over 28 times the size of the state, the two geographic areas have nearly the exact same GDP. population: 1.1 million (Lebanon: 6.1 million)• Mont. population: 579,315 (Côte d'Ivoire: 24.3 million)• Wyo. New Mexico has a GDP of $91.0 billion, in line with the GDP of the South American nation of Ecuador. population: 3.0 million (Morocco: 35.7 million)• Ark. Qatar's $173.4 billion GDP is only slightly higher than Iowa's $169.2 billion GDP – even though it is home to half a million fewer people than the Midwestern state. Virginia has a massive $463.6 billion economy, in line with the total economic output of Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa. Though they have similar GDPs, Texas has a GDP per capita roughly five times that of Russia. Fighting for the Axis powers in WWII and occupied by Soviets until 1991, Hungary is now a democracy and member state of NATO and the EU – the latter of which has been a boon for the country's economic development. Maine's economy generated $55.6 billion in 2017, roughly the same as Azerbaijan, a country with a population more than seven times that of the northern New England state. Idaho• GDP: $67.0 billion• Country w/ similar GDP: Uzbekistan ($65.8 billion)• Idaho population: 1.7 million (Uzbekistan: 32.4 million)• Idaho GDP per capita: $39,032 (Uzbekistan: $2,031).

In 2017, Texas' manufacturing output topped $226 billion, meaning the state accounted for one-tenth of all manufacturing dollars generated in America. Malaysia has a large tourism industry and is benefitting from a growing manufacturing sector. Wisconsin is nearly eight times the size of Israel by landmass, but it has a smaller population, and the two areas have a similar economic output of more than $290 billion.

Total Gross Domestic Product for Texas [TXNGSP], And it's second in population, as well, behind California. With much of Virginia within commuting distance to Washington D.C., the state is home to some of the largest defense contractors in the world. GDP per capita: $66,419 (Croatia: $15,322). Though Iraq is not often considered an economic powerhouse, it has a GDP of over $200 billion – very similar to Oregon's economic output. And about half of the overall workforce in Texas is female, slightly edging out the national average of 47%. Alabama's economy generated nearly $192.7 billion in economic output in 2017 – nearly in line with the GDP of Kazakhstan, a former soviet country with a population more than triple that of Alabama. Alaska's economy depends heavily on its energy sector. In 2017, Texas grossed more than $264.5 billion a year in exports—more than the exports of California ($172 billion) and New York ($77.9 billion) combined.

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