Slugs are generated, but not pages. But taking away free functionality that was behind the original decision to use the plugin and which a site depends on goes strongly against the grain, to my mind. And we setup a subscription to start for the next payment. Report bugs, suggest ideas and participate in development at GitHub. [/row] Set the “Page Template” to “Full Width” and replace the page content with the following:

Using the Free Version, Why cant Pay Pal work without clients having an acct. Pay them $50 (use the discount code SAVEFACE for a 20% discount) for the bundle or $10 for the themed profiles module. Implement user lock notifications for the Security module. Confirm that you have not removed this link by visiting the Memberships > Advanced Settings page in the WordPress admin. (I guess I’ll have to dig in and see if the shortcode allows for an attribute. Aha. Any help would be appreciated. up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly. Then link to the backend and not provide access for non admins?? License Details ». Not only is there a fee for some of the functionality, but TML does NOT automatically generate the pages you describe in your post. In the short term, here are a couple options: 1. In addition, we recommend the plugin for login redirection settings and blocked “admin” access. empowered advocacy. I called PP and they told me it was you. Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS. Don’t want to force your users to remember usernames? You should be able to ask the TML team about that. If this is the case, we recommend keeping that experience in place as it may be more trouble to unravel and put another method in place. You need the Redirection extension. Add these two pages to your menu. So can you tell me. Just wondering…..unfortunately my faith and trust in TML has been tested over the last 9 or 10 months…. I setup a redirect (with another plugin) that sends them to the daily digest page instead of the profile, but they have to login twice. I bought this with my Theme and had this working then the code went invalid and the only way to make this work is Buy the Full Membership? I am running into an issue where reset password does not work. Add option to hide widget when logged out, Add option to disable wp-login.php to Security module, Use Custom E-mail’s New User template when a user is added via wp-admin, Use Custom E-mail’s User Activation template when an activation is resent via wp-admin, Replace deprecated get_userdatabylogin with get_user_by, Fix removal of actions from “tml_new_user_registered” action in User Moderation module, Add %username% variable to Custom User Links module, Update admin bar settings for 3.3 in Themed Profiles module, Fix autofocus scripts to only load on login page, Add option to require login to view site in Security module, Don’t change profile URL for non-themed roles in Themed Profiles module, Display failed login attempts to administrators on user profiles in Security module, Fix capability check for non-standard table prefix in User Moderation module, Add separate profile templates per user role in Themed Profiles module, Fix password recovery admin e-mail in Custom E-mail module, Don’t show admin options when admin is blocked in Themed Profiles module, Treat multisite users with no role as subscribers in all modules, Fix multisite registration bug in Themed Profiles module, Replace “self” keyword with “$this” for PHP 4, Better default stylesheet for Themed Profiles, Fix disabling of admin password change notification, Fix login reauth bug in redirection module, Fix issue admin page not always being tabbed, Fix issue of assigning multiple roles per user when using Moderation, Users can now log in with e-mail address as well as username, Remove option to disable template tag and widget in favor of always being enabled, Remove option to rewrite login links in favor of always being rewritten, Custom templates can now be defined per action (login, register, etc. “Theme My Login” has been translated into 21 locales. Have you taken the WordPress 2020 Survey yet? Restoring Default .htaccess file. [col medium="4" medium_offset="4"] TML has background logic in place to only show the appropriate menu link based on the user. It asks users to reset their password, but it is not generated in the first place. Today’s web user has certain expectations about your site’s “Log In” links. I cannot speculate as to when these features will be created. Hello, sorry you are facing this issue! You can edit the plugin header to change the version to 9999 or something like that so it doesn’t prompt you for an update any more. I am surprised by the lack of help documents in Theme My Login site. When the user clicks on that link, they are taken to a form to enter and confirm the new password. It’s your choice. Use our recommendation below to add frontend login. No thanks. Please note that Update v2.3+ of Paid Memberships Pro now includes frontend login and profile editing. I also checked the boxes to “Hide Page Title” and “Hide Breadcrumbs” in the Memberlite Settings box, then set the “Banner Description” to the following:

Hi PMPro – TML version 7 (updated 12/6/18) has now moved to only offering commercial extensions to carry out some of the important functions in their ‘modules’ (e.g. Theme My Login is a popular WordPress Login Registration Plugin. 2. Allow your users to set their own passwords upon registration. Make sure that you have the latest PMPro update and that the Log In page there has the [pmpro_login] shortcode in it. Allows your users to subscribe to your Mailchimp mailing lists upon registration. Your wish has come true! The only theme we are officially partnered with is the Memberlite theme that we’ve built. We charge the initial payment at checkout. We have a longer post detailing the setup and additional features of this plugin here. RE PayPal requiring a PayPal account for subscriptions: here is where we in the code set the flag to tell PayPal that a PP account is not required: Allow your users to log in to your site with their favorite social providers. For now the methods we outline in this article are our recommendation. Why should they need to enter their credentials again? The previous developer (now deceased) used the TML shortcode ‘[theme-my-login]’ on each of the TML pages. 3.

. Thank you to the translators for their contributions. Одна звезда. Its a bit dissapointing that your plugin does not do something as simple as frontend login/logout. This was an excellent plugin but watch it. “Theme My Login” is open source software. I don't mind paying for extended features, but taking away free features to force upgrades is bad form. Boost your user experience even more with add-on plugins from our extensions catalog. Yes it should redirect without issue – what you can do is uncheck “anyone can register” from the Settings > General page in the WP Dashboard. The themed profiles stuff in particular is pretty complicated to write and maintain, but is a focus of ours. Theme My Login includes a setting to redirect users on login, as well as block dashboard access based on role. Users enter their username or email address. Не рекомендую. Get Theme My Login Get Extensions. A workaround would be to change the Log In page on the PMPro page settings page to “use default” which will use the default wp-login.php. Features. If you need to redirect based on membership level, see these guides: Fixed a redirection bug where WordPress is installed in a sub-directory; Add CSS style to keep “Remember Me” label inline with checkbox; 4.3.2 Just something I recommend checking when you’re testing out this plugin! Under the “Pages” section in the left column, you’ll see pages titled “Log In” and “Log Out”. If you set a monthly billing amount, this would be a one month trial so the billing amount is charged next month. You can certainly edit the generated pages to add additional styles, widgets, wording, etc. There are no additional steps required at this point to make TML functional. Take back your login page, WordPress users! Consider placing a “Sign Up” (Join or Register) link in this same space as well. All Rights Reserved. Blastoff? The WordPress theme that we use is the Buddy Theme. Does this happen to me only? We’ve heavily encouraged users to use TML and it’s an issue that users need to pay to get the same functionality from the new TML that they used to get for free. Thanks for the help What does it do? Take this one step further and use the Nav Menus Add On for Paid Memberships Pro. Hello just wanted to give you a brief heads Fingers crossed that you guys are working on providing a replacement for the Theme My Login extensions sometime very soon, since it does some crucial things for a membership site. This is not OK. Feel free to follow up with Justin (TML Author) about that. You can simply modify the links under Memberships > Advanced Settings to the appropriate login page URL (usually “/login/”. FYI, also the SAVEFACE discount code doesn’t work. By installing Theme My Login, we could solve an issue (that we still have with the “[pmpro login]”) that is the presence of a duplicated information “Lost Password” (one in Portuguese and another in English) and also the “Register” link that we couldn’t figure out how we can change it. Do I need an ad-on? Here are some best practices to consider: Memberlite does all of the above by default, excluding the “Mobile” view of your log in link. This will remove the “Register” link from the TML pages but still allow registration via membership checkout. [row] Support can be found using our support form. Our plugin allows the member account to be created in one step as part of checkout. The process is something like this: 1. We are personally having no issues using TML for our own purposes. The following people have contributed to this plugin. The reason is that this developer removed functionality and put it behind a paywall. In the meantime, we recommend paying for TML. Long term we are looking into providing some of the functionality that TML did in a PMPro addon (or maybe in our core plugin). Im soooooooo confused. Login? […], Your email address will not be published. Seems like several users have this issue. Allow ‘theme-my-login.css’ to be loaded from current theme directory; Cleaned up and rewrote most code; Drop support for WP versions below 2.8; 4.3.4.

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