File the Tier II report with your State or Tribal Emergency Response Commission (SERC or TERC), your Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), and your local fire department.

Tier II Forms and Instructions. Learn the best way to handle an employee’s refusal to wear a mask and your company’s best course of action in response., Proposed Amendments to the Standards of Performance for Volatile Organic Liquid Storage

If you choose to update prior to January 1, you must submit and certify the revised report before the end of the year in order for the updates to carry over into the next reporting year. Now that the final deadline has passed, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has mandated that the revised hazard classifications be identified on the Tier II report. Register here:…, EPA Lauded for Proposed Rule on In-Service Tank Inspections “FET helps provide a reality check on the tools we use when explaining rules or policy. The stakeholders expressed that, if the EPA adopted these physical and hazard classes, it would be less burdensome to:   1) The regulated community, as they would only need to copy the chemical hazard information from the MSDS (SDS), and 2) The implementing agencies, as they could more easily compare the hazard information provided on each SDS with the information provided on the list of hazardous chemicals and the inventory form. In just a few days, one can have the information presented in a condensed format, and be relevant to our state. Flammable (gases, aerosols, liquids, or solids), In contact with water emits flammable gas, Specific target organ toxicity (single or repeated exposure).

Many states, including Wisconsin, are now accepting updates to the chemical hazard information. It is always difficult to make this material interesting when you have gone through this over and over. Valero, EPA Propose Settlement of Air Quality Standards by Norco Refinery, Other U.S. Facilities Where there were previously five hazard categories, there are now 24. ", “Chapters are a great benefit of FET -- to have a good pool of people to stay connected to and interact with other peers who are helpful in the sharing of ideas.”. choness / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images.

The next step is to determine if the quantity of the chemical equals or exceeds an established threshold. Check them out>> Brought to you by HSI: HSI supports every level of critical workforce development and safety operations, with compliance technology and training for […], We have a variety of webinars, online events, and virtual roundtables available free of charge to keep you informed and connected to other EHS professionals throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Determining which category (or categories) to report will require reviewing the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for each reported material. Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act Tier II form. See EPA’s About PDF page to learn more. Therefore, any batteries identical to the type that can be purchased in an auto parts store would not be reportable under Tier II, as they would fall under the consumer product exemption. “Even as a veteran in this field, the education and networking focus of FET continue to be significant.”, “All of the sessions were well done. Practical EHS Tips, News & Advice. A Tier I or Tier II report is required for certain facilities by Section 312 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) under Title III of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA). If so, we want to hear from you! There will be a significant change to how you report chemical hazards on the Tier II report for calendar year 2017, which is due no later than March 1, 2018. The previous 5 categories were acute health hazard, chronic health hazard, fire physical hazard, sudden release of pressure physical hazard, and reactive physical hazard. This means that if a chemical is present at your facility above an applicable threshold for even a single day, it must be included on the Tier II report. In a quantity that equals or exceeds an established threshold.

The membership provides a very good resource to interact with practitioners in the environmental field, and know what their issues and concerns are. Are You Required to File a Tier II Report? This free survey report aims to look at how companies are addressing the variable aspects of heat stress programs, such as dealing with indoor versus outdoor work, how they handle personal protective equipment (PPE), and how heat stress fits into the whole of their safety program.…, Join Trey Hess, Paula Middlebrooks, Jeanie E. Elsholz, Megan Johnson, and Pamela Luckie on their Brownfield Snipe Hunt this Thursday as part of the 2020 Virtual Brownfields Conference hosted by the Florida Brownfields Association. BOX PPA Pago Pago, American Samoa Email: Ignosy Toeava ( Office: 684-633-2304 Mobile: 684-733-2473. Please share these educational resources alongside the facts from OSHA, the CDC, and the World Health Organization. It is very cost-effective and justifiable to an employer.”, “I initially joined FET in 2015 to make connections with other industries in the environmental field; it was a chance to educate and be educated about many different businesses.”, I enjoy attending FET trainings, they help to keep me current, and put me back on track when I'm feeling a little sluggish in my field. Federation of Environmental Technologists, Inc. The new categories are as follows: Flammable (gases, aerosols, liquids, or solids), In contact with water emits flammable gas, Specific target organ toxicity (single or repeated exposure). In addition, there are different thresholds for retail gas stations or if information is requested by an emergency planning agency or a fire department—see 40 CFR 370.10. Every consultant or service that my company hires has been through contacts verify the submission requirements in your jurisdiction. Tier II Administration: American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency Ignosy Toeava, Chief Air/HazMat Branch P.O. Did you have any EHS that exceeded the lower of the Threshold Planning Quantity (TPQ) or 500 pounds on site at any one time? USEPA’s List of Lists:  can help you determine which chemicals at your facility are considered EHS. “In” are the 24 new categories, classified as either physical or chemical hazards. Stay Informed! Most states accept some form of electronic reporting, and many states require that Tier II reports be submitted electronically via e-mail, CD, or an online reporting tool.

Within the universe of hazardous chemicals, there is a subset of substances known as extremely hazardous substances (EHSs). © 2020 BLR®—Business and Legal Resources 100 Winners Circle, Suite 300, Brentwood, TN 37027 800-727-5257 All rights reserved. Typically, the Tier II reporting of such batteries is done by listing the batteries as a mixture rather than by their hazardous chemical components. Emergency responders use this information to prepare to respond to incidents at the facility. Tier II Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory Form (PDF) (2 pp, 248 K, November 2019) The deadline was established by Congress in EPCRA itself, rather than the regulations established by the EPA. I see it as an important communications conduit for state information to be shared.”, Environment 2020 Exhibitor/Sponsor Opportunities, List of Lists:,, Conference Exhibitor and Sponsorship Opportunities for Your Business, OSHA Publishes New Final Rule on Beryllium for General Industry, EPA Signs Off On Standards To Reduce Phosphorus Pollution In The Wisconsin River Basin. It is not based on cumulative throughput or annual usage. The Regulators are available for questions - I learned a lot in a short period of time., EPA and Rhode Island Scrap Metal Facility Resolve Clean Air Act Claims The mission of EHS On Tap is to provide clear, relevant, actionable information on topics that matter to EHS professionals in podcast form through engaging and insightful interviews with experts and thought leaders. In many cases, the state’s emergency management department or the state’s environmental protection agency will accept Tier II reports on behalf of SERC.

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