At the park? Check out the p. provides online training on a variety of topics related to abuse and maltreatment of youth. downloadable ebooks and guides to support parents. Which one did you like most? Kimberly is using Smore newsletters It’s important for transgender students to. On-Demand Second Step Lessons Contact Us, State School Counseling Programs & Web Sites, State Comprehensive School Counseling Programs, “Leader in Me” Seven Habits of Happy Kids Videos, “Captain Compassion” Bullying Prevention Video, Kansas’ Social Emotional Development Lessons (on Padlet), “Worry Warriors” Counseling Lesson Series (and other counseling lessons) from Counselor Keri. How are you feeling about using online learning platforms? has videos, activities, and caregiver tips. video (I realize I might have a Sesame Street problem. guide for supporting transgender students in schools. I have prepared resources and activities for you or your child. Presented by: Rebecca Pianta - Coordinator, Capistrano Unified School District Beatrice Nguyen - College and Career Counselor, Capistrano Unified School District. Download hundreds of classroom guidance lesson plans (both PDF versions as well as … . Calendar scheduler: Calendlyincludes questionnaire during registration and syncs with calendar systems We never know what’s going to come our way, and as confident counselors, we like to have resources at our fingertips. What's Inside: Tips & Recommendations to develop your own virtual counseling program.Time-saving Ideas to get the most out of limited resources and time.Advice & Tools to avoid the most common mistakes made by virtual school counselors.Get In this blog post, I share tips for how to conduct virtual class, group, and individual counseling sessions. If you feel your child needs services, that are, New Oakland Family Centers Clinton Township Center 42669 Garfield Rd Clinton Township, MI 48038 (586) 412-5321, Macomb Family Services, Inc. 67515 Main Street Suite C Richmond, MI 48062 (586) 727-5529 / (586) 727-5614, Community Mental Health - Access Center (586)948-0222, C.A.R.E. The days of posting a newsletter around the neighborhood are over. *disclaimer - nothing on this page is REQUIRED. What could you do if it happens again? How is being organized for virtual school different from in-person school? for military families is another great resource. School counseling in a virtual world is challenging. Centervention game-based behavior interventions help students practice social and emotional skills. Right now? Teaching Tolerance has a large list of lessons on, Find more information about helping kids stay safe online at, The Ophelia Project provides great lessons on, Teaching Tolerance has a timely guide for administrators, counselors, and teachers titled, Look no further than GLSEN for No-Name Calling week. As you review these resources, pay close attention to those specialized to the grade levels you serve. What is a bucket filler? to spread the word online. Privacy Policy. Is that a job you would want? provides statistics, tips for children/caregivers, and videos. All Rights Reserved. For middle school counseling, providing lessons to students that are interactive or offer variety in tasks can be helpful in engaging students. What does kindness look like? Sesame Street shares videos, activities, and coping skills ideas for, The National Human Trafficking Hotline provides training videos and a. should be in everyone’s resource library. Any activity, lesson, or resource is for informational and helpful purposes. Unsubscribe at any time. Contact Us. ASCA - 1101 King Street, Suite 310, Alexandria VA 22314, (703) 683-ASCA,  Professor Garfield Online Safety - This app uses comics, games, and conversations to convey essential skills all children need when using the internet. Online Doctorate of Education Programs (EdD), Online Master of Arts in Teaching Programs (MAT), Online Master of Arts in Teaching – TESOL Programs, Online Master of Library and Information Science Programs (MLIS), Online Speech Pathology Master's Programs (SLP), Online Family Nurse Practitioner Programs (FNP), Online Doctor of Nursing Practice Programs (DNP), Online Doctorate in Occupational Therapy Programs (OTD), Online Doctor of Physical Therapy Programs (DPT), Online Master of Health Informatics Programs (MHI), Online Master of Public Health Programs (MPH), Online Master’s in Health Administration Programs (MHA), Online Master of Applied Behavior Analysis Programs (ABA), Online Clinical Psychology Master’s Programs, Online Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy Programs, Online Master's in School Counseling Programs, Online Master's in Mental Health Counseling Programs, Online Master of Social Work Programs (MSW), Online Master of Public Administration Programs (MPA), Online Masters in Urban Planning Programs, Online Master of Business Administration Programs (MBA), Online Master's in Supply Chain Management, Online Master’s in Communications Programs, Counseling Scholarships for Graduate Students, Speech Pathology Scholarships for Graduate Students, Nursing Scholarships for Graduate Students, Scholarships for Physical Therapy Students in 2020, Public Administration Scholarships for Graduate Students, Ultimate Media Guide for Leaders in Education, Doctoral Program Resources for Minority Students, Addressing the Speech Needs of Children Learning English, Speech Therapy Guide for Parents of Children with Autism, Creating Inclusive Schools: How to Support Students with Incarcerated Parents, Resources for Teaching Kids About Emotional Regulation and Meditation, How to Use Household Tasks as Learning Opportunities for Adolescents, 120 Digital Resources for Home-Schooling: Special Education, Social and Emotional Learning, and More, How to Adapt to Online Learning at Home: Tips for Guardians, Educators and Students, Closing the Gap Between Expectation and Experience: How Patients Can Collaborate With Health Care Providers, How to Support Gender Sexuality Alliances in Schools, How to Balance Children’s Screen Time During the Pandemic, 50 Resources to Support the Mental Health of Teachers and School Staff, Supporting Neurodiverse K-12 Students in Online Classrooms, Bullying Resources for Educators and Parents, The Comprehensive College Planning Resource, The School Counseling and School Social Work Treatment Planner, International School Counselor Association. All Rights Reserved. Full Circle, a not-for-profit in Virginia, provides a comprehensive. ), Ripple Kindness Project, out of Australia, shares great. Check out the empowerment and confidence-building resources at the. What would be the hardest part of that job? Find hotline/chat support, parent/student safety & prevention information, including social media safety, over at. Paid resources are also available for purchase. Students of all ages will go through these next few weeks differently. provides lots of options for mindfulness and meditation. It’s true! Moderated by: Lezya Weglarz- School Counselor, San Marcos Unified School District. © Copyright 2020 American School Counselor Association. (Updated May 19, 2020) For additional lessons broken out by grade level, see the following ASCA Toolkits: BrainPOP provides movies with social/emotional learning components that students can watch and respond to. How do you feel when someone fills your bucket? I would love to hear what is going well for you and what might not be going well. Follow Up: School Counseling from a Distance, education companies offering free subscriptions, State School Counseling Programs & Web Sites, State Comprehensive School Counseling Programs, The K–12 Educator's Guide to Safe and Effective Videoconferencing, The Association for Career and Technical Education, School-Based Health Alliance COVID-19 Resources, responding to COVID-19 using an MTSS-ASCA Model aigned framework, Coronavirus Student Guide: Explanations and News Updates, Virtual School Counseling Lessons and Tools community and library on ASCA SCENE, Southern Regional Education Board offers two relevant webinars for school counselors, including, Because kids are participating in more digital learning, offer a refresher on, School Counselors for MTSS has developed resources for, The World Federation of United Nations Associations has developed a, Older students may be interested in learning how to journal with, In terms of free resources for a variety of learning or enrichment needs, note that for younger students, free streaming is available from. Feel like? It is my hope that these weeks go by fast and that we are able to return to school soon. In some cases, children may need the assistance of a mental health professional. How to Provide School Counseling Resources for Distance Learning: Learn how to reach students virtually during the coronavirus pandemic. . Receive a daily positive message and encouragement with a, Cornell Self-Injury and Recovery Research and Resources is a goldmine of, information for families and professionals. 75 Free School Counseling Resources. model school district policy on suicide prevention, NYS OASAS (Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services put together a video to address stigma titled, The National Center on Addiction and Substance abuse provides. A day in the life of a school counselor is never easy. They will miss their friends, extra-curricular events, and many will miss their teachers. Do you feel comfortable using technology to talk to your teacher and classmates? Can you think of someone who is really kind? Warrensburg High School » QuickLinks » Counseling Office » Virtual School Counseling Resource Guide. has cool visual stories on healthy relationships, SEL, and positive character development for secondary students. We won't send you spam. How do you feel when you fill someone’s bucket? What was the most fascinating thing about that job? At the grocery store? Educators and families can now access Second Step emotion management lessons for grades K–5 on-demand, along with support materials for each lesson. A day in the life of a school counselor is never easy. Check out this video! The website is being designed to provide guidance and easy to access resources in a variety of areas including mental health, college and career, academics, and professional development in virtual school counseling. All lessons are free (no login required) and feature Second Step's Committee for Children staff, who also happen to be experienced teachers and school counselors.

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