Cocaine Unwrapped criticizes the brutality and indifference of the heavy handed methods implemented in the War on Drugs. However overall the documentary is pretty damn scary and the sentances are just draconian, i would be up in arms about this if i were american. Does anyone know what book that guy is always referencing to? not in Florida. Only got 15 mins into the doc and was totally disgusted by the way the police f*** people over, in my country Scotland btw that s*** is known as entrapment if a police officer offers you drugs (any kind) you cant get done (charged) for taking it. Could this explain how dope is getting in to the US? Falção (falcon) is the name for the night guards, who stay up watching to see if any enemies or police are coming towards the drug trafficking headquarters. The film gives a brief history of the government’s drug war, starting from the Marcos regime during which Chinese drug trafficker Lim Seng was executed in 1973. "Aswang" is the first Filipino-directed full-length documentary on the war on drugs and draws parallels with the aswang — but more than just as a vampiric, shape-shifting monster of folklore. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 Footloose Lemon Juice | All Rights Reserved. This doc is broadcast by Dutch channel VPRO, and was part of the series "De Nieuwe Wereld", the predecessor of "Tegenlicht". The PCOO’s documentary is being released before Robredo is expected to make public her findings on the administration’s campaign against illegal drugs. Having problems seeing the article? These short documentaries bring fresh perspectives on the controversial drug policies of Latin America that were propelled by the US government. Legalization of marijuana and decriminalization of drugs will decrease drug consumption and the number of drug related convictions. Apart from the documentary, the PCOO also launched a magazine titled Saving the Future of A Nation: Countering Hard Drugs. anti-drug operations in the slums of Tondo, Manila, Chel Diokno: Drug War Film Can Be Used As Evidence Before ICC, eradicating the drug problem in six months, Saving the Future of A Nation: Countering Hard Drugs. It is perpetuated by greed, corruption and racism and for the sake of society it has to stop. It is not that accurate and that’s the reason why the DDB is doing something to have a better and more accurate and more specific way of getting the figure,” he said during the briefing on the #RealNumbersPH this week. Steve, you are not taking into considerations other peoples perspectives on life...You probably don't know anything about drugs, so you can't judge anyone. Duterte has publicly admitted his frustration over the magnitude of the drug problem. breath and think about what your saying "throw away the key" Only a white man from the south would say those words. Andanar stressed that the government has relentlessly pushed pro-human rights policies. It doesn't matter if you are black or white, green or yellow. It makes sense that top officials in our Government are some of the the biggest drug cartels; they are fully insulated and protected from prosecution! The magazine also zeroes in on the harmful social effects of illegal drugs. They are actually talking about bring back public flogging in Canada. The soft bigotry of low expectations is racist. jason (10/21/09) - i don't think the point is to say that parents shouldn't be put in jail. We hope these documentaries will help to spread the word that harsh anti drug policies often leave vulnerable parts of society worse off and more vulnerable that befoe. This documentary entwines the life of 2 famous Colombians, Pablo Escobar (drug lord) and Andrés Escobar (football player). The War On Drugs is about to accelerate further into a war on Americans in General. From July 1, 2016 to Nov. 30 this year, the Philippine National Police (PNP) reported that authorities have conducted 151,601 anti-drug operations, resulting in the arrest of 220,728 suspects. Quality documentaries have this power to pull you in and spark your curiosity. The war on drugs is a scam. This election leaves me feeling exactly as you say. The war on drugs has been going on for more than three decades. Coca farmers are usually left with no other means of sustaining their livelihood due to living in such turbulent and poor areas. Why put harmless marijuana users in prison? A husband’s beheading of his own wife in front of their young daughter and other gruesome crimes related to drug abuse are among the scenes featured in a documentary titled Gramo, produced by the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO). Interesting coincidence wouldn't you say? something needs to be done about this because I don't see how someone who rapes a child can receive less punishment than someone who was some what associated with drugs. I have had a drug problem since I was 12, i'm 25 now. Here I have watched, reviewed and applauded 4 documentaries with thought-provoking perspectives on the War on Drugs and its effects on the Latin American region.. that is obviously bs. I am writing a lesson to address this subject with high school students. The first full-length documentary on the Duterte administration’s drug war, titled On the President’s Orders, was presented to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) before the body voted last July to adopt a resolution calling for the monitoring of the conduct of the drug war in the Philippines. “I really don’t know if she discovered data on the so-called extrajudicial killings, but for me, if she discovered some cases related to that, well, it’s fine. HSBC in a nutshell overtook a Mexican bank that was a vehicle for money laundering the cartels’ finances. The welfare state is racist. If your a crim it's the best place for networking. They are creating new laws and legislation as we speak that you won't even know about. They have asked on websites how people would feel about guillotines and there is legislation in the u.s. to bring it back. (Tap the upper right corner and select. It's endless the s--t they're causing.Makes a lot of people wonder about living in this country anymore--plus throw in all the other corrupt government involvements and what do you have? This country--because of BS government,is really in sad shape.Just thought of something else regarding this drug thing--those units seize vehicles from supposed offenders right? The prison industrial complex is reliant on drug users. through out the years starting off with weed then moving onto speed, X, LSD, Cocain, and on occasions heroin and Ice.

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