dns-cache-snoop.nse : This module is similar to dns_cache_scraper. Parses the server SSL certificate to obtain the common name and signature algorithm. [-] [2019.08.22-11:22:31] [0238] Exploit failed: A payload has not been selected. If column names are found that match the defined keywords and data is present in the associated tables, the script will select a sample of the records from each of the affected tables. [-] [2019.08.22-11:23:50] [0339] Exploit failed: A payload has not been selected. Not sure what else to do. mongodb provides a good walkthru how to check for vulns in mongodb; Module attempts to brute force authentication credentials for MongoDB. [+] [2019.08.22-11:21:51] Workspace:sdfs Progress:186/385 (48%) [182/380] - SPIP connect Parameter PHP Injection, [+] [2019.08.22-11:21:52] Workspace:sdfs Progress:187/385 (48%) [183/380] - Nagios XI Network Monitor Graph Explorer Component Command Injection, [*] [2019.08.22-11:21:52] [0182] Started reverse TCP handler on

[-] [2019.08.22-11:23:38] [0318] Exploit failed: A payload has not been selected.

memcached-info : Retrieves information (including system architecture, process ID, and server time) from distributed memory object caching system memcached. The module gets information regarding to A (addresses), AAAA (IPv6 addresses), NS (name servers), SOA (start of authority) and MX (mail servers) records for a given domain. [*] [2019.08.22-11:19:31] - - Sending finger request for xpdb... [*] [2019.08.22-11:19:31] - - Sending finger request for xpopr... [*] [2019.08.22-11:19:31] - - Sending finger request for zabbix... [*] [2019.08.22-11:19:31] - - Sending finger request for vagrant... [+] [2019.08.22-11:19:31] - Users found: admin, avahi, backup, bin, daemon, games, gnats, irc, list, lp, mail, man, messagebus, news, nobody, pi, proxy, root, sshd, sync, sys, uucp, www-data, [+] [2019.08.22-11:19:31] Workspace:sdfs Progress:45/177 (25%) Sweeping with SSH probes, [+] [2019.08.22-11:19:32] - SSH server version: SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_7.9p1 Raspbian-10 ( service.version=7.9p1 openssh.comment=Raspbian-10 service.vendor=OpenBSD service.family=OpenSSH service.product=OpenSSH service.cpe23=cpe:/a:openbsd:openssh:7.9p1 os.vendor=Raspbian os.family=Linux os.product=Linux service.protocol=ssh fingerprint_db=ssh.banner ), [+] [2019.08.22-11:19:32] Workspace:sdfs Progress:63/177 (35%) Sweeping with VxWorks probes, [+] [2019.08.22-11:19:42] Workspace:sdfs Progress:168/177 (94%) Sweeping with WinRM probes, [-] [2019.08.22-11:19:42] Does not appear to be a WinRM server, [+] [2019.08.22-11:19:42] Workspace:sdfs Progress:172/177 (97%) Normalizing system information, [+] [2019.08.22-11:19:42] Workspace:sdfs Progress:1/2 (50%) Normalizing, [+] [2019.08.22-11:19:42] Workspace:sdfs Progress:2/2 (100%) Normalization complete, [+] [2019.08.22-11:19:42] Workspace:sdfs Progress:173/177 (97%) Identifying unknown services, [+] [2019.08.22-11:19:42] Workspace:sdfs Progress:174/177 (98%) Normalizing system information for newly identified services, [+] [2019.08.22-11:19:42] Workspace:sdfs Progress:175/177 (98%) Sweeping newly found services, [+] [2019.08.22-11:19:42] Workspace:sdfs Progress:176/177 (99%) Normalizing system information for newly identified services, [+] [2019.08.22-11:19:42] Discovered Host: (, [+] [2019.08.22-11:19:42] Workspace:sdfs Progress:177/177 (100%) Sweep of complete (1 new host, 6 new services), [*] [2019.08.22-11:19:43] Minimum rank: great, transport evasion level: 0, application evasion level: 0, [*] [2019.08.22-11:19:43] Target hosts:, [+] [2019.08.22-11:19:43] Workspace:sdfs Progress:1/100 (1%) Starting analysis, [+] [2019.08.22-11:19:43] Workspace:sdfs Progress:2/100 (2%) Analyzing exploits: filtering by OS, vulnerability, port, [+] [2019.08.22-11:20:02] Workspace:sdfs Progress:3/100 (3%) Building exploit map: matching by OS, vulnerability, port, [*] [2019.08.22-11:20:02] Matching exploits: 0 hosts processed (0 potential actions), [+] [2019.08.22-11:20:02] Workspace:sdfs Progress:4/100 (4%) Building attack plan, [*] [2019.08.22-11:20:02] Finalizing attack plan: 380 total exploits, [+] [2019.08.22-11:20:03] Workspace:sdfs Progress:5/385 (1%) [1/380] - Apple iOS Default SSH Password Vulnerability, [-] [2019.08.22-11:20:03] No reverse connect payloads available for exploit/apple_ios/ssh/cydia_default_ssh, [-] [2019.08.22-11:20:03] No payloads were compatible with exploit/apple_ios/ssh/cydia_default_ssh).

[-] [2019.08.22-11:21:55] [0188] File wasn't uploaded, aborting! We need to verify the connection is open and we can get to it: First we need to find the ID of the window using xwininfo, The below is taken from tfairane redis where he has presented a write up for a Vulnhub machine. In front of my eyes the whole time as usual!

1 hour ago, Python | Dont know what im missing, got creds on the web, ssl enabled.

[-] [2019.08.22-11:21:55] [0189] Exploit aborted due to failure: not-vulnerable: - File wasn't uploaded, aborting! [*] [2019.08.22-11:21:47] [0171] Testing injection... [-] [2019.08.22-11:21:47] No reverse connect payloads available for exploit/linux/http/f5_icontrol_exec, [-] [2019.08.22-11:21:47] No payloads were compatible with exploit/linux/http/f5_icontrol_exec). By default, users granted EXECUTE_CATALOG_ROLE have the required privilege. [-] [2019.08.22-11:22:20] No reverse connect payloads available for exploit/linux/http/groundwork_monarch_cmd_exec, [-] [2019.08.22-11:22:20] No payloads were compatible with exploit/linux/http/groundwork_monarch_cmd_exec). [-] [2019.08.22-11:22:01] [0195] Exploit failed: A payload has not been selected. Thinking of what all can be discovered from this module is the antivirus softwares used by the company, websites visited by the employees.

afp-showmount.nse : Shows AFP shares and ACLs. Stuck at the final part to get root. cursor.forEach() Applies a JavaScript function for every document in a cursor. dns-recursion.nse : Checks if a DNS server allows queries for third-party names.

102:4444 [-] Exploit aborted due to failure: not-found: The target does not appear to be using WordPress [*] Exploit completed, but no session was created. lt_rollbackworkspace.rb: Oracle DB SQL Injection via SYS.LT.ROLLBACKWORKSPACE: This module exploits an sql injection flaw in the ROLLBACKWORKSPACE procedure of the PL/SQL package SYS.LT. then copy the code to add to .htaccess file instead of HTACCESS-SETTINGS-HERE in below command and run in the shell.

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