“When one has Vicht, he takes a bit of ginger with more cinnamon and pulverize it. The detoxifying affects can also strengthen the mind and the psyche. See our related post for more on Hildegard’s autumn duckweed drink. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. This paper examined the water source and water quality (nutrient composition) of irrigation ponds that support duckweed plants and their suitability as broilers feed. Galium helps with ulcers, both internal and external. Water lentils contain valuable free radical scavenging and antioxidant plant flavonoids and cyclopentane fatty acids with prostaglandin-like compounds that have anti-inflammatory effects to improve inflammation and rheumatism. Duckweed is more appetisingly known as water lentils in France and Spain. The growth of duckweed in farm irrigation ponds reduces the nutrient supply to irrigated crops and serves as a purifier of irrigation water. Add the powder mixture of (1) and juice blend from (2) to the honey wine (3) and mix. White pepper has a warming property that stimulates the appetite. Duckweed has been used to treat respiratory, rheumatic problems, body temperature regulation, and urinary ailments. A duckweed elixir prepared according to Hildegard’s recipe is available in Germany and ideally suited as a duckweed drink, for the changes that come with autumn. The growth of wild water lentils (duckweed) in Jordan’s farm irrigation ponds has focused attention on the need to study the functions of these plants as a natural water bioremediation agent and as a potential protein source for broilers. Water lentils offer a similar number of essential amino acids and BCAAs than animal-derived whey, and more than other plant proteins like soy. Take less sage than ginger, and more fennel than sage, and a little more tansy than sage, and crush them to a juice in a mortar, and strain it through a cloth. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. If harvested at frequent intervals and dried, water lentil plant (duckweed) could be of great benefit to Jordan's livestock sector, especially with regard to poultry, where feedstuffs are limited in supply and prices are typically high. We make Protein Powders from Water lentils Water Lentil proteins contain all essential amino acids Highly concentrated powders, up to 75% plant protein Our Proteins remain intact. It also treats dilated glands, knot formation in the breast, kidney stones, and inflammation of the bladder. Duckweed Elixir is believed to strengthen the immune system and support detoxification. Seasonally, this state arises commonly during the autumn months. This research reveals the potential for Jordan to examine the availability of duckweed in farm irrigation ponds and their function as water bioremediation agents and their suitability as a protein and nutrient source for broilers. 2,5 oz.) Great processing ease Rubisco Foods Next generation ingredients Who we are At Rubisco Foods we produce protein powders and gels from water lentils. In addition to duckweed, Hildegard’s formula for a duckweed elixir includes the following: Ginger stimulates the appetite, promotes salivation and gastro intestinal juices, assists digestive activity, and prevents nausea and vomiting. Making duckweed elixir at home poses some challenges, so having a finished product would save some sourcing and preparation time. Florida-based startup Parabel is working to bring vegan milk made from water lentils — a free-floating, high protein micro aquatic plant, also called duckweed — to market. Fresh duckweed contains approximately 94% water and 6% dry matter; the average nutrient concentrations in dry matter are 26% protein, 4.16 % N, 5.2% fiber, 3.1% fat, 0.86% P, 2.4% K, 4.3% Ca, 0.88% Mg, 0.2% Fe, 1.62% Cl, 0.16% Na, 0.008% Zn, 0.07% Mn and 0.002% Cu. Farmers are unaware of duckweed’s nutritional value around the world. Duckweed has been used to treat respiratory, rheumatic problems, body temperature regulation, and urinary ailments. The company is working with producers of protein supplements, pasta, noodles, baked goods, and snacks. of the elixir first thing in the morning and one in the evening before bedtime. Hildegard’s duckweed formula is used to strengthen the body’s vital forces, particularly during periods of exhaustion. It helps with inflammation of the respiratory tract, stomach and gastric issues, as well as illnesses related to joints and soft tissue rheumatism. Then cook a bit of honey in wine, and add a little white pepper and put it in the powder and juice. Fennel contains bioflavonoids acting as free radical scavengers, and a natural phytoestrogen to help regulate hormonal imbalances. Parabel has had “a lot of interest from the industry” about its protein and it is considering different avenues to bring its plant-based product to market, according to Wittbjer. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Parabel’s water lentil ingredient has received a “no objections” letter from the United States Food and Drug Administration, giving it the status of GRAS or “generally recognized as safe.”, “We are all elated to have achieved this breakthrough innovation,” Parabel chief technology officer Peter Sherlock told Food Navigator-USA. These plants remove an average of 20% Ca, 33% Mg, 21% K, 13% Cl, 25% SO4, 35% PO4, 1.5% Na, and 40% NO3. Hildegard recommended an herbal mixture using duckweed to prevent “vicht”. Making a Duckweed elixir at home is somewhat complicated, because the individual components (powder, juice, porridge, honey wine) are prepared separately and then combined. As well as growing rapidly, they can be harvested in raceways (open-air ponds). This innovative addition also retains the same high level of sustainability as the rest of our product range,” Sherlock added. It improves blood circulation, salivation, and gastric juice secretion. Water lentils are a relatively new plant-based food to hit the Western health food world. Cubeb Pepper, a medicinal plant used for thousands of years, Digestive Health and Bitters: 6 Reasons You Should Use Bitters. The results showed that the source of the irrigation ponds is Zarqa River, and the analyzed water quality parameters of the source fall within the allowed limits set forth in the Jordanian Standard. Hildegard described these symptoms as a state of “vicht”, or as we would say today, pre-cancerous. “Our lentil milk is similar in color to regular milk and captures the extraordinary, high-quality protein and mineral benefits of water lentils while containing no allergens.”. In the ancient tradition, duckweed is sued to treat chronic health conditions such as chest pain, constant colds, gastrointestinal deficiencies, and colorectal pain. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecoleng.2015.05.041. Unlike normal lentils, Parabel’s are grown hydroponically (in nutrient-rich water rather than in soil). The duckweed or water lentil has a long history in natural and herbal medicine. We examine the availability of duckweed as water bioremediation agent. Drink one shot glass (approx. twice daily. Duckweed drink supports detoxification and is useful at the outset of fasting periods. Since the company’s inception, it has saved 3 million gallons of water. The growth of wild water lentils (duckweed) in Jordan’s farm irrigation ponds has focused attention on the need to study the functions of these plants as a natural water bioremediation agent and as a potential protein source for broilers. The beverage is minimally processed as the protein comes out as milk straight from the process. Since it is just a protein, the ingredient doesn’t taste like anything. “The milk froths and foams effectively. Water lentils, also known as duckweed, taste slightly sweet. Afterward, take duckweed, and twice as much blutwurz, and the same amount of mustard which grows in the field, and rub this to a juice in a mortar, and place it in a little bag, and pour the honeyed wine mixture over it, and make a clear drink.”. The crop also contains a “considerable amount of calcium and iron,” Parabel’s marketing manager Cecilia Wittbjer told Food Navigator-USA. 2,5 oz.) Okay, I’m intrigued but what does it taste like? It's high in protein in its raw state, at 45 per cent. Water lentils, also known as duckweed or bayroot, are vying for credibility as a plant-based protein. The result is a strengthening of the body’s natural defenses against illness. Water lentils (Duckweed [DW])(Lemna gibba), in irrigation ponds, was evaluated by replacing two levels of soybean meal (SBM) on performance and egg quality of laying hens of 54 weeks of age. Blutwurz has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, immune stimulating, and interferon-inducing properties. We use a unique patented… Water lentils are a rapidly growing aquatic plant that thrives in open water. Ideally, use this remedy during the dark months of winter. Add less than a teaspoon of white pepper (Piper album). Duckweed elixir supports natural detoxification of organs and is ideal as companion therapy for treating acute and chronic diseases. Tansy helps due to its antiseptic and stimulating properties. Duckweed or Water lentils. Charlock contains allyl mustard oil and essential oils that are effective anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal agents. Combine with the intermediate mix in step 4, then pass through a cloth filter. Therefore, autumn represents the ideal time to start a 4-week treatment with a duckweed formula to strengthen the immune system and restore vitality. Daily, drink one shot glass before breakfast and one before bedtime. Discover Centuries-old Techniques Using Spelt for Fasting, Discover Proven Fasting Methods from Hildegard of Bingen, duckweed drink, for the changes that come with autumn, 12 fresh sage leaves (1 tablespoon fresh chopped), 1 teaspoon whole tansy herb (Tanacetum vulgaris) collected without flowers in spring, ¼ cups of honey with 1 liter of wine (cooked). Parabel also uses water lentils to produce protein flour, concentrates, and isolates. During these three months, drink one shot glass (approx. Sage cleanses all bad juices. Inspired by Hildegard for detoxification, weight loss & improved metabolism! While water lentils are green, the milk made from the ingredient is white as it is a soluble part of the product stream. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. Water lentils (duckweed) in Jordan irrigation ponds as a natural water bioremediation agent and protein source for broilers. © 2020 Healthy Hildegard. Could dairy-free water lentil milk be the next big thing in the vegan food scene?. Due to their high turnover rate (water lentils can double every 16-32 hours), they can be harvested daily and year-round. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Could dairy-free water lentil milk be the next big thing in the vegan food scene? Cinnamon supports the immune system, improves digestion, helps with symptoms of diabetes, revitalizes with a warming effect, and improves circulation. It helps with mouth, throat, stomach, and intestinal inflammation. 1.5 cups of fresh Blutwurz (Potentilla erecta), 1.5 cups of fresh field mustard (Sinapsis arvensis).

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