Hi, Get weekly tips on how to optimize your website's SEO, usability and conversion. To make sure that search engines can understand your images, you need to think about how you name and format your files. Hi Tesla, and Atish, Nice to see you here and you've nicely nailed the topic. Think about how you use images on your site. Are you using any text enhancements or font variations that might hinder a good performance of the mobile website? Have a great weekend. I would rather advise to Noindex the paginated pages. Interested in more valuable tools? I was just looking for the keyword optimize your Wordpress site, just landed on the Tesla blog and I am surprised to see the post is written by you. Use few semantic keywords instead of using the primary target keyword all the time in the post. Submitting your site manually also reduces your chances of being labelled as spam. Meta descriptions are the captions that are shown under the title of a search engine result. You just simply install and activate the plugin, insert your tracking ID and you’re set! Then this article will definitely help you up your SEO game! For some sites, the easiest wins might come from changing hosting or utilizing a CDN; for others, it might mean re-assessing their use of plugins, or, altering how they load CSS and JavaScript. New to WordPress? Thanks for sharing!! Choose between a non-SEO export mode, or perform 300 various SEO tasks manually. Our ultimate guides get a lot of links from individual posts about related topics. Adding categories and subcategories will bring order to chaos. Some setups might have some minor headaches if they omit the ‘www’ component, but these are increasingly rare. You can do this by using specific CSS media queries. But, it only scratches the surface. These pages contain a list of the posts and pages within a certain category or tag. Just go to the Advanced tab in the Yoast SEO metabox below your post or page. Within Google Analytics, you can see how visitors behave on your website. Bring loads of modern development features. While you can use another

tag before using an

, or

tag, you should only do this if the content demands it. That way, you’re well organized. Find out how to make a WordPress website. Thanks Atish for telling those great secrets about those urls seo friendly and wp url an site urls

So, there are many different causes for duplicate content, as you can read in this extensive article on duplicate content. Create or sign in to your Google Search Console account. You can follow along with your strategy and make sure you don’t miss any opportunities. Very informative article.I am personally in the process of configuring the Yoast SEO plugin and hope to see better results with time. You put a lot of time and effort into the content of your site and making sure that readers can find it via search engines thanks to SEO. With WordPress, it’s super easy as when you upload an image, you get these boxes where you can put the title of the image, Caption, alt text and description. It’s important to select the right structure when initially setting up your website, as changing it later can cause SEO issues. So if you want to keep updated on the latest news about WordPress, SEO, and our plugins, then you can subscribe to our newsletter and stay one step ahead of the competition! Thanks in Advance. That means you could add these as a special mobile menu, for instance, — some kind of bar that is visible all the time. The most valuable content of your site is called cornerstone content. Great info. Your expertise enables you to create content that goes beyond that of your competitors. WordPress SEO best practices. Submit your website there, and copy the verification code. There are few points you should keep in mind while writing the content as that are important to optimize the content. Therefore, it’s important to improve the page loading speed of your WordPress blog.

Thanks for sharing such a useful guide! If you are looking to kick-start the AMP version of your WordPress website, be sure to check the official AMP plugin.
Even with an SEO name like Denver Computer Techs we still barely get hits regarding what we are actually wanting, engagement and repeat customers. In which Yoast seo helps very lot . The Yoast WordPress SEO plugin is popular because of its SEO analyzer.
This means that so many other websites are trying to target that same keyword. It comes down to giving permissions only to those that need it when they need it and only for the time they need it. You can watch the descriptive video bellow or if you prefer reading, feel free to read the full article :).

These blocks work in the block editor and at the moment, we have two types: for FAQs and how-tos. Hi, Ryte is one of the all-in-one SEO suites you could use to analyze on-page SEO. Step 3. You can use XML sitemaps to tell Google and the other search engines that your site has been updated. Crop images rather than scaling because cropping takes out some bytes from the image and make it lighter. Our Keyword research training can help. Connect your content with contextual internal linking, 6.1. First of all, as soon as you install and activate the plugin, you get an ‘SEO’ section in your WordPress admin. Contextual internal links set up a network of pages, which points your users to related content. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also referred to as natural referencing, and it refers to strategies you can implement to help search engines find your site’s content, and see that it’s relevant enough for users to rank higher in search engine results. Traditionally, a keyword is a single word, but as the internet has grown over the last couple decades, the definition has been commonly expanded to include more than one word. More specifically, you can help generate backlinks, do some outreach marketing, and be more active on social media.

Yes, even though we are doing so much of efforts to take care of SEO, link building plays a vital role in getting good SERP. Most of the time that’s easier said than done. Typically, a keyword density of 0.5% to 2.5% is acceptable. That’d definitely hurt your visibility! For example, if your keyphrase is [pumpkin soup] your related keyphrase might be [winter weeknight dinners]. Webmaster-service.net adviced me to not add many plugins to my blog, as they can really have strong impact on the loading speed of web pages. According to WordPress’s technical requirements page, the recommended hosting plan to run WordPress should include a modern version of PHP, MySQL or MariaDB, and HTTPS support. your needs.

One more thing, when you save an image on your desktop, do give it a readable name rather than 123.jpg, 345.png Because when it gets uploaded on the blog, it gets a URL in which the name comes at the end. In brief, these are the steps you’ll need to follow: After connecting your website to Google Search Console, it will start collecting data about the performance of your website. Then respond to these comments in order to keep the conversation going and build a relationship with your readers. You can try Ryte for free to see what it has in it for you. If your categories become too big, make subcategories. So, one of the most important things you can do to improve the performance and security of your site is upgrading your hosting environment to a modern version of PHP.

You can even let your computer speak it. So, we recommend that you use the meta description field you find in the Yoast SEO plugin to write a meta description. Otherwise, you might find that your best content is ‘buried’ deep in your site, and users and search engines may struggle to find it. The first sentence of a post is often introductory information, which doesn’t provide a great summary or an enticing advert! The next thing you need to do is to make sure that your WordPress install, including plugins and themes, is always up-to-date. Thanks for sharing the post as it is more informative to know the basics They allow search engines to determine the structure of your site more easily.

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