•   To help organizations pursue excellence in people performance and the use of Information Technology (IT)
  •   To be at the forefront in developing innovative, cost-effective ways to give people access to advanced behavioral health training through the use of interactive and intuitive web, social web 2.0 tools, and distance education programs.


  • To evoke and support people towards experiencing the powerful benefits of increased self-care.To be at the forefront of investigating and promoting advanced behavioral science that can help people become their best selves.


  •   That all people, regardless of health, ethnicity, income status and current performance have tremendous potential within them and have an intrinsic desire to be their best self- that is if someone can see it for them.
  •   To have congruency between our conviction and behaviour (words and actions). Let this be our definition of integrity.
  •   That our employees make the best effort to treat each other and clients with empathy, compassion and kindness and to receive encouragement in this regard.