What’s Your Digital Quotient (DQ)

Why is DQ so Important:

Because it helps you determine the level of efficiency you operate at and the effectiveness of your service/product offering.

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Serving organizations as a trusted technology partner

Every relationship starts with a zero trust quotient (TQ). A successful relationship requires a high TQ and we see this as our job to develop it to a high level. read more

Our team of software, logistics and business professionals understands your business process and can design web and mobile software to achieve your goals-cost effectively. read more

AI in healthcare refers to the use of computer algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze complex read more

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Streamline is a team of experienced business mentors an award-winning software developers who work to help businesses like yours succeed.  What we do is best  described by asking you this question: if you could wave a magic wand what do you want to have happen in your business? For some clients, it’s about developing tailor-made software solutions, enhancing their digital presence through responsive web design, leveraging big data analytics for predictive insights, or integrating cutting-edge AI to streamline operations. Our consultative-driven center of excellence undergirded by a high value of integrity provides:

  End-to-end mobility and web solutions    Big data analytics    Cloud computing automation

  Artificial intelligence    Business mentoring    Digital marketing

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Businesses stand out in a competitive market when their ambitions
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“While the engagement is ongoing, Streamline thus far has met the requirements and delivered high-quality outputs on time. The team collaborates using a spreadsheet, keeping everything on track. Overall, the main highlights of the partnership are their communication, knowledge, and hands-on approach.”

“Streamline’s ability to grasp a deep understanding of behavioural health science amazed our team and was essential to build and service the software platform they did. Our patient care was significantly improved.”

“Not only is Streamline a technology partner we trust, but they also helped us with strong financial and business advice that is helping us succeed”

“Streamline helped transform our Insurance company from a paper driven system to a fully digital highly secure cloud based system which has created efficiency and a value add service to our clients. For the last 10 years they continue to be our technology partner.”

“They are most willing to go beyond typica software development and advise on our implementation plans vis-à-vis our web implementation.”

“They’re at the forefront of any type of behavioral health and treatment program.”

Certifications and Accreditations

Mental Health commission of Canada
NREPP certified

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