In the last 13 years Streamline’s consultants and software team have worked with many health care bodies and other organizations. Streamline has consistently delivered IT solutions, new systems, and comprehensive recommendations, which maximize efficiency and enhance client services.

Optio Surgical provides software for control costs using a strategic sourcing solution built to eliminate unnecessary spending and promote transparency for surgical units.

SCOPE OF WORK: As health care cost increase hospital administrators are constantly trying to increase efficiency and reduce cost of surgical staff and ease their workload by streamlining bill-only submissions in a one-stop digital platform. Streamline Healthcare and software consultants conducted ongoing meeting with our client (Optiosurgical) to determine how the process could be improved. It was determined that the reconciliation process should be fully automated to remove the high cost of manual reconciliation by integrating a software solution using the existing platform.

OUTCOME: The projected completion date is July 2022 at which time the new processes and software will eliminate manual reconciliation and allow a signal user to reconcile multiple operating rooms seamlessly. The manual process is time consuming in that searching for information in multiple system is required before a reconciliation can be performed. The new automated process electronically compares the invoice, implant log and purchasing contract, providing a three-way reconciliation before the invoice is sent to finance.

E-Learning and small group training

SCOPE OF WORK: The Resilient Mind was the brainchild of a group of forward-looking clinicians who are thought leaders in their own right. They were inspired by a study that indicated that, with the fast pace and complexity of life not likely to change in the foreseeable future, there was an urgent need for a comprehensive and scientifically validated program that could build resilience by changing neuro pathways. In 2015, The Resilient Mind (TRM) project released version 1.0 using the Streamline organization to design the learning process and develop the software. As of the 2nd quarter of 2021, version 4.0 was released.

OUTCOME: The Resilient Mind project clinical outcome measures indicate an 18% increase in resilience for participants who complete the 20-week training program. The program begins by interested participants completing the valid and reliable readiness to change assessment along with the time commitment requirement. They are required to complete an automated registration process which consists of a readiness to change assessment following the downloading of the app, and a reading the interactive e-book. Participants then continue with the subsequent scheduled events that ask for a 2.5 hr. weekly commitment over a 10-week period, and another 15 minute weekly commitment of micro learning 3 times a week. The whole purpose of gamification and exercise is the formation of new neuro pathways.

The Province of BC Gaming Ministry oversees gambling adicions in the province of British Columbia.

SCOPE OF WORK: On behalf of Streamline’s parent company, MyOutcomes, Streamline was seconded to conduct a business analysis to uncover the key workflow processes for three departments within the Province of BC Gaming Ministry.
Technical specifications were identified and software developed to encompass these specifications and workflows. The resulting enterprise solution crosses all three departments. The project continues to be implemented. Its end goal will see MyOutcomes at the centre of BC Gaming Ministry’s clinical division.

OUTCOME: MyOutcomes completed the business analysis for all three departments. Process maps and documents pertaining to business requirements were composed for the main aspects of the new enterprise system. Streamline continues to maintain the ensuing MyOutcomes system and is continually improving the workflow processes to create operational efficiencies.

The leadership of the Alberta Government and Calgary West Central Primary Care Network were seeking ways to create preventative health care initiatives to enhance patient care during daily doctor visits.

SCOPE OF WORK: Streamline published a series of 40 wallet cards exhibited in a plastic wallet card display rack. These cards and displays were installed for examination room use for over 400 doctors. During consultations, patients were able to select a wallet card that was relevant to supporting their specific needs. The card had a summary recommendation toward patient self-care initiatives and led the patient to a large web-based portal where additional interactive tools and videos were provided.

OUTCOME: This implementation was employed in Alberta for over two years successfully. It was superseded by the advance of search engines which emerged as a logical next step for patients to access self-care initiatives.

The Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) is a Streamline development used by over 56 organizations across North America.

SCOPE OF WORK: Health risk appraisals are required to measure employee population health to determine if wellness programs are effective and produce a return on investment.
Streamline utilized Framingham, the Diabetes Association, and Heart and Stroke Foundation algorithms to produce the Streamline HRA programmed in .NET and using a MySql database.
Users register and are reminded to do the HRA every year, showing comparatives. Additionally, where individual scores are low, recommendations are incorporated to encourage new self-care initiatives.

OUTCOME: The Streamline Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) was developed in 2010 and is still being used by numerous organizations to measure employee population health and produce confidential, individual and aggregate reports while complying with Canadian and US confidentiality acts.

MyOutcomes is an online tool that helps counselors and therapists improve their effectiveness by way of outcome measuring and e-learning.

SCOPE OF WORK: Streamline developed algorithms that help therapists track the results of each client session. Session data is fed through algorithms providing meaningful results to the clinician and any relevant supervisors. Additional e-learning modules are provided to help therapists improve their skills in the areas tracked.

OUTCOME:  MyOutcomes was the recipient of the 2015 UK Mental Health Innovation of the Year award. Over the past five years, over 3000 therapists in large and small government and private mental health agencies have become users of MyOutcomes. These therapists are spread across Canada, the US, and a further 20 countries. MyOutcomes clients include the US military and John Hopkins University and 23 other universities.

Pro-Tech are automotive warranty insurance providers with dealer outlets across Canada.

SCOPE OF WORK: Streamline converted a paper-based system into online data warehousing. An internal and external server was built and installed and linked to a web-based application for dealers to access services, products, contracts, and claims.

OUTCOME: Significant efficiency and data security was achieved. Miscellaneous HR services were also provided over a nine-year history with this client. Streamline continues to provide maintenance and system upgrades to Pro-Tech.

Wellness Factors is an interactive, online, employee corporate wellness program.

SCOPE OF WORK: Streamline built a 20,000 page, interactive, health portal with a personal user database to track individual health improvements. The portal is compliant with USA (HIPAA) and Canadian (PIPEDA) confidentiality acts and includes tier three level servers and intrusion technology firewalls.

OUTCOME: 60,000 employees from various organizations have used Wellness Factors with access to online tools, team challenges, stress management workshops, tele-counselling, and health risk appraisals. The technology is proven, with health improvements reported for 23% of users.

Ormed develops enterprize software for hospitals and small health care units.

SCOPE OF WORK : Streamline has developed a comprehensive human resource program with full implementation.

OUTCOME: ORMED has increased employee retention and team camaraderie as well as reduced legal claims for its users.

HealthMasters is an online mental health prevention and recovery services software solution.

SCOPE OF WORK: A group of mental health professionals had a vision to help people build resilience and ward off stress and mental illness using a web-based application integrated with telephony technology.
Streamline worked closely with this team of experts to develop a project specification. The final development includes a database, auto sign on, smartphone application, and interactive videos, all developed to engage therapists and participants.

OUTCOME: This product is being beta tested in various mental health agencies and within private business human resource departments. HealthMasters is also a strategic partner of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

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